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  • GDPR-compliant
  • Without using cookies
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Identify B2B visitors on your website

Did you know that 95% of your website visitors do not make contact with you, despite the fact that some of them are genuinely interested in the service or product you offer? In other words, your website holds huge untapped potential.

Lead generation software allows you to find out information about your anonymous B2B website visitors, such as the name of their company, their contact details, as well as the LinkedIn profiles of the decision-makers. This ensures that your sales team always has a full sales funnel.

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Identify B2B visitors on your website
Identify B2B visitors on your website

Thousands of customers are already reaping the benefits of Leadinfo

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Take advantage of the largest dataset on the market

Are you a local entrepreneur or working for a large multinational? Either way, Leadinfo will help you grow, thanks to our global dataset that always provides detailed information. And it does this in real-time. This means you can forge links and convert leads into customers with the greatest of ease.

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Take advantage of the largest dataset on the market

60+ integration options

Our software integrates with more than 60 platforms. And we release new features every month. From Google Data Studio to HubSpot and from Slack to Discord, start optimising your workflow today.

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60+ integration options

Automate processes and supercharge your sales team

Save time by automatically assigning tags to website visitors and by having certain actions performed or tailored content displayed when specific users visit your website. Automate more sales processes and focus on what really matters: approaching leads and closing deals.

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This leadgen tool is GDPR-compliant and offers cookieless tracking options

Leadinfo is fully GDPR-compliant. We also offer the option to use Leadinfo without cookies. We have figured out the privacy laws for you, so you no longer have to worry about this.

More features to identify and convert leads

Retarget leads via LinkedIn

Export your customer data and use these insights to retarget leads via LinkedIn.

View screen recordings

Find out how leads browse your website using screen recordings.

Find out who your hottest leads are

Automatic lead scoring allows you to instantly identify your hottest leads

More features to identify and convert leads
Tags and comments

Collaborate in a smarter way with your sales team using tags and comments.

Increase your conversion rate

Increase your conversion rate thanks to the leadgen forms provided by Leadinfo.

Generate more leads from your website now

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  • GDPR-compliant
  • Without using cookies

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Frequently asked questions about Leadinfo

Is Leadinfo GDPR compliant?

Yes, Leadinfo is 100% GDPR compliant. Leadinfo does not use personal information, but company data from public sources. This means you can find out which company has visited your website, but not exactly which person it was.

As a user of Leadinfo, you have to include this in your privacy statement.
Read more about using Leadinfo under the GDPR
It is then more difficult for Leadinfo to identify visitors as companies. In that case, you can use Leadinfo on pages that do generate the right traffic, such as the 'For businesses' page on your website.

If you use Leadinfo on a specific page, the software will only identify relevant traffic and ignore the rest.
Because as a Combell customer, you get a 15% discount on Leadinfo. Therefore, activate Leadinfo via Combell's control panel. You can find it in your customer benefits.

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Yes, you can add Leadinfo to any website, including SiteBuilder or WordPress. You can even use a 14-day free demo version.

Request your free demo

Google Analytics is mainly used to analyse the behaviour on your website, but you do not get any information about the companies that visit your website. But with Leadinfo, you can find out real information about which companies visit your website, through which campaign they came and which pages they visited. This gives you much more relevant information about a lead.

No, that is impossible. Leadinfo shows you which companies have visited your website and provides you with the names of known contacts. Leadinfo's remarketing option also allows you to get back in touch with a company asking them to contact you.

Yes, Leadinfo also has a cookieless solution that does not require visitors to accept cookies. So you always get to see information about your visitors.

Leadinfo shows you much more than just a company name. It also gives you an overview of all associated LinkedIn profiles, including their respective departments.

Based on that info, you can make a good estimate of who may be interested in your product.

Leadinfo also helps you easily export contacts to, for example, LinkedIn and Google Ads to motivate people to return to your website. So you get the tools to get in touch with the right people even in a large company.

Leadinfo uses a lot of different data points to identify companies. One of them is a fixed IP address, but this is not always necessary. Even if a company does not have a fixed IP address, Leadinfo usually succeeds in identifying a company.

Identifying people visiting your website via their home network (and own IP address) is harder, but not impossible. In many cases, such visitors use a VPN, meaning they actually still use their office IP address.