Build your own website without difficulty

Building a website... Where should you start? And how can you make sure that your website keeps delivering the best performance? We at Combell have several solutions to help you, no matter the size of your website. Because websites have been at the heart of our success since 1999.

There are many different ways to create a website

How to make your own website? There are many different answers to this question. It actually depends on what you can do yourself, what your needs are, and what you want to achieve. There are simple website builders for building a website without any programming knowledge, or user-friendly systems such as WordPress.
We have a wide range of services to get you started.

Contact our experts, and together we will see how we can best help you

Do you have little or no technical knowledge? Go for user-friendly software!



  • For simple websites, our all-in-one SiteBuilder will do the trick. This tool will help you create a professional website with just a few clicks.
  • "It works like a word processor", a customer told us. And that is indeed the impression it gives. It is the ideal solution if you have never written any code.
  • Choose a template, fill your website with texts, photos, forms and other elements and publish it. Everything is included.

From 3.08 /month
Choose SiteBuilder

  • Almost half of all websites worldwide have been created using WordPress. And there is a good reason for this: it is very easy to use.
  • A wealth of (free) plugins allow you to turn your website into a web store, a forum, a travel blog, a corporate website or much more with just a few clicks.
  • With our WordPress hosting, you get a turnkey WordPress website.

From 5.99 /month
Choose WordPress hosting

  • WordPress is a platform that requires frequent updates. But continuous updating is a tough task that is often overlooked. With all the risks that this entails.
  • With Managed WordPress, we keep your website in top condition thanks to continuous updates of WordPress, your theme, plugins, PHP versions, etc.
  • You will also enjoy greater convenience (thanks to a very handy test environment, among other features) and better performance!

From 7.48 /month
Choose Managed WordPress

Do you want to start a web store? With the right technology, it is child's play!

  • Our ShopBuilder builds on the success of our Sitebuilder. It is a user-friendly package for building a web store. This is the ideal solution if you cannot write your own code.
  • Everything has been thought of: product and stock management, payment methods, confirmation and shipping e-mails, discount codes, and even an app to manage your store.

From 9.99 /month
Choose ShopBuilder

  • Thanks to the WooCommerce plugin, you can turn your WordPress website into a real web store.
  • WooCommerce is a complete web store solution that includes product and stock management, payment options, automatic confirmation and shipping e-mails, etc.
  • With our WordPress hosting, you get a turnkey WordPress environment on which you can install WooCommerce yourself.

From 5.99 /month
Choose WordPress hosting

  • Magento is a popular system for building online stores.
  • Just like WooCommerce, Magento offers a comprehensive solution for setting up a web store.
  • With our Magento hosting, you get a turnkey Magento environment.

From 5.99 /month
Choose Magento hosting

Do you want to know more about how to create a web store?

Do you develop your website yourself or do you have someone build it for you?

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Extra services for your website

In order to build your own website, you first need a domain name and webspace (hosting or SiteBuilder).
In addition, we offer you a number of extra services that will take your website to the next level.

Contact our experts and we will see how we can best help you

  • Prevent hacking using an SSL certificate. Your website will then be available via HTTPS, where the "S" means "secure".
  • In the address bar, your website will show a padlock (as well as information about your company), which will help you build trust with your visitors.
  • And Google will reward your website with a higher ranking in search results. Those are the benefits of SSL.

From 74.00 /year
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All our hosting packages come with a free SSL certificate.

  • Is your database full or do you need an additional database for your website?
  • Add an additional database to your website (up to 10 GB in size).
  • We can offer you both MySQL and Microsoft SQL databases.

From 5.00 /month
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  • Backups are crucial when it comes to protection against data loss. Having your own local backup of your website is a good start.
  • With Veeam Cloud Connect, you can add an extra backup in our data centres. This means you will have a plan B in case your own systems fail.

From 28.00 /month
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Optimising the performance of your website

We are not going to build your website ourselves, but we can do everything we can to make sure all your work pays off. We have extensive experience to take your website to the next level.

But which optimisation method will best suit your website?
That depends on your situation!

Contact our experts and together we will see how we can best help you

Some of our favourite methods for optimising websites

Involving the Performance team

Our Performance team detects the underlying causes of delays on your website.
You will receive targeted advice on how to improve the performance of your website without having to switch to a more advanced hosting package or use additional servers.

We at Combell are indeed well aware that 80% of all performance issues are not server related.

Meet our Performance team

Stress testing of your website

Are you expecting a lot of visitors on your website? Stress testing helps us determine if your website is ready for that increase in traffic.

We simulate extreme user scenarios to test the responsiveness, stability and speed of your website under harsh conditions.
This also allows us to detect bottlenecks in your code or hosting setup.

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Downtime prevention

What is the point of having a great website if it goes offline? Make sure your website is ready to deal with malfunctions. This can be done using a redundant hosting solution, a backup in another data centre, proactive monitoring, etc.

Learn more about downtime prevention

Tailored security

Keep scammers at bay. Despite the efficiency of our firewalls and antivirus software, hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in your code.

Find out more about tailored security


Caching allows you to add extra storage space to your website. Storage space that is extremely fast. Ideal for frequently requested information.

Caching is included for free with most of our hosting packages, but you can further expand this space if needed.

Read more about caching

Why host your website with Combell?

Do you have any further questions about creating your own website?

In order to create your own website with your own domain name, you need two things: an address and a building plot

  • 1. The address of your website is the domain name.
    Go to our website to find a domain name that is still available. You can register it without restrictions.
  • 2. The building plot is the webspace you will need to build your website.
    This is called hosting. You can use any hosting package for this, but a SiteBuilder or Managed WordPress package is fine as well. What matters is that you have webspace.

Once you have these two elements, you have the foundation for building your own website.

The type of technology you use to develop a website depends on your technological knowledge and the goal you want to achieve.

If you do not like writing code, you can opt for a simple solution such as SiteBuilder or WordPress.

If you want a web store, we recommend you to use Magento and WooCommerce.
No matter how simple a beginner's package like SiteBuilder is, sometimes you just want professionals to design a website for you.

In that case, it might be a good idea to look for freelancers or agencies that specialise in website development. As soon as they have built your website, you can host it on a Combell hosting package.

Fee advice on creating your own website?

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