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    Not satisfied? You can request a refund up to 3 months after your order. So, you take no risk at all.

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    Do you already have a website with another provider? We can transfer it for free and without downtime.

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    Send free emails with Flexmail, score more leads with Leadinfo, arrange appointments online with SimplyBook.me ...

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The best support, around the clock

Available 24/7, even on Christmas Eve

The Internet never sleeps, and neither does our support. You can thus contact us around the clock for any questions or advice on your hosting.

Via e-mail, chat or toll-free phone number

Contact us in the way that suits you best. We are here to answer your questions in your own language.

Free transfer service and advice

Would you like to transfer your website to Combell or get advice for a smooth and secure website? We will be happy to help you.

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Auto GIT <small>(GIT Integratie)</small>

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And more…

With Combell, you can move forward, thanks to a stable and fast hosting

Enjoy the best hardware.

Thanks to ongoing investments in our hosting, your website will always perform at its best.

Swoosh. That's the sound your website makes.

Combell is the only provider that will offer you free caching. Ultra-fast loading times guaranteed.

BoostA performance boost of up to 50% - €2/month

Say goodbye to slow websites with Boost. Static content (such as images, CSS, etc.) is loaded up to 6x faster.
Activate Boost on your control panel or in your shopping cart

Always online

With an uptime of 99.999%, you benefit from the best guarantee on the market. As is the case for banks and hospitals.

Excellent network connectivity

Our data centres are directly connected to the largest ISPs (such as Telenet and Proximus).

Belgium's best data centre

Our data centres are fully protected and backed up. This ensures that your website will always be online.

Discover our data centre

The load time of our web pages is almost four times shorter

Alexander Hoogewijs

Alexander Hoogewijs
CEO, SiteManager

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Hackers or viruses?
No way!

Security vulnerabilities are automatically fixed

Is there a security risk in the code of your website? We will detect it in no time and fix the vulnerability. Problem solved!

The malware scanner detects viruses

Every day, we thoroughly scan for corrupted files and immediately quarantine them.

Firewalls and DDoS protection

Multiple firewalls ensure the security of your website. Our unique Combell Shield prevents bot traffic and DDoS attacks.

Discover the ultimate security offered by Combell Shield
WordPress Themes
Always secure thanks to HTTPS

The people who visit your website can navigate safely thanks to a free SSL certificate that allows to establish an HTTPS connection.

Protection against infections

Web filters prevent infections such as SQL injections, rootkits or brute-force attacks.

Firmly locked data centres

This is how we keep intruders physically away from the server that hosts your website.

Has your website been hacked anyway?

SiteSweep allows us to restore your hacked website. Malicious code is removed so you can get back online quickly and securely.

Award-winning solutions

Smart Business Awards Hosting & Domain Names 2017
Twinkle Awards Hosting & Domain Names 2016

A convenient control panel

Install WordPress or any other CMS with just one click

The control panel allows you to install your favourite Content Management System, such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, in just one click.

Tip: The ideal hosting for WordPress? That is our Managed WordPress. If you go for this solution, Combell will keep your website up to date and provide you with a test environment.

File Manager

With the File Manager, you can easily make changes without having to establish an FTP connection. Quick and easy. Read more.

FTP & SSH access

Create FTP users or set up SSH access. This will give you direct access to the back-end of your website.

Discover our control panel
WordPress Themes
Automatic DNS management

Register your domain name with Combell and we will take care of all the DNS settings for you.

phpMyAdmin for your databases

Direct access to your database thanks to the very popular phpMyAdmin.

Connect with AutoGit

Set up a fast deployment pipeline using Autogit. This will help you save time during the development process. Read more.

Let us briefly recap what makes our hosting the best web hosting:

Automatic backups

Thanks to our daily backups, you never have to worry again. Have you made a little mistake? Simply restore a backup of your website!

Unlimited data traffic

Some web hosting providers set limits on the number of visitors and the data traffic your website can have. All hosting packages purchased from Combell come with unlimited data traffic.

One-click installation for CMSs

Our very handy one-click installation feature for CMSs allows you to install any CMS you like, including WordPress.

Free domain name

Each hosting package comes with a free domain name for the first year. That allows you to get started right away!

Immediate assistance

If you have a problem, our experts are there to assist you. Support is provided via e-mail, chat or telephone!

Premium hosting

All the packages offer you the best web hosting. Including caching, a free SSL certificate and the best servers in our data centres.

Professional messaging services included

Free mailboxes with each package

Send your e-mails using your own professional e-mail address. You get free mailboxes with each package. They work on all your devices and are always in sync.

Free tool for e-mail marketing

Grow your business with our e-mail marketing tool, Flexmail. You get a free account for six months that puts you on track to create and send your own professional e-mail campaigns.

Communicate with your customers like a true professional

TIP: Is your website GDPR compliant? Take the free test

Find out immediately whether your website is fully compliant with legislation. Enter your domain name and get your results right away.

Iubenda Compliance Scan

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  • Free domain name
  • 24/7 support via e-mail, chat or phone

Frequently asked questions about (web) hosting

What is hosting?

When you want to create a website and put it online, you need hosting, i.e. space on a server where you can store your website. Because just like you save a document on your computer, your website also has to be stored somewhere. To ensure that your website is always available, you need to store it on a server in a data centre. For this, you can turn to hosting providers.
With web hosting or shared hosting, your website is stored on a physical server provided by a web hosting provider, together with many other websites. This means that you share a server with several other users. That is why web hosting is also often called 'shared' hosting.

You 'rent' a part of a server for a fixed monthly fee.

With the best hosting providers, this server is of course properly partitioned for each website, so that you are not inconvenienced by another website on the same server.
When you go for web hosting or a shared hosting package, your website is stored on the same server as websites operated by other users. With dedicated hosting, you get an entire server for yourself. This type of server is called a 'dedicated server'. Dedicated servers have, however, become obsolete, because they are an inefficient, expensive and non-eco-friendly hosting solution.
VPS stands for 'Virtual Private Server'. That is a protected virtual environment on a server. In that respect, VPS hosting is the same as shared hosting, except that you have much more control over your own VPS: you can choose your own operating system, determine the purpose of your VPS or decide how many websites you want to host on it. With web hosting, those options are more limited.

With Managed WordPress hosting, Combell will update all the plug-ins, themes and security features that are part of your WordPress website. By doing this, your WordPress website will always work flawlessly, without you having to constantly perform annoying updates yourself.

Discover our Managed Hosting for WordPress

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