Business growth: what is the best growth strategy?

How big do you see the future? Developing your business to its full potential is not always easy. Every phase has its own growing pains. Obstacles, external factors and rules of the game often require more consideration than anticipated. And looking far enough ahead is the key to success. Combell itself once went through all the necessary steps, from start-up to international top player. This valuable experience is an essential basis for helping start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs and large companies to implement their growth strategy efficiently, safely, quickly and with enough ambition.

Vlerick Venture Award for Jonas Dhaenens

The Vlerick Award rewards alumni who stand out for their leadership. We are therefore particularly proud that our CEO Jonas Dhaenens received the Vlerick Venture Award in 2019. As for the Vlerick Enterprise Leading Award, it was won by Conny Vandendriessche, co-founder of Accent Jobs. Here is a brief explanation about this prestigious achievement. 

Vlerick Awards reward positive impact on society

Vlerick Business School is Europe's oldest business and management school, founded by André Vlerick in 1953. This professor and politician strongly believed that companies are the driving force behind progress and prosperity.

Grow Together: the right tools make all the difference

Grow Together is mainly about being practical, a place where you can learn new things. Almost 200 creative studios and agencies came to the first edition of this event on 24 September to attend the various workshops and presentations. Here is how things went... 

Using your own strengths

Creative studios, web agencies and marketing agencies like to collaborate. After all, exchanging experiences allows them to provide an even better service to their customers. They enrich each other and grow together.

In this context, it is important that you use your own strengths when dealing with your core business, and that you outsource or automate all other matters.

Combell supports CodeWeek to prepare children for a digital future

On 1 October 2019, Combell and EURid, the registry for .eu domain names, will join forces in the context of CodeWeek to introduce primary school teachers from Ghent-based schools to Scratch, a child-friendly programming language. This will enable them to get down to work later on to guide children in their first steps in coding. Here is how this project came to be... 

The importance of programming for the future generation

Nowadays, you cannot get anywhere without digital skills: 90% of today's jobs require digital skills, including programming. There is an acute shortage of people who match present-day job profiles.

Combell 20 years – Be part of the passion

This year, Combell is celebrating its 20th anniversary! And we would not have been able to achieve that without our passionate colleagues who are dedicated to their work every day. So, we had to throw a big anniversary party to thank everyone for their dedication.

It was a great show with a hint of magic from the mentalist, an extraordinary fireworks show and a smashing finale!

Combell is a company that turns a job into a passion, and colleagues into friends. As our CEO Jonas said in his speech:

“Combell is one big family.

Two-factor authentication: an extra layer of security of vital importance

The best way to protect access to an account is to use two-factor authentication or 2FA. This is an extra layer of security on top of your standard password. And it is now also available for your Combell control panel. What is two-factor authentication and how can you enable it?

Even strong passwords are weak

When you need to log in to a website, a web service or a web app, you usually use a login (which is often your username or e-mail address) and a password. It is best to choose a password that is difficult to break.

Coming up with the right company name using a name generator

You recently had a great idea for a product or company. But what should you call it? A name generator can help you come up with the right company name. So, here is a list of 9 name generators we believe are worth checking out. 

What a product or company name generator can do for you

Finding a catchy company name will get you halfway to success. The name must provide sufficient information about the purpose of your company or product, be easy to remember and, above all, be original. Because the domain name must be available for registration, as must the associated accounts on social media.

Installing updates quickly: a must for better security!

Installing updates on a regular basis is a fundamental requirement to protect your site, app or IT infrastructure from cybercriminals. In this article, we will tell you all about the risks of ignoring updates and what you should definitely update.

The risks of a vulnerable website

Technology never stands still. Every software or tool that has ever been developed can always do better – not only to make it easier to use with new features and faster operation, but above all to make it more secure.

After all, experts often discover errors that make the software vulnerable.

Combell delivers even more speed and stability thanks to flawless network and data centre upgrades

When customers grow and opt for powerful servers, the central network infrastructure must grow accordingly. An uncompromising architecture and steady investments in extra capacity allow Combell to stay ahead of the game. Moreover, careful engineering and testing in a lab environment ensure that upgrades can be carried out without affecting any of the hosting customers.

Growing without pains

Growing is looking ahead. Combell is attracting more and more customers. And, in turn, these customers attract more and more visitors. They choose high-performance websites and regularly require extra capacity. In such situations, all bottlenecks should be eliminated.

How to choose the best web hosting solution?

Every project is different and has its specific hosting requirements. But how can you find out what the best web hosting is for you? This guide will help you compare the various web hosting options available to you.

You are looking for the best web hosting solution for your project – whether it is a blog, a web store or any other kind of website, a (web) app or an online IT infrastructure. Making a choice is not an easy task, because there are so many factors you have to take into account.

How much webspace and bandwidth do you need for your website?

Two of the key factors to consider when you are searching for the right web hosting are the webspace and the bandwidth that are included in the price of the hosting package. But how much webspace and bandwidth do you actually need? We are going to help you figure this out… 

General guidelines

To put it simply, you need to have enough space to be able to upload all your files to your web hosting. Your files include HTML files with your content, images, scripts, multimedia files, etc.

The space required depends very much on the type of website you want to create.

What CMS should I use for a web store?

In a previous article, we told you which of the three CMSs (Drupal, Joomla and WordPress) you should choose for your content-based website. There are, however, also specific Content Management Systems for web stores. But which one should you choose? We are going to take a closer look at three of the most popular solutions: PrestaShop, Magento and WooCommerce.

Managed e-commerce platform vs Content Management System: what is the difference?

The first question you should ask yourself when you want to set up a web store is: “Should I choose a CMS that I will host myself, or should I rather go for an e-commerce platform where you can build your web store in the blink of an eye?