New maximum lifetime for SSL certificates: what you should know

Since 1 March 2018, the maximum validity period of SSL certificates has been reduced from 39 to a little more than 27 months. What exactly does this mean for you?

Under the pressure of various organisations (especially Google and Mozilla), the decision was taken to shorten this maximum validity period. This should help make the web more secure and develop sounder management in the sector.

Why do you need an SSL certificate?

An increasing number of websites are using the HTTPS protocol instead of the traditional HTTP protocol. This makes it possible to secure the communication with the user’s browser, and provides guarantees as to the identity of the owner of the domain name.

SafeShops Awards 2018: definitely not a dry event!

The SafeShops Awards were held for the second consecutive year. This competition is based on an honest evaluation by users themselves, which helps the participating web stores learn quite a few things about their own business – even if they do not win an award! A brief report…

The SafeShops initiative has been known for years for its contribution to the development of e-commerce in Belgium. Originally an initiative of three major web stores (, and Coolblue), SafeShops has now become a platform where web stores can share knowledge, experience and information.

20 checks before you launch a website

This checklist gives you 20 checks to think about before you launch a website.

1.   Spellcheck. Grammar check.

Make sure you check all of your pages for spelling mistakes, typos and punctuation. The eye and mind become accustomed when reading the same text over and over again, so it is a good idea to look for the services of an external proofreader. It is quite affordable and pays off.

2.   Images. Favicon.

Now go over your pages once again, comparing the drafts to the final pages, and look for empty image slots.

Edumatic: offering self-paced online training courses and measuring their ROI

Televic has been around for many years now. The company was founded in 1946 as a manufacturer of professional radio systems. Over the following decades, the company has specialised in ground-breaking communication technologies. In trains, healthcare institutions and at conferences, wherever communication plays a crucial role, Televic provides effective solutions.

Televic Education is also a division of the Televic Group, which has been a major player in high-quality communication solutions since 1946. This division has thus been a leading company in the world of (language) training, certification, accreditation and permanent evaluation in various industries for over 70 years.

No HTTPS for your website? From July, Chrome will warn your visitors!

Google is keeping its promises and will soon clearly warn people who use its Chrome browser when they visit a website that is not using HTTPS. So, make sure to use HTTPS as soon as you can to avoid your visitors getting scared by the alarm bells!

HTTPS: the carrot and the stick

The makers of the most popular browsers have been making considerable efforts for a number of years now to encourage webmasters to use the secure HTTPS protocol. In various articles, including “Three important reasons to switch to a HTTPS website”, we explain the benefits for both users and websites.

Planning efficiently using the ionBIZ ERP web application

ionProjects has developed the ionBIZ web application, an ERP solution designed for ICT businesses, engineering companies and consulting firms, which is constantly enhanced with specific features. And Combell was chosen to handle the hosting of the application.

Working efficiently with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system

Modern businesses can no longer do without ERP. In a nutshell, ERP gives an overall picture of the core business processes that are constantly updated, based on different databases from the company’s various departments (purchasing, production, sales, accounting, etc.). This makes it possible to monitor projects and get a better idea of the workflow and the costs.

The 9th edition of the PHPBenelux Conference has once again hit the bull’s eye!

The 9th edition of the PHPBenelux Conference, which was held on 26 and 27 January 2018 in Edegem, was once again a huge success – with thrilling sporting challenges, fascinating discussions after the speakers finished, and most importantly tons of information to gather and share. This year, several Combell colleagues, including Rein, DevOps Engineer, and Jachim, PHP Developer, who you may also know from the PHP West-Vlaanderen user group, have once again attended the sessions. A quick overview…

PHPBenelux talks: developing in optimum conditions

The one thing to remember about this 9th edition of PHPBenelux is that, in addition to focusing on the traditional practical tips for the development of PHP code and the implementation of the latest developments, the speakers also discussed many other aspects.

5 tips to become a successful online influencer

Brands want to connect to bloggers. Influencers have authenticity and connection to the consumer that brands can only dream of. Endorsement of a product done right by a personality, popular in certain circles, can do wonders for a product. Your job is to convince companies you can be that personality for them. The person who can excite audiences and impact their opinion in their favor is the most likely to become a successful online influencer.

Here are a few tips that will enhance your chances and improve your communication to brands.

No less than 3 Combell speakers selected for WordCamp Antwerp 2018!

On Saturday 3 March, all those who work or want to work with WordPress – beginners and experts alike – will once again gather together. You will be coming too, right?

The strength of the WordPress community

On 3 March 2018, WordCamp will be organised in Antwerp for the third year in a row. This is a conference where both experts and beginners from the WordPress community will meet to discuss the latest developments of the CMS and share experiences.

And just like last year, Combell has been a “gold sponsor” of the event.

Combell Basic E-mail configuration made easy thanks to AutoDiscover

Thanks to AutoDiscover, the necessary information about incoming/outgoing mail servers, authentication, connection security, etc. are entered automatically in your e-mail client. Quite handy, isn’t it? But what are its benefits and how does it work?

Configuring Basic E-mail: the traditional method

When you purchase a new smartphone or computer, or when you switch e-mail clients, you often have trouble entering the correct information. In the case of major mail providers (like Hotmail, Gmail, Telenet, Proximus, etc.), this information is retrieved automatically. You just need to enter your e-mail address and password, and all the other information is completed automatically.

Price change and upgrades for Reseller Hosting

On 2 April 2018, the main features of all the hosting packages that Combell is offering as part of its Reseller Hosting solutions will be significantly enhanced. As of this date, the price of each Reseller Hosting account will increase by €0.43/month as a result of all the investments made last year, but also to be able to continue to support all the new features and enhancements in the future. To make up for that, we lowered the prices of caching options, so that you can boost the performance of your website even more.

Automate your Reseller Hosting using our new API

Thanks to Combell’s API for Reseller Hosting, you can manage the features of your hosting packages at Combell directly from your own programming code or tools. But how exactly does it work?

What is Combell’s API for Reseller Hosting?

As a reseller of Combell services, you can manage all your products in our My Combell control panel. There, you can create new accounts and adjust settings (DNS records for domain names, extra options for the versions of PHP and countless other minor or major details).

For resellers who want to fully automate this process instead of managing the settings manually via My Combell, Combell provides an API (Application Program Interface) that can be integrated with the customer’s own CRM tool or any other kind of provisioning tool.