Exchange mailbox

The ideal mailbox for companies and professionals

  • Synchronised on every device + Direct Push
  • Mailbox with agendas, task lists, meeting rooms...
  • Free 24/7 support
  • We transfer your current Exchange mailbox for free

Exchange mailbox

  • E-mail address with your domain name

    Create an impression of professionalism with an e-mail address based on your own domain name. No more or

  • We transfer your mailbox

    Do you already have an Exchange mailbox? In that case, our experts will transfer it to our system for free. Without losing a single e-mail.

  • 24/7 premium support

    We are available to provide you with free professional assistance, day and night, in your own language.

* Price for the 1st year; for the following years, normal price will apply.

Do you have any questions or need support?

Call 0800-8-5678 (24/7 and free of charge)

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Why choose Exchange hosting?

24/7 support and transfer assistance

We are available day and night to provide you with free advice and structural solutions. We will even transfer your current Exchange mailbox for you.

Mailbox and much more

Creating agendas and sharing them with colleagues, booking meeting rooms or creating task lists. Everything is available.

Synchronised on every device

Your mailbox looks identical on any device, and thanks to Direct Push, you immediately receive a notification when you receive a new e-mail on your smartphone.

No inconvenience caused by spam

Focus on the e-mails that really matter thanks to our reliable spam filter and antivirus software.

Compatible with any e-mail client

An Exchange mailbox is perfectly compatible with your current e-mail client such as Outlook.
Tip: with Exchange Business, you even get a license to install it (for Outlook).

Retrieve deleted e-mails

Have you deleted an important e-mail? Thanks to our daily backups, you can always retrieve it and restore it yourself using the restore feature.

Award-winning solutions

Smart Business Awards Hosting & Domain Names 2017
Twinkle Awards Hosting & Domain Names 2016

Exchange is the ideal mailbox for companies and SMEs

Why order an Exchange mailbox?

Create a professional e-mail address

Create personal e-mail addresses for you and all your colleagues. This way, you will project a professional image to your customers.

No more addresses like; from now on, allow them to e-mail you to

Professional e-mail address
Business communication

The ideal e-mail solution for companies

Exchange is the best reference for professional communication thanks to the most complete list of features it offers to help companies of all sizes with their daily communication needs.

  • Sending e-mails with large attachments
  • Sending invitations to meetings and booking meeting rooms at the same time
  • Drawing up task lists
  • Managing agendas and sharing them with colleagues
  • Setting up an out-of-office reply when you are away

Manage your e-mail from any device

An Exchange mailbox is perfectly compatible with e-mail clients such as Outlook. Thanks to IMAP technology, the e-mails that you read on a certain device are also marked as “read” on other devices, e.g. your smartphone.

Exchange also adds Direct Push to it, which allows you to receive a notification on your smartphone when a new e-mail comes in.

If you do not have your computer at your fingertips, you can use your mailbox online via our webmail, whose design is similar to that of Outlook.

Works on any device
Free transfer service

Free transfer service for your Exchange mailbox

Do you already have an Exchange mailbox via an in-house server or via another provider? Our Exchange specialists, who are certified by Microsoft, will be happy to assist you with the transfer to Combell. You will get a dedicated contact person at Combell who will discuss the migration plan with you so that everything can run smoothly. We handle the creation of users in our system and can even import the PST files.
Do not wait any longer and call or e-mail us in order to discuss your migration of Exchange.

Your e-mails are kept fully private

Since we only use the best data centres in Belgium and the Netherlands, nobody will be able to spy on your e-mails. That is a guarantee that American servers cannot provide, because of the Patriot Act.
In addition, we only choose data centres with the highest security level that guarantee the best connection with all Internet providers.

All our efforts to improve quality and security also led us to ISO 9001 and 270001 certification.

Completely private
A backup every day

Restoring deleted e-mails

Every day, we make a full backup of your Exchange mailbox. If you accidentally deleted an important e-mail, you can retrieve it and restore it.

If you cannot find the e-mail, we will look for it in our older backups in order to retrieve it for you.

Goodbye spam!

Thanks to our free built-in spam filter and antivirus software, viruses and spam will never reach your Exchange mailbox.
Malicious e-mails are automatically placed in a spam folder, so that you can focus on the e-mails that really matter!

As an option, we can perform an extra check, via Mailprotect (€1.5 per month), which scans all e-mails even more efficiently for viruses, spam and spyware.

Spam filters and antivirus software
Synchronised across all devices

What is the difference with basic e-mail, technologically speaking?

Basic e-mail and Exchange both allow your mailbox to be synchronised on every device at all times.
With Exchange Mail, however, we have gone a step further. With this mailbox, in addition to your e-mail, your agenda, contacts and tasks are also constantly synchronised.

Exchange also adds Direct Push to it so that you can immediately receive a notification when a new e-mail comes in. This way, you no longer need to check your mailbox yourself for new e-mails.

Keep your current agenda and contacts

You can perfectly import your current mailbox in our Exchange e-mail environment. By doing so, you will find all your current appointments and e-mails in your new Exchange mailbox. You no longer need to create a new agenda.

Import your current mailbox

Do you need professional advice on Exchange e-mail?


Our specialists are available 24/7 for free advice. Feel free to contact Simon and his colleagues via e-mail or by telephone.

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The mailbox for professionals including agendas, task lists, booking meeting rooms...

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