Three important reasons to switch to HTTPS

HTTPS is not only interesting for websites that process sensitive information from users (passwords, logins, etc.). Find out more about the main benefits of going for HTTPS even if you have an ordinary site.

Switching to HTTPS has become essential if you want to maintain your visitors’ confidence. In addition, it will improve your SEO and make your website faster.

What is HTTPS?

In a nutshell, HTTPS is the secure version of the HTTP protocol (HyperText Transfer Protocol). Both languages are used to transfer information between a web server and a client.

Boost the loading speed of your website using HTTP/2

The new HTTP/2 protocol promises a faster and smarter data transmission via the Internet, allowing websites to load faster. But what exactly is HTTP/2? What are its benefits? And how can you enable it for free with Combell?

What is HTTP/2?

HTTP/2 is a transfer protocol, just like its predecessor, HTTP/1.1, which had already become a standard in 1999. But since then, the web has become much bigger, pages have become much more complex and multimedia content predominates. The old protocol was unable to efficiently process this huge amount of data, which is why it was decided to create HTTP/2, based on SPDY (pronounced “Speedy”), which was developed by Google.

Combell’s Automatic Patching protects your website at all times

It has become almost impossible to keep up to date with the latest vulnerabilities and risks that are a threat to your website and the actions you need to perform in order to protect it from such threats. Combell’s new “Automatic Patching” service is therefore most useful. But what exactly are we talking about?

Patching prevents intrusions and downtime

New vulnerabilities or weaknesses are being discovered in web services, protocols, scripts, applications, etc. every day. All sorts of criminals and malicious people can take advantage of the vulnerability and temporarily bring your website down, which means a lot of lost sales.

PHPBenelux Conference 2017 took its visitors to an intergalactic level

The PHPBenelux conference 2017 was held on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 January 2017 in Hotel Ter Elst in Antwerp. This year, Combell once again attended the event. As a Gold Sponsor, we have done our utmost to give the community a boost, as we usually do, and our teams took the opportunity to deepen their knowledge.

Combell crew, ready for take-off!

On that weekend, as in previous years, a Combell crew hit the road heading for the PHPBenelux conference. This year, the theme of the event was “Space”. The crew included Combell colleagues from various divisions: sales, marketing, HR, development, support and platforms.

Differences between an Office 365 mailbox and Hosted Exchange: what is the best choice?

Combell’s new Office 365 range, which we discussed in our article entitled “Office 365 with Combell: your office software applications always at your fingertips”, includes the popular components of Microsoft’s productivity suite, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. This means it also includes the Outlook e-mail client. But Combell also provides Hosted Exchange. So, what is the difference? And what is the best choice for you?


Does Combell’s Office 365 make Hosted Exchange redundant?

Combell has been offering Hosted Exchange for many years now.
This service comes in handy for companies that cannot or do not want to maintain an Exchange mail server themselves and that want their e-mails, agenda, tasks and contacts to be synchronised via the Combell servers.

Office 365 with Combell: your office software applications always at your fingertips!


Employees are becoming increasingly mobile. Our workplace is no longer limited to our computer at home or at the office; it is also our laptop, our smartphone or our tablet when we are on the road. But how can you keep everything synchronised on all your devices? The Office 365 range offered by Combell, which includes 1 TB of online storage space via OneDrive, ensures maximum productivity. And, depending on the package you choose, you can access the best tools.

Access to all Office products

In the Office 365 (Business Essential & Premium) range offered by Combell, you can access all the components of Microsoft’s office software suite online.

PHP 7.1 is finally available – migrate now!

Last week, after upgrading to PHP 7.1.0 on the SSH nodes, this version of this server-side web development language has been made available on Combell’s Linux web hosting accounts.

What are the key new features?

The execution time of scripts had already been drastically reduced in version 7.0, but this newer version goes a step further. This version also offers the following features: the ArgumentCountError Exception, Nullable Types, the Iterable Type, Catching Multiple Exception Types and Invalid String Arithmetics. You will find more comprehensive information (including examples of code) in an article published on SitePoint’s PHP blog entitled “What's new and exciting in PHP 7.1?”.

Should you go for a free Let’s Encrypt certificate or a premium SSL certificate?


An encrypted connection has become indispensable for those who want to send data over the Internet. Not only is this solution more secure, but it will also help you achieve a better SEO ranking. However, for this, you will need an SSL certificate. Combell has recently started offering free Let’s Encrypt certificates. But what is the difference with premium SSL certificates?

An SSL certificate guarantees security and improves SEO

It is becoming clearer by the day that, for your website, you should use a secure connection between your server and the browser on your visitor’s computer.

What is OpenStack? And why is it referred to as “the Linux of the Cloud”?

How was OpenStack born?

We no longer need to tell you about the benefits of the Cloud. Scalability, redundancy and flexibility… And these are only a few of the reasons why you should choose to keep your data and have your applications run in the cloud. For this, you can use a private cloud – your own servers in data centres of e.g. Combell. But you can also go for public cloud services provided by commercial providers, such as Microsoft, VMware or Amazon. Anyhow, each solution provides its own isolated cloud environment.

The ultimate e-mail marketing content calendar – by Flexmail


E-mail marketing is a practice our sister company Flexmail knows inside out. This is why, to get 2017 off to a great start, they have compiled the ultimate e-mail marketing content calendar. A content calendar is essential to ensure the success of your e-mail marketing and social media campaigns. Using a calendar format instead of a long list helps you see how you can spread your content throughout the year. This is why, in 2017, you will also be able to use the popular Ultimate E-mail marketing Content calendar.

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL-certificate for Combell clients

Internet security is becoming ever more important for all of us, including the Combell webhosting customer. At Combell we are persistent in our efforts to take (and keep) the lead in the security of our websites. A perfect example is our new free standard SSL certificates offering via Let's Encrypt. More security means everyone is better off.

What is Let’s Encrypt?

Let's Encrypt is a security service supported by several major IT companies such as Google, Facebook, Cisco and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The service offers free SSL certificates. Using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) guarantees a secure connection when you visit a particular website.

Combell won the Twinkle Award in the “Hosting & Domain” category! hosted its first award ceremony. Not only did Combell won an Award in the Hosting & Domain category, but 5 Combell customers also received an award or a honourable mention. Congratulations!

Twinkle Awards: for the first time in Belgium

The Dutch knowledge platform, which aims to inform e-commerce entrepreneurs and professionals about the newest trends and opportunities, has been hosting the Twinkle Awards for a few years now. The Belgian branch,, which was launched in March this year and is mainly aimed at Belgian web merchants, has now hosted its first Twinkle Award ceremony too.