We transfer your website for free!

Transferring your website is often a difficult and time-consuming task. Fortunately, we at Combell take care of this for you, free of charge.

  • We transfer your website in 4 days
  • It does not matter which provider you have signed up with
  • Free with each hosting package

How does our website transfer service work?

Choose your hosting package

Choose a hosting package that meets your needs. Every hosting package includes our transfer service free of charge.

Take a look at our range of hosting services
Request your transfer

Request your transfer. Then, we will contact you to gain access to your previous hosting package (and website).

Request your transfer
We transfer your website

All the files of your website are copied to your new hosting package at Combell.

A temporary URL will allow you to test your website before it goes live.

TIP: Butler transfer service with Managed WordPress

When migrating from a WordPress website to a Managed WordPress package (Professional or Expert), your website will also be thoroughly updated as regards WordPress, the themes, plugins and the PHP version. This way, you will be able to get off to a flying start with Combell!

Discover Managed WordPress, our best WordPress hosting ever!

Our specialists
take care of your transfer

No waste of time or risks of error. Our specialists guarantee a successful transfer to Combell with a personal service.

No downtime

Our specialists are trained in transferring these services without downtime. Your visitors will not notice anything that is happening in the background!

Every environment,
every provider

No matter if your current provider is located in the BeNeLux, in the US or in Asia: we will assist you with every transfer.

What about my domain name?

When you purchase a hosting package for your website, you can choose whether or not you want to transfer your domain name to Combell.

Your domain name is transferred to Combell

Transferring your domain name to us is the simplest scenario.
All you have to do is provide us with a transfer code (also called authorisation code). This can be done during the ordering process or afterwards, by e-mail.

As soon as we receive this code, we will arrange everything for you. How handy!

Your domain remains with another provider

If your domain name is hosted by another provider, you will have to change some settings yourself so that your domain name points to your new hosting package at Combell.

You will have to change the A records of your domain name so that they point to the IP address of your hosting package. That may sound complicated, but it is actually pretty simple. Feel free to call us if you need any assistance.

What about my e-mail addresses and mailboxes?

What happens to your e-mail addresses or mailboxes depends on the e-mail solution you choose.

If your domain name is hosted by Combell, we will make sure that the DNS records are set correctly so that your e-mail traffic remains in perfect working order after the transfer of your website.
Is your domain name hosted elsewhere? In that case, you will have to check the DNS settings yourself and adjust them if necessary.

What about my e-mail addresses and mailboxes?
The free mailbox that comes with your hosting package

Your previous mailbox will not be transferred automatically.
Via the control panel, create a mailbox with the same e-mail address as your previous mailbox.

Do you want to keep your old e-mails?
Export (backup) your current mailbox and import it into your new mailbox.

Exchange or Microsoft 365 mailbox

Do you have an Exchange or Microsoft 365 mailbox with Combell? In that case, we will also transfer your previous Exchange or Microsoft 365 mailbox for you.

External mailbox, e.g. Gmail

If your domain name remains where it was, you do not need to change anything. The e-mail service will continue to work as before.

Do you want to transfer your domain name to Combell?
Then, you have to use the same settings you are using now. Check the DNS records with your current provider and reuse them at Combell. We can assist you with this if necessary.

Mail forwarding: redirect e-mails to another mailbox

Use the control panel to create a new forwarding address (redirect).

Automatically redirect incoming e-mails to another e-mail address. Received e-mail messages are only stored in the mailbox to which you redirect the messages.

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FAQ about Combell Mover Migration service

Frequently Asked Questions

Combell Mover Migration service is available for the following services:

  • Domain names
  • Linux and Windows web hosting (including Magento, WordPress, Drupal...)
  • Managed WordPress
  • Exchange mailbox: if you provide a .PST backup
  • Microsoft 365 mailbox: if you already have a Microsoft 365 account
  • Databases
  • VPS servers with Plesk

Combell's Migration service is included for free if you transfer a website, VPS or domain name to Combell.

We have extensive experience in transferring Internet services from many providers. However, you must give us the necessary access codes so that our specialists can complete the transfer successfully. In addition, the transfer must be technically feasible; your software may be obsolete or certain websites may be impossible to transfer (e.g. those that have been built using a website builder package).

Combell's Mover Migration service reserves the right to refuse and cancel requested migrations if the product to be transferred meets one of the following criteria:

  • The access to the source package is disrupted, making it impossible to complete a normal migration
  • The software version of the website used by the customer is obsolete and when it is impossible to patch it and make it work in the new environment
  • The software version of the Internet platform of the source environment is obsolete and when it is impossible to offer the same features in the new environment
  • Features or software packages are used in the source environment that are not available in the new environment, making it impossible for the products to work properly
  • Any other reason making it impossible for the Combell Migration service to complete the migration in a normal manner and within the established deadlines

We try to avoid this by preparing everything on our environment before completing the transfer. This way, your previous provider will not be aware that you are leaving him.

Our specialists do all they can to make sure to avoid downtime during the transfer process. During the admission interview, this will be discussed on a case by case basis in order to find the best possible approach.

We need to get the login information of your current provider: the link to the control panel, your username and your password. This information is absolutely necessary. Root access (via SSH or Terminal Services) can speed up the transfer process but is not an absolute necessity.

Domain name

  • Transferring your domain names (depending on the domain extension) automatically or manually
  • Changing the DNS records for domain names managed by Combell
  • Quality control

Microsoft Exchange e-mail

  • Creating the organisation on our Hosted Exchange Platform
  • Creating users on our Hosted Exchange Platform
  • Importing PST files via FTP or disk (by mutual agreement and after the customer has exported the data)
  • Changing the DNS records for domain names managed by Combell
  • Quality control

Web hosting

  • Creating subdomains
  • Exporting and importing MySQL and MS SQL databases
  • Transferring FTP users
  • Transferring Cron jobs
  • Transferring the SSH public keys
  • Transferring all the data related to the website
  • Transferring logs and statistics insofar as possible
  • Transferring existing SSL certificates
  • Changing the DNS records for domain names managed by Combell
  • Quality control


  • Creating the target database
  • Creating additional users
  • Exporting and importing the database
  • Quality control

VPS with Plesk

  • Configuring the target server
  • Transferring all accounts and associated services via Plesk Migration Manager
  • Changing the DNS records for domain names managed by Combell
  • Quality control
  • Configuring e-mail accounts on the target product
  • Editing e-mail settings
  • Advanced changes to the source code of websites or to databases
  • Changing the DNS records for domain names that are not managed by Combell
  • Exporting PST files stored on your current platform to FTP or disk (only when migrating Exchange e-mail)

Of course, our Combell Movers are available to assist you with this task. And they do this 24/7 via our free 0800 number or via e-mail.

Questions about Combell Mover?


Our specialists are available 24/7 to provide you with free advice. Feel free to contact Simon and his colleagues via e-mail or by phone.

Simon Van der Heyden Combell Mover Specialist