Secure your data using Microsoft 365 backup

Did you accidentally delete an important document? With Microsoft 365 Backup, this is no longer an issue. Your file can be restored effortlessly with just a few clicks.

Order your backup now One backup per user

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Always a backup of Microsoft 365

Multiple backups per day...

Every four hours, we make a secure backup of all your files on Microsoft 365.

Backups of your important data

We fully back up your OneDrive, your SharePoint, e-mails, contacts... Something Microsoft 365 does not offer by default.

The easiest and most reliable way to back up your data

Restoring data in no time

Find exactly what you need

Thanks to the powerful search function (you can use eDiscovery), you can find exactly the data you need in your secure backups. Just as easy as in a traditional backup.

Restore individual items or entire folders

Whether it's Microsoft 365 mail items or SharePoint sites, documents or OneDrive files and folders... in just a few clicks, you restore exactly what you need.

Restoring data in no time

The best backups for Microsoft 365

Backups remain private

Your backups are stored per user and are fully protected. This way, your e-mails, files, etc. remain available only to you.

Better than Microsoft

Microsoft itself does not provide backups of all your data, settings ... Therefore, we developed a better backup that meets the strictest requirements.

Restoring data in no time

How do you order backups for Microsoft 365?

Have you already purchased a Microsoft 365 package from Combell?
Log in to our control panel, go to your Microsoft 365 tenant and order backups for your package(s).

Do you not have a Microsoft 365 package yet?
Order Microsoft 365 and add backup as an option in your shopping cart.

Order Microsoft 365 One backup per user

Normal price € 1.79/month

Now € 1.59/month

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