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  • Resell hosting under your own name and set the prices yourself
  • Manage multiple hosting packages with ease
  • Pay as you use: you only pay for the packages you use
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7.89 per hosting package
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Easy management of multiple websites and customers

Manage all the products you sold in one easy-to-use control panel. No hassle with different logins. You get simultaneous access to all your customers' websites, domain names, mailboxes, etc. Pretty handy, right?

You only pay for what you use

Our prices vary to suit your situation. Every month, you will only be charged for the products you have been using. This means you can start with just a few websites and then grow at your own pace.

The only restriction is that we charge a minimum of 5 hosting packages.

Tip: Temporarily switch to a hosting package that offers more resources!

Your customers do not see any reference to Combell

If you want, your customers can have access to a white-labelled control panel. This is the same user-friendly control panel as that offered to Combell customers, but without any reference to Combell.

Optional: Customise it using your own style and logo!

Explore all the possibilities

Create your own hosting plans and set your prices as you please

Your control panel helps you determine the specifications for your hosting packages (amount of web space, databases and mailboxes).

This way, you can create your own commercial plans that you can sell to your customers afterwards.

Create your own hosting plans

Combell stands for service, and that is exactly what you can expect from us!

Combell team

Rely on a trustworthy partner. We are here to make things easier for you.

  • Reliable infrastructure, designed to prevent downtime
  • We are ready to help you day and night
  • We transfer your customers' websites for you
  • One monthly invoice, only for what you use
  • An API to automate your work (registration of domain names, creation of hosting packages, etc.)
Combell team

Resell web hosting and Managed WordPress to your customers

The more packages you sell, the lower your price per package.

We charge a minimum of 5 packages

All web hosting packages come with

  • One-click installations of
  • HTTPS security via Let's Encrypt
  • Excellent protection against malware
  • Git integration and SSH access

Managed WordPress: go for convenience

  • We take care of all the updates so that your websites stay up-to-date
  • Launch test environments from the control panel
  • Did you make a mistake? Restore a backup instantly with one click in the control panel
Discover all the benefits of Managed WordPress

Resell our hosting at a profit

In order to ensure that you can achieve a profit margin, you pay a low price for every package you sell. That price will be even lower if you sell more than 10 packages. This is how we reward you for your success.

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Sell our hosting at a profit
Do you need hosting for larger projects?

Do you need hosting for larger-scale projects?

As a Reseller, you have access to Dedicated Web hosting, thanks to which you have the entire hosting server at your disposal for 1 project. As a Reseller, you can purchase it with a 10% discount, and then resell it via the Reseller dashboard.

Do you really need a tailored solution? Refer a customer to us and you will earn a generous commission.

Find out more about our range of Dedicated Web hosting services

Do you have any questions or need support?

Call us for free, 24/7, on: 0800 8 5678

A hosting platform to further develop your business

All your packages are activated on our huge hosting platform, not an individual server. This way, you can benefit from all the investments we have made.

Designed for speed

No more slow loading times on your websites

  • SSD hardware instead of traditional hard disks
  • Caching included (upgradable)
  • Direct connection to multiple ISPs
  • 100 Gbps network between our data centres
  • Always at the cutting edge of technological innovation (HTTP/2, the latest versions of PHP, etc.)

Protected by Combell Shield

Say no to malware, hacking and DDoS attacks

  • Each package is fully isolated using jailing
  • Malware scanner to identify infected files
  • Web filters keep ill-intentioned visitors out
  • Auto-patching automatically fixes vulnerabilities
  • Firewall & DDoS protection
Discover Combell Shield

Guaranteed uptime

Your websites will always be online - we will make sure of that!

  • 24/7 monitoring of all our systems
  • Local data centre with the best rating
  • Guaranteed power supply, even in the event of a blackout
  • Fully redundant platform
  • Other customers will not cause any inconvenience thanks to jailing

Convenient for you and your customers

Thanks to our user-friendly control panel

  • One-click installation of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.
  • Easy switching between PHP versions
  • Git integration to make your development easier
  • We take care of backups for you
Explore all the possibilities of the control panel

Resell domain names, mailboxes, and many other products.


Domain names

Register domains with .BE, .NL, .COM, .EU, .NET, .BIZ, .INFO and .ORG. extensions for €15.49 (instead of €42.99).

We also offer extra discounts on all other domain extensions.


If you purchase a Basic or Exchange mailbox, you will get a 20% discount on standard prices. We enable Mailprotect on every Basic mailbox for free. An extra spam filter and antivirus software are available for €1.5/month.

Microsoft 365

You get a discount on standard prices on our entire range of Microsoft 365 products.

Premium SSL certificates

You get a 20% discount on all SSL certificates that you purchase from us for your customers.


Would you like to resell extra databases to your customers? Enjoy a 20% discount on MySQL and MSSQL databases.

Other services

You get a 10% discount on Online fax. A unique IP address costs €40/year (instead of €50/year).

As a Reseller, you will become a real partner of Combell

You will receive invitations to our partner days, giving you the opportunity to attend workshops or have fun at Plopsaland.

"Combell's Reseller platform enables us to provide hosting ourselves, without having to deal with anything related to it"
Inventis - Combell Reseller since 2009

Award-winning solutions

Smart Business Awards Hosting & Domain Names 2017
Twinkle Awards Hosting & Domain Names 2016

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7.89 per hosting package
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