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A mailbox that comes with tons of professional tools, including agenda management, task lists, meeting room booking, etc. And everything is perfectly synchronised. This is all very convenient!

  • Synchronised across all your devices
  • 24/7 support provided by Combell
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Why choose hosted Exchange from Combell?

  • Money-back guarantee!

    Not satisfied? You can request a refund within 3 months after purchase. So there is no risk involved.

  • 24/7 support

    We are ready to provide you with free professional assistance in your own language - round the clock!

  • Achieve growth through e-mail marketing

    Design your own professional e-mails and send them to 200 contacts every month thanks to your free Flexmail account.


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Your own professional e-mail address

Professional e-mail address based on your own domain

Your own e-mail address and mailbox will help you impress your customers with your professionalism. Stop using addresses like and start using!

As many e-mail addresses as you want

You can create as many e-mail addresses as you like. Do you want to create an e-mail address for several people? In that case, consider using several mailboxes!

Tip: create e-mail addresses with different spellings of your name and link them to the same mailbox. That way, you will never miss an e-mail.

Choose your Exchange mailbox and get started today
Your own professional e-mail address

Never miss an e-mail again

Your Exchange mailbox works on every device

After creating your e-mail address and Exchange mailbox, set it up easily on all your devices. Exchange mailboxes work on all devices and e-mail clients.

... and is synchronised everywhere

Thanks to IMAP technology, your mailbox is always synchronised across all your devices. Outgoing e-mail or 'read' statuses: they are the same everywhere!

Ping!: A new e-mail

Go for Exchange mailboxes and receive an instant notification (thanks to direct push) when you receive a new e-mail.

Choose your Exchange mailbox and get started
Never miss an e-mail again

Exchange? Now that is one mailbox without worries!

No more spam

Thanks to an outstanding spam filter combined with a virus scanner, your Exchange mailbox is optimally protected. Suspicious e-mails are immediately moved to the spam folder. This way, you can focus on the e-mails that really matter.

A backup every day

Every day, we make a backup of your Exchange mailbox. A lost e-mail is therefore no longer a tragedy, as you have your backup at hand!

Choose your mailbox and get the ball rolling
Exchange? Now that is one mailbox without worries!

Mailbox with additional professional features

Share agendas

Manage your calendars and those of your colleagues thanks to Outlook.

Create task lists

Boost your productivity using task lists.

Book meeting rooms

Book a meeting room immediately for all your meetings. How handy!

Choose your Exchange mailbox and get started
Mailbox with additional professional features

Reach your customers thanks to free e-mail marketing

If you want to grow, you can use our free e-mail marketing tool. With your free Flexmail account, you are ready to create and send your own professional e-mail campaigns.

Discover all the benefits of having a free Flexmail account
Reach your customers thanks to free e-mail marketing
Reach your customers thanks to free e-mail marketing

The best support, around the clock

24/7 support, even on Christmas Eve

The Internet never sleeps, and neither does our support. You can contact us around the clock for any questions and/or advice on your mailbox. We can be reached by phone, e-mail or chat. Free of charge and in your own language!

Free transfer service for Exchange

Do you already have an Exchange mailbox? In that case, our specialists will help you transfer it to Combell in no time. Your mailbox, calendars, task lists and others will continue to work flawlessly.

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Your own Exchange mailbox in no time at all

  1. Choose your mailbox and enter your domain name
  2. Complete your order
  3. Create an e-mail address based on your domain name
  4. Set up your mailbox on all your devices
  5. Send out your first e-mail into the world
  • Synchronised across all your devices
  • 24/7 support provided by Combell

Frequently asked questions about e-mailing with Exchange

An Exchange mailbox is a type of mailbox that uses Microsoft Exchange. That is a technology used to store e-mails, tasks, contacts and calendars.

You can use an Exchange mailbox in various e-mail clients such as Outlook or Apple Mail. Via a browser, you can access everything via Outlook Web Access, a webmail that looks just like Outlook.

An Exchange mailbox can be used on all your devices, whether on your computer when you are at home or on your smartphone or tablet when you are away. Your mailbox (including all tasks, contacts, etc.) is perfectly synchronised everywhere.

Exchange mailboxes are therefore often used by companies.
No. Outlook is a programme from Microsoft that helps you manage your e-mails. As for Exchange, it is a technology for mailboxes.

However, you can link an Exchange mailbox to Outlook (among others). Do you not yet have an Outlook licence? Then you should choose an Exchange Business mailbox. This way, you will have an Exchange mailbox and Outlook in one package.

Order an Exchange Business mailbox

With Combell, you can get an Exchange mailbox starting from €8.50

For this amount, you get everything Exchange has to offer: an Exchange mailbox, task lists, contacts list, calendars (which you can share), direct push and – last but not least – our 24/7 support!

Both standard and Exchange mailboxes allow you to synchronise your mailboxes at any time, across all your devices.

An Exchange mailbox, however, allows you to go a step further. With this type of mailbox, in addition to your e-mail, your calendars, contacts and tasks are also continuously synchronised.

Exchange also adds direct push technology, which allows you to get an instant notification when a new e-mail arrives on your smartphone.
Yes, of course! Do you not have your computer to hand? Just get started with your mailbox online using our Outlook-like webmail.
Since Combell only uses the best data centres in Belgium and the Netherlands, your e-mails are safe from spying eyes. That is a guarantee you do not get with American servers because of the Patriot Act.

Moreover, we only choose data centres with the highest security level that guarantee the best connection to all Internet service providers.

All our efforts to improve quality and security have also earned us ISO 9001 and 27001 certification.
Because Exchange is the perfect e-mail solution for all your business communication needs. It has the most complete list of features to help businesses, large and small, with their daily communication needs.

  • Sending e-mails with large attachments
  • Sending meeting invitations and booking meeting rooms straight away
  • Creating task lists
  • Managing and sharing calendars with colleagues
  • Setting up out-of-office replies in case of absence

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