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Secure connection for your data and financial transactions

  • Green address bar in all browsers and HTTPS
  • Building more confidence with visitors = a 15% increase in sales!
  • Helps you achieve a better Google ranking
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What is an SSL certificate?

SSL encryption secures communication between your website and users

With an SSL certificate, you can secure the connection between your website and your visitors via HTTPS.
This way, hackers have no chance of intercepting sensitive data.

Thanks to this security feature, your website displays a small padlock and a noticeable green address bar in browsers. That helps build confidence and results in a 15% increase in sales! GUARANTEED

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The more extended the validation, the more reliable it is

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  • Help with the installation
    Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you for free with the installation of your SSL certificate.

  • Free reissue in case of loss
    If you lose the details of your SSL certificate, we will resend them to you free of charge.


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An SSL connection is a secure connection between your website and your visitors

Why get an SSL certificate?

SSL Sectigo Certificate

Inspire confidence thanks to a green address bar

In the browser’s address bar, your website will display a small padlock, HTTPS and a green address bar to indicate that your website is secured with an SSL certificate.
This will help you gain your visitors’ confidence.

Update: the latest browsers now mark websites without an SSL certificate as “Not Secure” in red font in the address bar. It goes without saying that this problem undermines your visitors’ confidence.


Ranking higher in Google

Since Google wants to improve security on the Internet, they reward secure websites with a better position in search results.
This way, you can attract more visitors.

A 15% increase in sales for web stores

An independent study showed that web stores can significantly benefit from an SSL certificate. Fewer people abandon their cart during the ordering process and sales increase because visitors are assured that the website is secure and they know the exact identity of the owner of the website.

With an SSL certificate with extended validation, Combell guarantees you a 15% increase in sales! Are you not satisfied? We will give you your money back!

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SSL Security Encryptie

Protects you against spying and hacking

Since HTTP is not secure and vulnerable to hacking, you should use an SSL certificate. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a security protocol that is widely used on the Internet to protect sensitive information, such as credit card details, passwords, etc. SSL provides a secure HTTPS connection between your website/app and the computers of your visitors. These visitors do not have to do anything themselves to be able to surf the Internet securely. They are informed about security via a green address bar, HTTPS and a small padlock.

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Choose the best SSL certificate

Which SSL certificate should I choose?

What type of validation should I choose?

  • An SSL certificate with domain validation (domain SSL) allows a secure HTTPS connection to your website, but does not provide any information about the company behind the website. This is why we only recommend it for private websites.
  • An organisation validation provides more information to your visitors. They can click in the address bar to identify the company behind the website and check whether it matches the company with which they want to make a transaction.
  • With extended validation (or EV), you will inspire the greatest confidence in your visitors. They will see a small padlock and HTTPS in the address bar, but also a green bar and the name of your company. In addition, you can add Sectigo /Comodo’s security logos to your website in order to inspire even more confidence (e.g. during the ordering process).

Domain EV SSL Certificaat
Standard SSL Multi Domain SSL Wildcard SSL Certificate

Standard, multi-domain or wildcard SSL?

This choice depends on the number of domain names you want to secure.

  • Standard SSL secures a single domain name (with and without www)
  • Multi-domain SSL secures multiple domain names belonging to the same owner. This is the best option if you use multiple domain names for your online business. Three domains and/or subdomains are included by default, but you can have more.
  • Wildcard SSL secures your domain name and all subdomains. This is the perfect option if you use many subdomains for the different parts of your website or application. The number of subdomains is unlimited.

SSL on Windows web hosting

If you want to install an SSL certificate on our Windows web hosting, you will need a static IP address. This option costs €50/year.

For our standard web hosting packages, this is not necessary, and there is no extra charge!

SSL on windows webhosting
Sectigo SSL Certificate

Advantages against the free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate

  • Extended validation is possible with the integration of your company details. This is important for businesses running a web store!
  • Much more feedback to your visitors builds confidence
  • A guaranteed 15% increase in sales with extended validation
  • Not only for websites, but also for e-mail, file servers, apps...
  • A Wildcard SSL certificate is also an option.
  • You get a trust seal that you can add on your website (e.g. on your payment page)
  • In case of abuse, we guarantee you that you will receive generous compensation.

Why choose Sectigo (Comodo)?

Our SSL certificates are issued by Sectigo (Comodo), a renowned company specialising in Internet security.

  • Continuous investments for better security
  • Generous compensation if something goes wrong
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Free reissue if you made a spelling mistake or if you lost the SSL certificate
Sectigo Certificate SSL

Do you need professional advice on SSL?

SSL certificate specialist

Our specialists are available 24/7 for free advice. Feel free to contact Simon and his colleagues via e-mail or by telephone.

SSL certificate specialist
Simon Van der Heyden SSL Certificate specialist
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