Case: Q8

"Each new marketing initiative is now in the cloud within one day."

Founded in 1983, Kuwait Petroleum Belgium NV is one of the largest fuel companies on today's Belgian market. The company focuses its activities on oil-related research, refining, marketing, sales and logistics. Since 1986, its products are sold to drivers and transport companies, and to organisations in the fishery, aeronautics and industry branches, under the brand name Q8.

Q8's issue

  • Centralisation de tous les services web auprès d'un seul partenaire d'hébergement externe.
  • Suffisamment de flexibilité pour pouvoir répondre avec rapidité aux besoins de capacité fréquents et rapidement fluctuants.
  • Continuité garantie des services web.
  • Infrastructure de TI contrôlable.

Combell's solution

Centralisation of the worldwide domain names and the hosting of the (web) applications. Evolution towards complete outsourcing on a private cloud which is also rapidly expanding. Q8 enjoys a 24/7 well-oiled collaboration with their own dedicated support team at Combell.

Combell's assets according to Q8

Tailored advice, personal approach, strategic advice, willingness and ability to make decisions, cloud expertise, flexibility and speed.

Summarized: Optimum service, Great expertise, Global solution