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Do you want to resell hosting services?

Reseller hosting: resell our services to your customers

  • From 5 hosting packages: at very competitive prices
  • State-of-the-art control panel
  • Discounts & commissions on other services
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€50 setup Afterwards monthly invoice

Sell web hosting and domain names yourself

Without any worries and with a nice discount for you!

Never worry about the web hosting for your own customers again. As a Combell Reseller, you sell them services you can rely on.

You only pay for the packages that you, or rather your customers, have really been used. Adding or removing customers is not a problem at all. Every month, you only pay for what you have actually used or a minimum of € 34.60 - the price of 5 standard hosting packages.

The more packages you buy, the lower your price per package. This way, we reward you for your success!

Sell reseller hosting & reseller webhosting

Create your own range of hosting products

Choose a plan and determine the specs such as webspace, databases and mailboxes

The more packages you buy, the lower your price per package.

  You can determine the specifications your customers will get

You can develop your range of hosting products as you like.
Set your prices and create your plans by allocating webspace, databases and mailboxes.

You have complete freedom of choice when it comes to these specifications

  • Max 350 GB of webspace / package
  • Unlimited number of databases / package
  • Unlimited number of mailboxes / package
Find out how it works

Benefit from being a Combell Reseller

The more you buy, the lower the price per package

Your hosting, your logo

Our control panel was developed to offer a fully white-labelled solution.
This way, your customers will not see any reference to Combell. And as an option, you can also add your own style and logo.

Create your own plans

You can determine how much webspace and how many mailboxes and databases you allocate to a hosting package.
This way, you can offer hosting tailored to the needs of your customers. Find out how it works

Pay as you use

We calculate your daily usage. This way, you have all the flexibility to temporarily activate a more powerful package without having to pay for an entire month.

We transfer your websites

Do you want to transfer all these websites from another hosting provider to Combell? Our Combell movers will handle this for you, free of charge!

Day and night support

Our experts are available to help you 24/7. Even on Christmas Eve!

One-click CMS installations

Our control panel makes your work easier with, among other features, one-click installations of your CMS.
Discover our control panel

Automation with API

Save time and work by fully automating frequent tasks such as the creation of a hosting package or the registration of a domain.

A single monthly invoice

Since you already have so much administrative work, we are happy to make things easier for you with a single monthly invoice for your usage.
You only pay for what you have used.

A single account manager

In addition to our 24/7 support team, your personal account manager is always ready to assist you with all your questions.

Premium infrastructure

Our next generation hosting cluster guarantees high speeds on perfectly separate servers – in the best data centres in the Benelux!

Powerful web hosting

As a Reseller, you can take advantage of our most powerful packages. Give them an extra boost with additional caching options.
This way, you will be able to host a fully-fledged web store.

Perfectly protected

You and your customers benefit from the most complete protection thanks to our Combell Shield.
Bonus: Resellers get the mailprotect and spamexperts options activated for free!


More than 1,000 web professionals use our reseller hosting services

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Smart Business Awards Hosting & Domain Names 2017
Twinkle Awards Hosting & Domain Names 2016

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