Online Desktop: your computer, accessible from anywhere

With Online Desktop, you can make any computer your own. Because after you quickly logged in, you can access your desktop, your programs and your files. On your laptop at home? Via the computer in a hotel in New York? With your customer's obsolete model? It does not matter: you can work as usual.

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Six benefits of Online Desktop at Combell

With Online Desktop (or virtual desktop or hosted desktop), your computer is located at Combell. And you use the Internet to run your programs. You can do this on any computer. So, your programs and files are always available, wherever you are. They are also securely stored and protected. Moreover, you save much money on hardware and licences. And Combell's local support is matchless.

Combell is the greatest specialist in virtual desktops

Every time you log into your Online Desktop, you use our hardware. It is thus logical that you are critical of our approach and infrastructure. We are happy to let you know why you can trust us.

Avoid new IT investments with Online Desktop

With an online workplace, you no longer need to keep investing in new, fast hardware. We take care of that. You just need a computer with Internet. So, your expensive IT maintenance contract also belongs to the past.

Discover the possibilities of Online Desktop

Your remote computer is exactly as powerful and versatile as a traditional computer. You can run the same software and use your own settings in order to work comfortably. But without the worries.


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With Online Desktop (or virtual desktop or hosted desktop), Combell hosts your computer.
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