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Simulate real user situations

To measure is to know. Before you launch a new application, you want to make sure it will do what it is supposed to do. The same goes for your existing applications: do they perform optimally under normal load conditions and when traffic peaks? Combell creates the perfect "attack": a stress simulation that measures responsiveness, stability and speed. Optimise your application using application load testing and avoid unnecessary costs associated with extra server space.

  • Analysis to improve your applications and hosting
  • Accurate simulation of expected peak load and breaking point
  • Personal advice on possible improvements
Simulate user situations through application load testing
Optimisation is also an investment

Optimisation is also an investment

Are you about to launch a new website? Are you expecting a traffic peak for the online sale of those highly sought-after Nick Cave concert tickets or a planned outlet sale? What you want is for your visitors to always enjoy the best possible browsing experience. But how can you be sure that your application will run smoothly or that it will stay online even when traffic peaks?

To answer this question, you have to carry out some tests. Testing will help you identify underlying issues that normally only arise when people start using the app. And this is something Combell can take care of. The results will allow us to suggest improvements to your code, search results, databases or APIs. In short, we build bridges across your entire IT infrastructure.

  • Analysis to improve your applications and hosting
  • For both back-end and front-end applications
  • Accurate simulation of expected peak load and breaking point
  • Detailed reporting
  • Personal advice on possible improvements
  • DevOps collaboration for optimised impact

When is application load testing necessary?

New project
Existing project
Normal load
Peak load
Are you launching a new website or application? In that case, you obviously want them to work properly! Using our Sense Check, we test the functionality of your application or website under normal load conditions.
Your website or application is experiencing problems, even when its use is limited. The application load test shows the exact number of users at which the problem occurs.
Are you creating a website or application for a temporary special offer where peak load is expected? In that case, we will carry out a test for you to see if your website or application will be able to cope.
Your website or application is working properly, but you expect a significant increase in use. The application load test will determine whether or not your application can handle this peak load.

How does application load testing work?

Just like with our other managed services, we put a lot of care into the procedure involved in application load testing. We proceed in stages for optimal results:

During a preliminary meeting, we try to gain insight into your specific test request. We evaluate your existing solution taking account of traffic statistics. In doing so, we pay close attention to the specific evolutions in your project. The following issues are covered:

  • What are the bottlenecks?
  • Which scenario do you want to simulate? For how many users?
  • ...

Based on this preliminary meeting, we start devising scenarios for the virtual users - scenarios that simulate the behaviour of real users as accurately as possible. Possible behaviours include:

  • Clicking around on the website
  • Following a specific path, like when you visit a registration page
  • Visiting a specific page, such as a landing page for online ticket sales
  • Simulating the behaviour of a user, such as when he/she logs in to an account

The application load test is conducted in several stages, for which you need to provide sufficient time: basic testing, possible adjustments and retesting. Based on the deadline of your project, we will draw up a realistic reverse schedule.

During the actual testing phase, we will load your system up to its breaking point, based on the scenario that was devised earlier. This allows us to immediately identify the bottlenecks. During the test, we will request a code freeze for your website, so that you cannot make any changes that could have an impact on this test.

Based on the test results, we recommend corrections or adjustments. These recommendations provide answers to the following questions:

  • Is your current environment capable of handling the desired number of users?
  • What are the critical points or where does your database or searches slow down?
  • And what can be done to improve the situation?

Make sure your developers do not waste valuable time searching for a problem you cannot identify. Application load testing allows you to identify the issue in no time at all. And what about your team? Well, your collaborators can finally focus on their core task, which is to continue to optimise the application.

Are you creating a website or application for customers? In that case, application load testing offers an extra guarantee that everything will work as it should. User Experience will also be a selling point for you to use, and you can be sure that your brand-new application will not go offline.


"In case of questions or problems, we immediately get a reply from people who know how to deal with them. This is something we really value, because not every hosting company is like that"

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Our Combell experts in application load testing

You take your business very seriously. That is why you choose a partner who does the same. That makes sense, right? We watch over all aspects of your application and hosting.

We will be happy to assist you with the following things:
  • Application load testing, tailored to your wishes
  • Tailored advice before, during and after each project
  • Flexible and local provision of services
  • Transparent, honest and proactive communication
  • Years of expertise in the field of stress testing
Our Combell experts in application load testing


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