First-rate data centres

Take a look behind the scenes

Highly secure access

No one is allowed to enter without permission

Barbed wire, surveillance cameras and patrols around the clock… We do everything we can to keep intruders away.

In addition, the only way to access the server rooms is to go through a mantrap, which requires prior registration.

No one is allowed to come near your server without permission!

Datacenter Security
Datacenter Power

Power is always guaranteed

No power in the Benelux? There is still a lot of it in our data centre!

Rooms filled with batteries handle the smallest power outages. This way, your server never needs to restart after a power failure.

In the event of long-term power cuts, 11 ship engines generate more than enough electricity to keep the entire data centre online. They are constantly preheated so that they can start immediately if necessary.

And when, after a few days, the gigantic fuel tanks are empty, a continuous supply of fuel is ensured by suppliers with whom we signed excellent agreements both in Belgium and abroad.

Even a fire is impossible

We extinguish the fire without water in order to preserve your server

Our fire detection system is so sensitive that it immediately detects the smallest spark.
However, extinguishing fires with water can damage the hardware. This is why we use Argonite, a gas that strongly reduces the oxygen concentration in a room. This way, we can put out a fire in no time and make sure that it cannot spread!

Datacenter Fire Detection System
Datacenter Servers

Perfect conditions

Server rooms are kept at the right temperature

Of course, your server cannot overheat. This is why we ensure perfect conditions. Dust is filtered and the temperature is constantly monitored.

Protected against DDoS attacks

So that hackers cannot take your website offline

Such a DDoS attack is like a freeway at rush hours. Too much traffic is sent to your website, which cannot handle the flow. The road clogs up and traffic is slowed down or even blocked. As a result, your website goes offline.

In order to be able to handle such a DDoS attack, you need a very large road. This is why our network offers a capacity of 100 gigabits/s. Think of it as a freeway that suddenly has 100 traffic lanes instead of 3. Let those hackers come!

Datacenter Servers
Datacenter Servers

The fastest possible Internet connection

To all local providers

What is the point of having fast servers if the connection to the Internet itself is slow? In order to ensure that your website or application runs smoothly, our data centres are equipped with the fastest possible Internet connection to every local provider, such as Proximus, Telenet, etc.

Green hosting

Eco-friendly solutions

When we host your project, we use 100% renewable energy. This way, we strive for a more sustainable world.

Check it out for yourself via the website of The Green Web Foundation. Enter the name of your website and find out if you already use a green hosting solution.

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