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Create e-mail campaigns that work with Flexmail

Design your e-mails using the user-friendly editor, personalise them for your target groups and send them automatically.

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Why choose Flexmail?

  • Easy to use

    In less than an hour, you will have mastered the basics. And with each new campaign, your expertise will grow.

  • Fully GDPR proof

    All your data is stored securely according to GDPR requirements, on our servers in Belgium.

  • Free training and support

    You will get quick and detailed answers to all your practical and strategic questions.

Martin Hotels
UZ Gent
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Create your own e-mail campaigns

Thanks to the handy drag-and-drop editor

Insert the texts and images where you want them. What you see is what you get and the editor takes care of the rest.

In your own style

Use an existing template or design one yourself. Anything is possible. And the design will be applied to any landing page!

Create your own e-mail campaigns

Send targeted e-mails to all your contacts

Create target groups

Based on contact details and click behaviour, divide your contacts into interesting target groups.

With specific interests

Also, allow your contacts to choose which e-mails interest them or not.

This is how to send personalised e-mails

Since you know what your contacts do and do not want to read, only send them (personalised) e-mails tailored to their interests.

Send targeted e-mails to all your contacts

Become increasingly efficient

Improve your campaigns

Adjust your e-mails based on your results, create new target groups, etc. so that your next campaign delivers even better results.

Analyse your results

What works and what does not? You will find out in Flexmail's comprehensive reports.

Become increasingly efficient

Automate your e-mail campaigns

For example, when registering for an event

This marks the start of a series of e-mails that should not arrive at the same time: an e-mail with a ticket, another with a programme, yet another with a survey after the event...

Personalise flows

Personalise the e-mails based on the actions (clicks) of your contacts. This way, your e-mails will always remain relevant.

Determine the timing

You decide when the e-mails arrive. Exactly at the right time.

Automate your e-mail campaigns

Find out more about your contacts

Question your contacts

Surveys help you find out more. How they experienced an event, what they think of a product, etc.

Enrich your database

Use the results to segment your contacts even more. This way, your next e-mail will be an even greater success.

Automate your e-mail campaigns

How much does Flexmail cost?

Now from €26/month (instead of €29/month)

You can start using Flexmail from €26/month, which allows you to send e-mails to 1,000 contacts.

15% discount for Combell customers

As an active Combell customer, you get the first 6 months for free + 15% permanent discount on a paying Flexmail subscription.

Automate your e-mail campaigns

Flexmail is super easy. When our CEO pops in and says we have to send an e-mail to our customers by 3 o'clock, the e-mail is sent by 3 o'clock.

Wim Lenaers

Wim Lenaers
Digital Marketing Specialist, Wilms


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Free advice on e-mail marketing?

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Our e-mail specialists are available to give you free advice. Feel free to contact Bart and his colleagues via e-mail or by telephone.

Free advice about dedicated web hosting?
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