Turnaround at VMware: Discover our alternatives

  • 29 March 2024
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Major changes are underway in virtualization software company VMware. Acquirer Broadcom is not only adjusting the well-known licenses but also approaching small providers differently. They will now only be able to use the software through partners. Chaos in the hosting world! Fortunately, Combell is here to help you out with alternatives both with and without VMware.

Transitioning to subscription model

VMware, as a software company specialized in virtualization and cloud computing, is a well-known name, with many providers using the software for years. In 2023, it was announced that tech company Broadcom would acquire VMware for a whopping $61 billion.

Starting from April 1, 2024, Broadcom is implementing several changes, including to VMware's licensing model. Simplification of the catalog will affect both the products and their corresponding software prices.

Using VMware through partners

Furthermore, another significant turnaround is imminent. Until recently, as a (hosting) company, you could easily obtain a license directly from VMware. That too is now a thing of the past.

Soon, smaller companies will only be able to purchase VMware through Broadcom partners. These drastic changes will impact VMware's customer base. According to ICT news platform Computable, out of the 500,000 customers served worldwide, several hundred thousand could disappear.

As a partner, Combell can provide you with a license, or we can migrate you to our own VMware cloud.

A tough challenge

Many VMware customers are scratching their heads in despair, wondering what to do starting April 1st. In Belgium, various IT companies are also searching for sustainable solutions, with or without VMware.

At Combell, we've also raised our eyebrows at the situation. It's a fact that the hosting world is facing a tough challenge. Combell aims to support both its customers and other IT companies in this and work towards a solution together. United we stand!

Combell's solutions

As a market leader, Combell is part of the international hosting familyteam.blue. Through team.blue, Combell can act as a partner. This way, we can provide you with a license that allows you to continue using VMware, even after April 1st.

If you prefer to part ways with VMware, that's not a problem either. As hosting experts, we can assist you in implementing alternative virtualization software.

Seeking unbiased advice on VMware?

Choosing VMware is always a choice for quality. VMware is known for High Availability and redundancy, ensuring maximum uptime for you.

If you wish to (continue) using VMware, it's crucial to assess your situation thoroughly. Our experts will analyze your needs and tailor a solution for you. They have extensive expertise in cloud solutions, with and without VMware.