VREG's V-test® helps Flemish households find out which energy deal is best for them. The tool was developed by software developer FrontForce on behalf of the VREG.


VREG Customer Case

With the V-test®, Flemish households can find out which energy deal is best for them. You just have to enter your address, your usage and some additional information, and you will immediately be presented with a complete list of suppliers and their current tariffs. This will save you a lot of time and effort comparing prices, and you will be able to find the best tariff for your energy.

The request from developer FrontForce

Personal information security, scalability and performance are paramount for the V-test®.

  • The V-test® is a modular test, with new modules being added regularly. The hosting must therefore always deliver the same performance.
  • The number of people who use the V-test® varies a lot. Scalability is therefore very important.
  • The V-test® was commissioned by a government agency, meaning that confidentiality is another very important requirement. And the security of personal information is also essential.

"In case of questions or problems, we immediately get a reply from people who know how to deal with them. This is something we really value, because not every hosting company is like that"
Our solution

Our solution

Managed Kubernetes hosting, combined with built-in DDoS protection, load testing and GDPR and privacy compliant data centres.

  • Kubernetes hosting uses containers, making it perfectly scalable, fast and flexible.
  • Our built-in DDoS protection service ensures maximum protection against overloading caused by DDoS attacks, which is quite an important feature for government websites
  • Load testing allowed developer FrontForce to extensively test the V-test®'s user capacity, which explains why the tool continued to work flawlessly after its release.
  • Combell's data centres are highly secure, which means that V-test® users can always be sure that their data are safe.

Why Combell, according to developer FrontForce

  • In the past, FrontForce successfully collaborated with Combell on other projects
  • Combell's data centres are located in Belgium and are GDPR and privacy compliant.
  • Combell's support is very responsive and professional.
  • Combell's DDoS protection is perfectly tailored to our needs and is included in the package.

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