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Create e-mail campaigns that actually work with Flexmail

  • Design e-mails using a user-friendly drag & drop editor
  • Customise your e-mails for your various target groups
  • Develop automatic e-mail flows and analyse the results
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Take your e-mail marketing to the next level

Flexmail has the professional tools you need

Marketing automation

Convert your contacts’ real-time information into automatic flows so that you can perfectly monitor your contacts.


Segment your contacts into different target groups based on contact details, interests and preferences.

Interest labels

Save your contacts’ click behaviour to interest labels in order to create new target groups and customise campaigns.

Dynamic content

Adjust the content of your message based on contact information or integrate content from your own database into your e-mail.


Create forms for invitations, requests and registrations by yourself. Include them in your e-mails and gather the results.

Landing pages

Create landing pages for your campaigns by yourself using our handy editor. You no longer need your web agency or developer to do this.


Set up your own surveys in order to get to know your target group.
Combine various types of questions and develop scenarios based on answers.

A/B Testing

Optimise your e-mails through A/B testing. Test variations in layout, content, buttons and sender on a test group. Ultimately, only the best version will be sent.

Tip: As a Combell customer, you get a free Flexmail account. This account allows you to send 5 e-mail campaigns to a maximum of 200 contacts every month.

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E-mail marketing with a user-friendly editor

Everything is available for beginners and professionals to be successful

Design your own e-mails

Our user-friendly drag & drop tool makes it very easy for you to design professional e-mails that look amazing on any device.
Pick one of the handy templates, adjust the design to your liking and add your own content. It is that simple!

Design your own e-mails

Create landing pages on your own

The handy drag & drop builder allows you to create landing pages for all your campaigns by yourself. You can build a professional page with your corporate identity without any difficulty.

In addition, a detailed reporting feature allows you to monitor the results.

Create landing pages on your own

Collect information through surveys

Get to know your contacts better by conducting surveys. You determine the content yourself.

Take your pick from various types of questions and show or hide specific questions based on answers.

Collect information through surveys

Create your own forms

Do you need forms for your contacts to be able to register for an event, ask questions or subscribe to a newsletter ? Create the form yourself and include it in your e-mails. Quick and easy!

Create your own forms
Flexmail review Claire Van Boles

Flexmail is a professional platform that is easy to use.
This tool helps us standardise our communication and keep our customers informed in a pleasant way.

Claire Van Boles - e-Business Coordinator - Mercedes

E-mail marketing with powerful features

Both for beginners and real e-mail professionals

Send targeted e-mails to your target groups

Send targeted e-mails to your target groups

Stop sending out mass mailings to all your customers. With Flexmail, you can create specific target groups based on preferences and click behaviour.

This way, you will be able to send fully personalised messages tailored to every customer.
Instead of a massive amount of impersonal information, each customer will only receive the information that is relevant to him/her. Success guaranteed!

Automate your e-mail flows

Maximise the return of your e-mail campaigns using automatic e-mails. With each e-mail you send, you take your leads one step closer to conversion.

Design e-mail campaigns with detailed scenarios based on your contacts’ click behaviour. Include everything in high-impact e-mails that are sent exactly at the right time.

Automate your e-mail flows
Monitor your results

Monitor your results

Identify the e-mails that actually work and make the necessary adjustments.

Thanks to the detailed reporting feature, you can get an overview of the performance of your various campaigns, forms and surveys at any time.

This way, you have all the information you need to improve your performance the next time you send out a mailing.

Connect Flexmail to your website and apps

Create your own registration form for your website, blog or social media pages. New registrations are automatically added to the appropriate mailing list.

Build your own integrations with the help of our REST API. In addition, Flexmail is fully compatible with Piesync and Blendr.io, which means you can keep your contacts synchronised with a lot of other applications.

Connect Flexmail to your website and apps
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