Work online without a hitch thanks to our e-mail and office tools

Whether you work from home or at the office, you always want to be able to work without a hitch. We offer you the tools that will make things easier for you and your colleagues. Just think of professional mailboxes with your own e-mail address, cloud storage for storing and sharing your documents, Office software...

Professional e-mail

Mailbox and e-mail addresses with all the necessary features, including synchronisation and a spam filter.

Why have your own mailbox?

  • Create your own e-mail addresses: Project a more professional image than you did with free alternatives like Hotmail, Telenet, etc.
  • All you need is a mailbox: no extra features like with Exchange / Microsoft 365

Our recommendation!

Microsoft 365

An all-in-one package, including a mailbox, Office software, 1 TB of online storage, web meetings…

Why Microsoft 365?

  • Always online: You can access all your documents and e-mails anytime, anywhere.
  • Chat & web meeting: Teams allows you to communicate with your colleagues and customers.
  • Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, … it is all there!

Do you need Hosted Exchange?

We host Exchange mailboxes on our own servers in Belgium.

Choose Hosted Exchange from €8.50/month

E-mail campaigns

Send e-mails and newsletters to your leads and customers

Flexmail e-mail marketing

An all-in-one package to design, send and analyse your own personalised e-mails.

Why Flexmail e-mail marketing?

  • No developers required: Thanks to the handy editor, you can create the e-mails yourself.
  • Personalisation: based on segments within your target group.
  • Essential marketing tools: marketing automation, web tracking, surveys, creating landing pages, A/B testing...
  • No separate mail server: It is included in the package.

Mail server

Send large volumes of e-mails for e.g. a marketing campaign without ending up in the spam folder.

Why a mail server?

  • Send e-mails to a large audience: Send the same e-mail to a large number of recipients.
  • Send bulk e-mails: E-mails are sent in bulk rather than one by one as with a regular mailbox.
  • Integration into your own code: You can perfectly integrate a mail server into your own code or CMS.

Business tools

Boost your business using these tools

  • With online desktop, you can make any computer "your computer". You can log in on any computer and get instant access to your desktop, programmes and files.
  • Ideal for those who often work on the road.

  • With online fax, you can send and receive faxes via your own mailbox.
  • You get your own fax number so that other people can send faxes to you.
    If you already have a fax number, you can use it for your online fax service.

  • Identify your B2B website visitors thanks to Leadinfo
  • And ensure a steady stream of leads for your sales team
  • Free 14-day trial

  • Create your own privacy and cookie policy in a snap
  • Your own fully customisable cookie banner
  • Your own general terms and conditions in minutes

Why e-mail with Combell?

Reliable and best support guaranteed at all times

Your services are always available

Never again do you have to worry about not being able to access your e-mails or tools. Our e-mail and office tools are hosted in the best data centres where we take every precaution to ensure that they always stay online.

We also back up your data on a daily basis so that nothing is lost in the event of an incident.

E-mails are available at all times
Works on any device

Works with any device/software

Our mailboxes are fully compatible with e-mail clients such as Outlook, Apple Mail, etc. Thanks to IMAP technology, your e-mails remain perfectly synchronised on all your devices. An e-mail you open on your smartphone will also be marked as "read" on your laptop.

Do you not have your computer at hand? No problem, your mailbox and tools are available online as well.

Support guaranteed day and night

The best way to take care of your e-mail

It is midnight, your mailbox just crashed and there is no one to help you. Not if you are a customer at Combell! Day and night, we are ready to help you with concrete solutions.

  • 24/7 support, even on Christmas Eve
  • Via a toll-free phone number or e-mail
  • You can talk directly to experts instead of call centre operators

24/7 support

Do you need professional advice on e-mail?

E-mail hosting specialist

Our specialists are available 24/7 for free advice. Feel free to contact Simon and his colleagues via e-mail or by telephone.

E-mail hosting specialist
Simon Verdonck E-mail hosting specialist