Your AI assistant for Microsoft 365

Copilot lets you work faster and more efficiently with Office apps thanks to the power of AI. Let Copilot create your presentations and analyses, write texts and so much more.

Normally 28.10/month
Now 27.40/month
Cheaper than at Microsoft
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Chat with Copilot and get results faster

Have documents summarised

Copilot instantly extracts the essence from long texts.

Get inspiration for brainstorms

Need new ideas? Ask Copilot for additional input and make your brainstorm a success.

Or let Copilot do your work

Copilot creates drafts of your documents, presentations, emails and so much more. You will save a lot of time!

Chat with Copilot and get results faster

Copilot helps you with Word

Never start from a blank page

Copilot provides the impetus for all your writing and brings structure.

Get your texts improved

Not a crack at copywriting? Copilot is. He will improve your sentences and ensure the right tone of voice.

Ask for additional input

Want to clarify a statement with an example? Ask Copilot for some additional input.

Finally make work of a clean inbox

Have e-mails summarised

Got another long e-mail chain in your mailbox? Don't waste time and let Copilot summarise the essentials.

Writing emails

Say what you want to say and Copilot will write a polite email with a good structure. Your contacts will thank you.

Copilot assists you in meetings

Minutes of your Teams meeting

You no longer need to take notes yourself. Copilot summarises your meeting in handy minutes.

With clear to do's

No discussion about who had to do what. Copilot immediately records everything in to-do's for attendees.

Copilot assists you in meetings

Making a presentation? Easy with Copilot

Start with a concept

How do you start your presentation? By having Copilot set up the basics, of course. Including visuals.

Structure your presentation

Made a presentation? Then Copilot makes them better by optimising the structure.

Everything in your house style

Could your presentation use some colour? Copilot transforms your presentation into your own corporate identity with custom images.

Get the essence out of your Excel figures

Analyse your data

Copilot goes through your data and draws the right conclusions. That way you'll get to real insights faster.

Helps you with formulas

Creating Excel formulas is quite tricky. So Copilot creates them for you.

Sound punitive? Find out how punitive Copilot really is!

Ready for your own AI assistant?

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  3. Copilot helps all your employees achieve results faster
Normally 28.10 /month
Now 27.40/month
Cheaper than at Microsoft
Cheaper than at Microsoft

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