7 reasons why you need to say goodbye to your in-house Exchange server

7 reasons why you need to say goodbye to your in-house Exchange serverThe research

We have recently launched a new service to help our customers transfer from in-house hosted Exchange to Combell’s Exchange professional email. As part of the preparation to launch, we conducted a little survey among customers who had recently converted from on-premise hosting to Combell. We noticed a few interesting trends while doing our interviews which we thought were worth sharing.

Here are the seven most common reasons to leave in-house Exchange for good:

Reason 1 - Security hazards

BeveiligingAccording to customers the most important decision factor about where you host your Exchange Server is guaranteed security. Out of everything on the list, security shortcomings are the one thing that could not only mess up your communication permanently, but also seriously harm your business. Here are the three most common email offences:

First is communication shut down. Whether because of a virus, a DDoS attack or something more creative, you lose your primary means of contact with your customers. In the case of in-house hosting the time to recover tends to be longer. Sometimes data cannot be restored. Second, and worse, your email may get hijacked – your server may get hacked into to use its processing power to send spam. Third, and the worst, they can get hands on your information – passwords, bank accounts and confidential company information.

With prevention being the best cure, what one can do to avoid such troubles is purchase expensive antivirus and anti-spam software and ensure a 24/7 watch over the servers. Or, of course, the alternative is to get an ISO certified in the field of security hosting company to look after the company mail.

Reason 2 – Bad backup plan

BackupsSecond most important is backups. Especially if you have been using your on-premise Exchange Server for a while now, chances are you are running low on space. And you need at least also as much space to host your backups. Now come the nagging questions: How often do you perform backups? Do you only have one copy? From when? Is it only of your emails or also of your calendars? Do you store it on the same machine?

Those are all valid questions since a wrong answer to any of them could fail you when you least expect it. A qualified hosting company will not only minimize the chances for you to need that backup plan, but will generate daily backups of your email data. You can have them stored permanently and redundantly on multiple devices and media.

Reason 3 – In search of the whole package

Full packageWe have noticed a common misconception among users who ponder the idea of hosting on-premise – the majority believe the in-house solution is a one-time investment and once it is completed, no big expenses are expected. On the other hand, they believe IT outsourcing would cost less in the long run.

However, what many customers confess, is a lot of unforeseen expenses occur. They are usually related to maintaining the software and hardware environment up-to-date. Hosting companies would usually offer an end solution, not limited to the license. It is a friendly environment, completed with various Microsoft products optimizing mobility, security, encryption, backup creation, document management and others. Products that would cost a lot to the end user.

The whole beautiful software package is presented to you with a cherry on top – it is hosted in Belgium’s most secure data center. All software and hardware updates are performed for free, and in the background – with no downtime.

Reason 4 – Technology enthusiasts

Liefde voor technologieAnother misconception is that there cannot be much variation in the way a Microsoft Exchange server works.

At Combell we use new technology that revolutionizes the way email is processed. Our servers are scalable, and load is distributed to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability. We have invested in unique self-healing software that minimizes issues caused by corrupted files. We have created a new link in the chain – the mailprotect servers which filter your communication for malware and store your messages in case of downtime of the mail servers – as soon as connection is restored, the messages arrive in your mailbox safely.

Reason 5 – The need to be well supported

HelpdeskWhile there are high unforeseen expenses in the form of software and hardware upgrades, the highest reported expense is still the support.

You need a person qualified enough to assemble your working, yet affordable, hardware configuration. They need to install the environment, ensure security, purchase licenses and usually end up performing a couple trainings for the employees. It is a full time job.

Soon after, the need of at least one more support person would become inevitable – to monitor the servers at night or in case your lead happens to need a vacation. The costs go well into the six digits for the year.

Reason 6 – Money isn’t funny

Geld besparenOne of the most often mentioned reasons why our customers ditched the in-house solution was they gradually realized it is not worth it. The straw that broke the camel’s back is not always the same, but money does play its role. After the set-up, the wage of the IT department, the security software and the constant payments for upgrades and updates… it gets old.

Usually it would just be a matter of time before it becomes obvious the plan is falling out and if you can’t save money off it, you can at least try and do it right. Leave it in the hands of the experts.

Reason 7 – Good connections

Goede connectiesAs reason number seven our customers pointed out the need of centralization. Most of the ‘converts’ already had a domain name registered with Combell, then took advantage of our free website moving service to host their website with us instead of at the office. And naturally the time came for email.

If you already have a provider you trust, who can do the job for you, you are lucky. Usually in such cases for a lower cost you get a higher added value. And the risk for you is minimal.
Of course, look for an established company known for their quality work, who can offer you a high security level, reasonable prices and relentless support.

Buying hardware and software licenses now is like buying a 20 year old car. It might be cheaper up front, but in the long term it will be more expensive to maintain, more unreliable, less green and not upgradeable in the future.

At Combell we believe we offer all of that. And we welcome you to come host your email with us. Specifically for you we have launched our free Exchange platform mover. You can contact your transfer manager today.