Hosting solutions tailored to your sector

Every organisation and industry is facing unique challenges. That is why we provide specialised solutions for each sector. Go for innovation, performance and reliability, and invest in the future of your business thanks to Combell's hosting services.


Managed Cloud hosting tailored to e-commerce businesses & web stores.


A secure solution to process all your transactions


Digital learning without worries, even during peak usage.


Uptime guaranteed for your digital healthcare platforms

Financial services

Secure hosting for your financial data? You can count on Combell!

Public sector

Opt for a customer-friendly digital service

Media & entertainment

Keep your media platform online, even when traffic peaks!


Keep the noobs out with your own gaming server.

IT integrators

Focus on your core business thanks to Combell


A flexible solution to adapt to and grow with your startup.

Construction and real estate

Hosting solutions with secure backups you can really rely on

Internet of things

Must your home management system be available at all times? This is exactly what we can do for you!

SaaS apps / webapps

Cloud hosting to match with the specific needs for your SaaS application.

Big Data / Data warehouse

Hosting with scalable storage to grow with your data.


Cloud hosting to keep all information in your ERP / CRM solution in sync.

Messaging & Collaboration

Optimize your productivity with custom hosting for your messaging & collaboration solutions.

Voice over IP (VoIP)

Stable connections and uptime guarantees to keep your VoIP app going.

Artificial Intelligence

A unique setup to handle all the data for your AI project.

Virtual Reality (VR & AR)

Quality hosting to enjoy a lag-free VR / AR experience.


Custom hosting to grow with your mobile app.

Blockchain hosting

The perfect hosting setup for smooth blockchain transactions.

Radio Frequency Identification

Reliable hosting to keep your RFID solution going.

Digital Marketing

Cloud hosting to support your online campaigns.

Development & testing

We set up a test environment for testing and debugging your app.

Events & ticketing

Sell tickets for your event

Ask our experts for advice

We will contact you for an informal meeting

Support team

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