Sell tickets for your event

Selling tickets often causes a huge traffic peak on your hosting.

We build an environment that is perfectly able to cope with this peak.

  • Withstands traffic peaks caused by ticket sales
  • Proactively tested so that all your systems are ready for the sale
  • Secure transactions, worldwide
  • 24/7 monitoring and proactive support
  • DevOps collaboration for impressive performance
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified
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We test the limits of your systems

In the most important time of the year, you cannot afford lag in loading, issues with transactions and lost sales. As much as you do not want to think about that, your web application or website has its limits. This is why Combell simulates the number of users you expect, mimics their behaviour and studies the performance of your system. We find any potential flaws and report them to you together with a recommendation, and possibly, an offer for the best solution.

limits of your systems
Sell tickets online securely

Sell tickets online securely

Your payment page is safe with Combell. You already know your website can handle the traffic. Enable your ticket sales online with peace of mind. With a tailored solution, your transaction processing runs flawlessly - the number of visitors is manageable, each transaction is backed up and our support is monitoring for suspicious activity, ready to react if an alert comes up. And available to answer your every question.

Sell worldwide thanks to a Content Delivery Network

Are you hosting an international event? Use the best strategy to reach the global market. With Combell, you can easily create and manage your own CDN. Cache your content and distribute it to more than a hundred locations all over the globe. Your speedy website will impress not only your visitors, but search engines as well. Ranking higher than the laggy, slow competition, you will gain more visitor attention and trust.

Content Delivery Network
DevOps cooperation for flawless performance

DevOps cooperation for flawless performance

Visitors are looking for fun and joy – the slightest delay, the smallest of obstacles may put your customer off and send him away. Combell knows the struggle and is fully equipped and ready to provide you with the best, most reliable platform to build your website or app.

How do you build the perfect web environment? DevOps cooperation. Your Technical team knows your business the best – rush hours, hottest time of the year, most important functions, visitor profiles and behaviour, etc. Our Operations team knows our capabilities and strengths and uses them to your benefit. Working together, your environment is constructed, put through multiple custom designed simulation tests, maintained and monitored as it should be.

Leave your ticket sales with our experts


Perfectly secure

  • Secure transactions thanks to SSL encryption
  • Resilient to DDoS attacks
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified!
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Outstanding performance

  • Thanks to DevOps cooperation
  • A huge 100 Gbps network
  • Tier III++ data centres in Belgium
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Uptime guaranteed

  • Always online thanks to our SLA guarantes
  • 24/7 monitoring and proactive fine-tuning
  • Tested to withstand traffic peaks!
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More than just a helpdesk

  • Our engineers are available day and night
  • DevOps approach for a better match between your code and the hosting
  • Immediate solutions instead of buggy workarounds
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