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Discover all the features and benefits of our Reseller package

Manage all your customers via one dashboard

Overview of all hosting packages

You immediately see which hosting packages are active and what type of package they are running on. Make changes without having to log in and out for different customers.

User-friendliness, also for your customers

If you wish, your customers will also have access to a user-friendly control panel where they can manage their own package.

Manage all your customers via one dashboard

Create your own hosting packages

Create your own packages

Manage the specifications of your hosting packages such as web space, databases and mailboxes yourself. You also decide on the price at which you sell them.

Real-time activation

All packages and domain names are activated as soon as you create them. Payment is then requested by means of a monthly invoice.

Find out how you can create your packages yourself
Create your own hosting packages
Product tags

Find products quickly by adding tags to them. For example, a company name or customer number.

Manage users (and their rights)

Decide which colleagues and customers have access to which package.

Reseller API

Connect to our API and manage the reseller platform directly via your software / app.

Keep control of used versions

Whether it is PHP, .NET, MySQL, WordPress or any other software solution, you have control over the version used.

Enable options

Add options such as Redis or Varnish caching and a unique IP address.


With Boost, static content loads up to 6x faster. Enable it for € 2 per month.

Your customers do not see any reference to Combell

Fully white labelled

Your customers get access to a white-labelled version of our control panel.
Logos and references to Combell are removed everywhere.

Optional: add your own personal touch with your own style

  • Use your own logo and colours
  • Customise the error pages to fit your own style
  • Choose your own URL to log in to the control panel

One-time setup fee of €115. Afterwards, you pay €95.04 per year. Includes an SSL certificate for secure login to your URL.

Activate your account now - €50 for activation

Simple administration

One monthly invoice

You always have a clear picture of the situation thanks to the fact that, every month, we send you only one invoice for all the services you (and especially your customers) used.

No nasty surprises on your next invoice

The control panel allows you to predict how much your will have to pay when your next invoice arrives. So you know where you stand at any time.

Overview of all your invoices

Is it time to take care of your bookkeeping? On your control panel, you have an instant overview of all your invoices and payment status.

Get started as a Reseller now - €50 for activation
Simple administration

Award-winning solutions

Smart Business Awards Hosting & Domain Names 2017
Twinkle Awards Hosting & Domain Names 2016

Professional guidance

24/7 support in your language

Our support team is at your service day and night. Any questions? They will help you right away!

Extensive manuals for your customers

Use our handy step-by-step manuals that will help you use our products correctly.

Personal account manager

Besides our support team, your personal account manager is always there to help you.

Professional guidance
Professional guidance

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  1. Activate your Reseller account
  2. Create your own hosting packages
  3. Launch your clients' websites on your hosting
  4. Make extra profit every month
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