Managed WordPress

WordPress has never been easier

  • WordPress experts keep your website up to date, but also in top condition
  • Your own test environment to test new features on your website
  • Update your theme, plugins and PHP versions without any worries

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Combell's Managed WordPress hosting

We are available to assist you day and night, because the Internet never sleeps. Our team has in-depth knowledge of WordPress and is committed to helping you until your problems are solved.

  • Reachable 24/7, even on Christmas Eve
  • Via e-mail, chat or a toll-free number
  • In your own language: English, French or Dutch
  • We help you install themes and plugins, but also keep them up to date
  • Proactive advice and support to optimise your website (and code)
Combell's Managed WordPress hosting
Your website will always be up to date
Your website will always be up to date

Your website will always be up to date

No longer postpone updates for your theme and plugins. Switch to Managed WordPress and we will check if any updates are available for your website on a daily basis. If so, we will test them and install them only if they are compatible with your website.

  • Every day, we check if any updates are available
  • Updates are first tested, so that your website can continue to work without a hitch
  • You always have the latest compatible version of WordPress, your theme and your plugins.
  • Updates of your PHP version for optimal performance

Outstanding performance under all circumstances

There is nothing more irritating than a slow website. That is why our WordPress packages come with tons of extra services that help your website stay in top condition.

An amazingly fast website

  • The most advanced technologies (PHP8, HTTP/2, SSDs, etc.)
  • Performance monitoring enables us to fix any slowdown issues straightaway
  • Free caching to reduce loading times by half
  • A lot of PHP memory so that your system can handle traffic peaks
  • We optimise your code and install updates to ensure maximum performance

Always online - that is our mission!

  • Fully redundant network with backup hardware available for every component
  • Uptime monitoring with proactive alarms to prevent downtime
  • Unlimited data traffic
  • Belgian data centres with guaranteed power supply
  • DDoS protection included with all packages
Test your new features in a separate test environment

Test your new features in a separate test environment

Are you planning to update your website, add a new plugin or change your theme? You can make changes in a separate test environment, without altering your live website.

  • Separate test environment with its own URL
  • Make a copy of your current website and copy it to the test environment
  • With separate settings via the control panel
  • Working on your website by yourself has never been easier
Test your new features in a separate test environment

A worry-free transfer thanks to the Butler transfer service

The Butler transfer service goes one step further than the Basic website transfer service. Instead of automatically copying and pasting your files and databases, the whole process is carried out manually by a WordPress expert - your "butler".

  • A copy of all your files and folders made with the utmost care
  • Extensive testing and adjustments made to perfection by a WordPress expert
  • Optimise and update your code to benefit from the latest working versions
  • We handle the whole process from start to finish.

Basic transfer

  • Automatic copying and pasting of your files
  • Automatic testing of your website
  • - Updating WordPress, your theme and plugins
  • - Performance check and optimisation
  • - WordPress expert advice

Butler transfer

  • Manual checking and copying of your files
  • Extensive testing of your website

  • Updating WordPress, your theme and plugins
  • Performance check and optimisation
  • WordPress expert advice

The best protection on the market

Malware, hackers, DDoS attacks... No need to worry! Your website, hosting and network are protected by several protection features, which constitute Combell Shield!

  • Every day, the malware scanner detects corrupt files
  • Proactive identification and fixing of security vulnerabilities
  • Web filters block malicious traffic to your website
  • Multiple firewalls keep hackers out
  • DDoS security keeps your website online, even during an attack

A control panel tailored to your needs

Malware scanner

Malware is automatically detected and quarantined. You can permanently remove it from your website with a simple click.

One-click backup restore

Did you make a mistake? Thanks to the one-click backup restore feature, you can get a recent backup back online in no time at all. Without any difficulties.

Set up test environments

Make a copy of your website or a backup and manage a completely separate version of your website. This environment is fully protected from the outside world thanks to a password.

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