Optimise your performance and stay one step ahead of the competition

Does your company's website slow down as the number of visitors increases? Do your applications run too slowly, causing the speed of your business processes to be inadequate? At Combell, not only do we guarantee that the hosting is 100% secure and ‘always on’, but we also guarantee the fastest hosting on the market. Because having a slow website is as bad as having a website that is offline!

  • Your website, application or other systems run up to 20x faster.
  • Work faster, more efficiently and more securely.
  • Attract more visitors to your web store.
  • Stop wasting time waiting for screens to load or using slow tools.
Optimise performance
Accelerate and surprise

Accelerate and surprise

To guarantee your customers the best user experience, you need a website that loads in the shortest possible time. Because let us be honest: nothing is more frustrating than a malfunctioning website or application, right? And the same goes for your internal systems: collaborators who have quick and easy access to all the applications and data they need are a lot more productive and happier.

But this is not the only benefit, as fast and properly built websites also get a better ranking in Google. This makes it easier to find your company, which in turn helps attract more customers and increase brand awareness. A win-win situation for sure!

The fastest hosting? This is how Combell makes all the difference

In order to be the fastest, you need a hosting partner that provides fast hardware and the best possible infrastructure. And with Combell, you have come to the right place for that! But we at Combell do so much more to make your website, application or other systems as fast and efficient as possible:

  • The fastest infrastructure, based on the latest technologies

Do you want to be able to rely on the fastest state-of-the-art infrastructure at all times? If so, Combell is the hosting provider you are looking for. Whereas a large investment in your own server quickly loses its value, we not only provide the best infrastructure, but also the most personal service on the market. For a fraction of the price!

Server optimisation

We only host a limited number of websites or applications on one server. This allows us to handle traffic peaks and everything can continue to run at full capacity - and therefore quickly.

CMS optimised hosting

We ensure that the server environment is fully optimised for your specific CMS or application.

Is your infrastructure built logically? Are there any steps we can eliminate to speed up your processes? That is what our performance team tries to find out. With minor and major tweaks, they optimise your performance down to the last detail. This ensures that you are the fastest!

Web acceleration makes it possible for you to do more with less: we optimise the way in which your resources are used, which reduces the amount of computing power required to achieve an identical result. This allows you to enjoy the ultimate user experience without having to make any changes to your infrastructure or incur any additional costs. Impress your users with a significantly shorter load time!

If your website or applications contain a lot of heavy elements, such as high-resolution pictures, we will cache these data: we will store them in a different location, so that you can access them quickly. Note: caching is particularly suitable for static content, i.e. content that does not change anymore.

Learn more about caching

What are the benefits for your company?

  • Up to 20 times faster
Combell's infrastructure is the fastest on the market. Among other things, we use SSDs by default, an ultra-fast alternative for storing important data. Because your efficiency is our priority!
Thanks to our gigantic and ultra-fast storage capacity and the latest HTTP/2 protocols, your website or application will load faster than ever before. Moreover, communication with browsers is also flawless!
Are you experiencing problems? We are ready to solve them! With us, you will not have to wait very long on the phone. Whenever you call us, you will immediately be able to speak to an expert who will assist you.
Are you concerned about the privacy of your users? Do not worry about it! Our service includes a free SSL certificate. All the data are therefore transferred securely. Another advantage is that websites using SSL encryption get a higher ranking in Google!

Technology used for this service

Allow our experts to guide you

Experts in performance optimisation

Do you want your applications to be fast and reliable? If so, create and manage them with the help of a strong partner. We watch over your performance.

We will gladly help you with
  • The fastest network in the Benelux
  • No downtime thanks to excellent SLA guarantees
  • Tailored advice before, during and after each project
  • Flexible and local services
  • Transparent, honest and proactive communication
  • Years of expertise in the field of performance
Experts in performance optimisation

Making our solutions securely available to our customers 24/7, even with increased use, is part of our DNA – and the IT infrastructure we have at Combell makes this perfectly possible.

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Stefaan Covents
Manager Cloud Operations & Internal IT at Corilus

How do we operate?

Combell is your hosting partner, for both small requests and large projects. Based on your needs, we will devise an action plan together. These are the usual steps:

Introduction and clarification

We learn more about your organisation, as well as about your business and performance needs. Based on that information, we look for the best way to get your website, application or business systems to run at full speed.

Solution activation

Once you have accepted the proposal, our experts will implement the solutions. Are you ready for the next step in speed and productivity?

Customer care

After the implementation, you will still be able to call on our experts. In addition, we give you the best possible SLA guarantees, so that your website, applications and other systems can always be online. This is how we guarantee a long-term solution that fully meets your needs.

Why Combell?

Guidance from start to finish

Are you looking for a hosting partner that can guide you from start to finish? If so, Combell is your fellow traveller. Not only do we provide tailored hosting solutions, but we also take care of everything that comes with them: security, installation, maintenance, hardware, software and upgrades.

Specialised experts, available at all times

Our specialised expert team is always available and knows your applications and systems down to the last detail. You will be able to talk to a well-trained advisor instead of a call centre operator who works using a list of standard answers. This way, we can help you with clear advice and concrete solutions. Day and night, and in your own language.

A solution to every IT problem

Whatever your challenge, Combell always has the right solution. Our experts boast years of experience in the field and know exactly how they can help you. Tell us what your problem is and we will immediately draw up a proposal tailored to the needs of your company.

ISO 9001 ISO 27001 ISO 27701

Your guarantee of quality and a minimum of security risks.

Discover our ISO certificates

Technology associated with this service


Because any hosting solution is only as strong as the weakest link, we only use the best hardware and software.
With that we continue to guarantee the highest uptime in the Benelux!

NetApp Hosting

NetApp storage

For storage, we use NetApp FAS storage. This way, at least 2 discs are always available.
Do you want full SSD instead of FAS? No problem, we can fix it!
More info

VMware Hosting

VMware virtualization

VMware is the leading specialist in virtualization software. No wonder the majority of the Forbes top 100 companies use it!
More info

Dell Servers

Dell servers

The heart of our cloud is Dell's high performance, PowerEdge servers. Compact and powerful rack servers for an efficient IT infrastructure.

Debian Hosting

Debian OS

Our engineers have a lot of expertise in Debian OS. They use this to manage your hosting solution so you do not have to do anything yourself.

RedHat and Windows Server are possible if you prefer them.


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