Managed Kubernetes

Deploy your applications faster

Kubernetes is the fastest and easiest way to get started with containers. After all, you can count on the right technological and operational support, both during the implementation and for the management of your containers and cluster applications. Developing and launching new applications is now easier than ever!

  • Personal contact with experienced specialists
  • The fastest way to develop and launch new applications
  • Always online thanks to a highly secure infrastructure
  • Excellent SLA guarantees you can rely on
Managed Kubernetes at Combell
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Why managed Kubernetes?

Kubernetes opens up a whole new world of digital potential: containers. This amazing new technology is, however, quite complex and will thus require a lot of time from your IT department. Or maybe not? Because with managed Kubernetes, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of containers, while the Combell experts will take care of implementation, management, maintenance and general monitoring. This will allow you to focus on what really matters, i.e. developing new applications!

Why Kubernetes Essential?

Choosing containers is sometimes too big a step, both because of the technical level and the initial cost. That is why Combell also offers 'Kubernetes Essential', an out-of-the-box version of Kubernetes that we can provide at a lower cost thanks to a significant reduction in complexity. This allows us to lower the threshold so that you can get started right away. And if necessary, you can still switch to a fully managed Kubernetes environment with all the bells and whistles at a later stage.

Why Kubernetes Essential?

The benefits of managed Kubernetes

  • Easy integration

Since managed Kubernetes uses open-source technology, it can run on any cloud platform. Integrating Kubernetes into your existing systems is therefore very easy.

  • More time for your own IT department

Creating and maintaining a Kubernetes platform takes a lot of time. Time that your IT department could spend much more usefully by focusing on your core business! With managed Kubernetes, we are in charge of the platform. This means more time is available for what really matters: developing new applications.

  • Shorter time-to-market

Using Managed Kubernetes is the fastest way to develop new applications or update existing applications without downtime. This allows you to increase your productivity and launch your new application on the market faster.


"The fact that we can rely on Combell as our trusted partner in Belgium, and that our users' data are hosted securely on Belgian servers, is one of the reasons why we chose Combell"

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Let our experts guide you

Experts in managed Kubernetes solutions

We take your business as seriously as you do. That is why we watch over every aspect of your Kubernetes solution.

Our experts will be happy to help you with the following:
  • Support for your internal IT department
  • Comprehensive security at all levels
  • Tailored advice before, during and after each project
  • Flexible and local provision of services
  • Transparent, honest and proactive communication
  • Years of expertise in the field of security
Experts in managed Kubernetes solutions

Why Combell?

At Combell, Managed Kubernetes is founded on three pillars: stability, security and speed. In concrete terms, this translates into:

  • A robust and extremely secure infrastructure

  • Excellent SLA guarantees you can rely on

  • A partner that helps you find the right solution - even if it is not Kubernetes.

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Your guarantee of quality and a minimum of security risks.

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