Do you want to resell hosting services? Reseller hosting: resell our services to your customers

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From 32.45 /month
SETUP One-time € 50 setupcost

Reseller hosting: reselling web hosting via Combell.

Resell high quality services to your customers with Combell's Reseller Hosting

Thanks to Combell Reseller hosting, you no longer need to worry about the web hosting services that you resell to your own customers. Our product, which is unique in the market, gives you the opportunity to build your own web hosting packages. For this, you only pay for what you actually use and do not need to estimate anything in advance. If you grow fast, we will grow with you. In addition, your price per package decreases as you activate more hosting packages and is updated monthly.

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Benefits for Resellers

White label

A fully white-labelled (anonymous) control panel

Volume discounts

The price per package decreases as the number of hosting packages increases

24/7 free support

You can contact our premium helpdesk 24/7

Calculate your monthly fee now

You determine the content of the packages, so that you can build your own products with Combell's reseller hosting services. It is almost as easy as playing with toy blocks. In addition, you only pay for what you have used over the past month.

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Total cost per month


* One-time setup fee of € 50. Minimum order charge is € 32.45 per month. This is equivalent to 5 standard hosting packages.
Included with each package

250 GB

Disk space per package

25 GB

Mailbox size per mailbox

500 MB

Database size per database

Next-generation hosting services

You and your customers also reap the benefits of Combell's many years of expertise in web hosting. Your web hosting packages are hosted on the powerful next-generation hosting cluster. Thanks to advanced optimisation and duplication methods, your websites are always efficient. Unlike with traditional web hosting services, with our hosting cluster, you resolutely go for power.

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One single screen, countless features

My Combell is the control panel from where you can control your entire hosting infrastructure. From DNS records and e-mail to setting up and fine-tuning your own bespoke hosting packages. Combell's control panel is developed in-house, which allows us to respond quickly to valuable customer feedback.

Check out all the benefits

More than 1,000 web professionals use our reseller hosting services Check out the Video Cases

Inventis about Combell's Reseller Hosting

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Inventis about Combell's Reseller Hosting

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SETUP One-time setup fee of €50

From 32.45 /month