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Domain name validation
by checking if you are the owner
Validation of your organisation
Verifies that the company really exists. You get a phone call for verification
Extended validation (EV)
Extensive verification of your company details (also via the Chamber of Commerce).
Delivery time Same day 1-2 days 1-5 days
Secure communication between your website and visitors
Rank higher in Google - Google ranks websites with an SSL
certificate higher in search results and even explicitly marks them as “Secure”.
in the address bar, helps build confidence
Integration of company details
To be able to check the identity of the website owner. This is important for web stores, because visitors can check if the owner of the website is also the person with whom they want to make a transaction.
Trust seal on your website
So that your visitors can clearly see that you are reliable
Company name in the address bar
in some browsers
Encryption Excellent protection
up to 256 bit
Excellent protection
up to 256 bit
Excellent protection
up to 256 bit
Guarantees in case of abuse up to $10000 up to $50000 up to $1750000
Combell Service
24/7 free support
via e-mail and a free phone number
Help with the installation
Free reissue in case of loss or typo in your domain name
Money-back guarantee
Increase of 15% in sales
Free e-mail marketing
Use Flexmail for six months for free to create and send your own professional email campaigns.
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Max. 5 campaigns per month Max. 5 campaigns per month Max. 5 campaigns per month

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