Mail server

The ideal solution to get your newsletters and campaigns delivered to a large number of contacts

  • Send e-mails to a lot of e-mail contacts
  • The best guarantee of getting through the spam filter
  • Perfect integration within your own code or e-mail client

How many e-mails do you want to send per month?

Prices for a standard SMTP mail server

+ Unique IP address for SMTP relay (€ 50)

Our experts will provide a solution tailored to your situation and needs

A tailored mail server?

Your own mail server to send your outgoing mail and campaigns

Why choose an (SMTP) e-mail server?

Send large amounts of e-mail without any problems

With a mail server or an SMTP Mail server, you have a solution for sending your newsletters or campaigns to all your e-mail contacts.

With a traditional mailbox, the number of outgoing e-mails you are allowed to send is limited to the normal daily use. If you want to e-mail (hundreds of) thousands of contacts at the same time, it is not going to work. For this purpose, you need a mail server that can handle all that outgoing mail.

Send large volumes of e-mail
Spam protection

Smoothly through spam filters

Spam filters put (SMTP) mail servers on a blacklist if it turns out that they are often used to send spam.
We avoid this by only allowing paying accounts on our mail servers. This way, we prevent them from being blacklisted by malicious mailings.
In addition, our support engineers continuously monitor the servers in order to prevent abuse.

Send an e-mail to all your contacts with a single click

Sending e-mails to so many contacts takes an eternity with a traditional mailbox, which sends e-mails one by one.
That is not the case with a mail server, which allows you to send a large amount of e-mails to all your contacts simultaneously. This is much faster than sending one e-mail at a time.

Send e-mails in bulk
Link your own mail server

Connect your own mail server to your code or e-mail client

Once you have ordered a mail server, we will provide you with some information that will help you manage your mail server, such as IP address, outgoing mail server, ports, etc.
This information will allow you to connect the mail server to your own e-mail client or the code of your website.

An all-in-one package for e-mail marketing

Alternative to a mail server or an SMTP mail server

Flexmail e-mail marketing

Flexmail e-mail marketing is much more than just a mail server. It is an all-in-one package that helps you build e-mail campaigns that work. You do not even need a mail server anymore.

  • Drag and drop editor
    No more developers required
  • Dynamic content
    Based on interests
  • Marketing automation
    Automate your e-mails
  • Reporting and web tracking
    Analyse your results
  • A/B Testing
    Optimise your e-mails
  • Surveys and forms
    To survey your target group
Learn more about Flexmail e-mail marketing

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