Working online with Microsoft 365

A mailbox and all the Office tools you need to be able to really work online (together) combined in one package. And we configure everything for you.

  • 24/7 support provided by Combell
  • Cheaper than at Microsoft
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* Price for the 1st year. After that, the normal price will be charged. You get these cheaper prices in combination with an annual subscription.

Tip: Make additional backups using Microsoft 365 Backup
The best guarantee to protect yourself from data loss

Three good reasons to switch to Microsoft 365 via Combell

  • Cheaper than at Microsoft

    We offer you the lowest price per package, which by the way is even lower than what you would pay at Microsoft.

  • Day and night support

    Do you have any questions? No need to turn to the Microsoft helpdesk. We provide you with 24/7 support in your own language.

  • Configuration service

    Linking Microsoft 365 to your domain name can be quite tricky. That is why we take care of it for you, just like the configuration of your mailbox.


Do you have any questions or need assistance?

Call us free of charge: 0800-8-5678

The full Office Suite

Always up to date

With Microsoft 365, you always work using the latest versions of the Office applications.

Access to all Office applications from anywhere

Wherever you are, Office online allows you to use Office applications from any computer.

Install Office on all your devices

Install all Office applications on 5 computers (Windows or Mac), as well as on 5 smartphones or tablets (Android or iOS).

Only with Business Standard, Business Premium and Enterprise E3 and E5 packages

Illustration of an Outlook, Word and Excel programme.

Text editor










Publish your work




Chat-based workspace


Interactive presentations


Create forms and surveys


Find staff members and their documents

Microsoft Teams

Online meeting




Social network for companies


Building workflows


Create apps without code

Collaborate efficiently thanks to Teams

Microsoft Teams replaces Skype for Business and becomes your central hub for team collaboration.

Chat and HD web meetings

Achieve smooth online communication with colleagues and external participants (e.g. customers). Hold as many meetings as you like and invite up to 250 participants (or more with Enterprise packages).

Share your screen and files

Present your ideas by sharing your screen. If you want, you can also allow other participants to take control.

Collaborate on projects

All chats, meetings, files and so on are gathered in one central location. This gives you a clear overview of the situation at all times.

Illustration of a Teams programme. Several people discussing things in an online call.

A mailbox tailored to the needs of companies

The same e-mails on all your devices

Your mailbox will always look exactly the same on all your devices. And thanks to direct push, you get an instant notification every time you receive a new e-mail.

Security guaranteed

Thanks to a very efficient spam filter, you only receive the e-mails that really matter. And the backups allow you to immediately find e-mails that you have accidentally deleted.

Calendars, meeting rooms, tasks...

With the Outlook e-mail client, you get an instant overview of all your calendars, meeting rooms or tasks.

Illustration of an Outlook mailbox on mobile devices and a desktop.

Access your files wherever you are

A huge storage space in the cloud

With 1 TB, you have a huge storage space in the cloud. This way, you can access all your files from anywhere. With the Enterprise E3 and E5 packages, you even get 5 TB (and more on request)!

Sharing files and collaborating

Share files with colleagues or external people for easy collaboration. If you want, they can even edit the files.

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251 reviews

Share info on your own intranet

Create team sites for sharing information

Make sure that all the information is easily accessible to all your staff. With SharePoint, you can easily create team sites per department and umbrella pages for the entire company.

List important things using Lists

Microsoft Lists helps you list all key information so that your team can access it with great ease.

Illustration of a network of people, connected to each other with Lists and SharePoint as central point.

Manage projects, staff and appointments

Project management on point

Break down projects into specific tasks, schedule them, assign them to the right person and set deadlines.

Simplify your HR work

Manage your personnel administration directly from Teams. Think of work schedules, leave requests, etc.

Allow your customers to schedule appointments

With Bookings, your customers can schedule their appointments online. They receive a confirmation e-mail and calendar invite. For customers who prefer to book by phone, you can book their appointment yourself.

Illustration of Microsoft Bookings. With a window of a booking form, a notification of that same booking and a confirmation e-mail on a smartphone.

No more worries about Microsoft 365 updates or synchronisation

Steven Coppens

Steven Coppens
Managing Director at Decovry

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A more comprehensive service than you would get from Microsoft!

24/7 support in your language

This is the main reason why customers choose us. Our support team provides the best assistance around the clock.

Mailbox configuration service

We make sure you get off to a flying start. We configure the DNS records for you and help you configure your mailbox(es).

A more comprehensive service than you would get from Microsoft!

Are you having trouble with the configuration? We will take care of it for you!

DNS settings? Please help!

Setting DNS records is not something you do every day, which is why we will take care of this for you.

Configuring the e-mail address and mailbox? Check!

Stop using addresses like and start using
We will even help you configure your mailbox on your smartphone. This way, you will be able to access your e-mails wherever you are.

Illustration of a mailbox with e-mail addresses using the same domain name.

Protect your data thanks to Microsoft 365 backup

Multiple backups per day...

Every four hours, we make a secure backup of all your files on Microsoft 365.

... of all your data in Microsoft 365

We fully back up your OneDrive, your SharePoint, e-mails, contacts... Something Microsoft 365 does not offer by default.

The easiest and most reliable way to back up your data

Copilot, your AI assistant for Microsoft 365

Have documents summarised

Copilot instantly extracts the essence from long texts.

Get inspiration for brainstorms

Need new ideas? Ask Copilot for additional input and make your brainstorm a success.

Or let Copilot do your work

Copilot creates drafts of your documents, presentations, emails and so much more. You will save a lot of time!

Discover Microsoft Copilot   Now 27.40 instead of 28.10 /month
Copilot, your AI assistant for Microsoft 365

Go big with the Enterprise packages

Tools for security and compliance

Advanced archiving

For litigation hold and compliance

Manage and limit access

Restrict access to documents and e-mails

Protection against phishing and zero-day malware

Thanks to Advanced Threat Protection

Compliance Utilities

eDiscovery allows you to identify documents as evidence for legal matters.

Identify threats

Thanks to Threat Intelligence

Encryption of messages and data protection

Tip: Make additional backups using Microsoft 365 Backup
The best guarantee to protect yourself from data loss

Unlimited storage

No limit on your OneDrive storage

Larger mailboxes

Not 50 but 100 GB

Built-in voicemail

Check your voicemail messages in Outlook



Creating and sharing videos in your company


Power Bi Pro

Create interactive, live dashboards for analysis purposes

Are you ready to really work online with your colleagues?

  1. Choose your package and enter your domain name
  2. Place your order
  3. Create your account and e-mail addresses
  4. Install the apps and configure your mailboxes
  5. You are now working fully online!
  • Cheaper than at Microsoft
  • 24/7 support provided by Combell
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Would you like to receive free advice about an Microsoft 365 mailbox?

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With 1 TB online storage for all your documents

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