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Why register a domain name with Combell?

Take advantage of our free extra services

Free mailbox and e-mail addresses

Create as many e-mail addresses as you want. You will also receive a free 1 GB mailbox. This will help you save 12 euros every year.

Easy to manage

Customise the DNS settings and the forwarding of your domain name in the control panel, and create e-mail addresses at will.

Create an unlimited number of subdomains is a subdomain of Create as many subdomains as you want and give structure to your domain name.

24/7 support provided by experts

No call queuing or endless call transfers: our experienced helpdesk staff will answer your questions immediately. Day and night!

Forwarding e-mails to mailboxes

Forward the e-mails sent to your e-mail addresses to your own mailbox or those of your employees. This way, everything is neatly organised and in one place.

Redirection to another URL

Redirect your visitors to a URL, such as your Facebook page, your blog, or any other existing website. This service is completely free of charge.

We will give you your money back if you are not satisfied

If you are not satisfied, we will refund you up to 3 months after you have placed your order.

Find out more about our money-back guarantee

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Transfer service

Are your domain and your website hosted elsewhere? We will transfer them to our servers for you free of charge.

Prices of domain names explained

How is the price of a domain name determined?

The basic price for registering a domain name varies per extension. Some domain extensions are reserved for certain occupational categories (like .bank). But country code top-level domains (like .be or .nl) are cheaper.

However, you should be aware of hidden costs, such as activation costs charged when registering a domain or transfer costs charged when transferring a domain. Combell does not charge any additional costs for all these services: the price mentioned fully covers the registration for one year.

If your dream domain name has already been registered by someone else, you can try to find an agreement with the current owner, possibly for a fee.

How is the price of a domain name determined?
Why do the prices differ from one provider to another?

Why do the prices differ from one provider to another?

Some providers do offer very cheap domain names. But there is often a catch, because you will have to pay extra for every additional service. Like for having your domain name redirected to your blog, or for having your e-mail forwarded to the mailbox provided by your Internet provider or your Gmail account.

With Combell, you pay nothing extra for domain or e-mail forwarding. You can manage everything yourself via the user-friendly control panel. You can even change the DNS settings there, which is something other providers do not allow.
The price for registering your domain name with Combell includes everything, including 24/7 support.

Price for transferring your domain to Combell

We do not charge any extra costs for transferring a domain name to Combell. You pay the normal price for a registration, including any promotional offers.

The transfer is a simple process in itself - and you will immediately benefit from the many advantages offered by Combell, such as free transfer service, mailbox and professional 24/7 support.

  • Ask your current provider for a transfer code, which will make the domain available for transfer.
  • Search for your domain name on our website. If you get a notification stating that it is no longer available, just select ‘transfer’ and place your order.
  • Combell sends you an e-mail to confirm the transfer.
Transfer your domain
Price for transferring your domain to Combell
Acquiring a domain name from someone else

Acquiring a domain name from someone else

You have come up with the ideal domain name for your project. But unfortunately, it has already been registered by someone else... Try to reach an agreement with the current owner to purchase this domain name.

  • Find out who the current owner of the domain name is, using the WHOIS lookup tool.
  • Contact the owner and try to come to an agreement.
  • Have you reached an agreement? Now, ask the current owner to make the domain available for transfer. This means that he must request a transfer code from his provider.
  • Have you received the transfer code? Register the domain name via our website, and click the “transfer” button.

Different types of extensions and prices

Types of extensions or top-level domains (TLDs)

  • Country code TLDs or ccTLDs are the most famous ones: these include country codes such as .be, .nl, .fr, etc.
  • gTLDs are generic extensions that do not belong to a particular country. Just think of .com, .info, .biz, etc.
  • Recently, more than 1,000 domain extensions have been introduced. These extensions, which are also known as new TLDs, are aimed at very specific target groups, such as .shop, .immo, etc. They also include geographical extensions for cities or specific regions such as .vlaanderen, .gent, .brussels, etc.
Types of extensions or top-level domains (TLDs)
So, what are these new TLDs?

So, what are these new TLDs?

Until a few years ago, only a limited number of generic TLDs were available (like .com, .biz, .org, etc.). Fortunately, more than a thousand new extensions have been launched. That way, you will always be able to find the right domain name for your company.

As an accredited ICANN registrar, Combell is in a position to offer you almost all these extensions for registration. And we have made things easy for you: all extensions are neatly listed, and we even organised them into categories. This makes it much easier to search for your ideal domain name!

Explore the new extensions

Frequently asked questions about domain name prices

Yes, you are allowed to register a domain name without having to link it to a website. We even recommend that you register the domain name as soon as you have a concept for your project, before you further develop your plans. Also, do not forget to register it with different domain extensions (.be, .nl, .eu, .shop, etc.) or with possible alternative spellings.
The term ‘parking’ is used when you register a domain without linking it to a website or mailbox: the domain is then ‘parked’ until you start using it. You can do this if you want to reserve the domain name for your future projects, or to prevent others from using it.

With Combell, parking a domain will not cost you anything extra: you only pay for the registration of the domain name. However, as long as you do not link your domain name to a website in your control panel, Combell will display a ‘placeholder’ when visitors enter your domain name in their browser. This way, they will know that your domain name has indeed been registered.
Combell will not charge any hidden costs: you only pay for your registration, and manage all your settings (e-mail and domain forwarding, DNS, etc.) yourself through your control panel.

Other providers do charge extra fees – you pay very little money to register the domain name, but the extra costs turn it into an expensive purchase! Here are some examples of services they may charge: the redirection of your domain name to another domain name, the redirection of your e-mail to your mailbox provided by your Internet provider (Telenet, Proximus, etc.) or to your regular mailbox (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.), or the transfer of your domain name to or from another provider.
No, the registration is valid for a period of one year. You may, however, pass your domain name on to another registrant and ask him to share the registration fee with you on a pro rata basis.
When you register your domain with Combell, you benefit from numerous advantages. You can create as many e-mail addresses as you like (,, Mail forwarding (your e-mail will be forwarded to the mailbox of your choice) and domain forwarding (your domain name will be forwarded to another domain of your choice) are also included. In addition, you will have access to a user-friendly control panel, where you can manage and adjust all the settings yourself on the fly. And, last but not least, you can also rely on our 24/7 support service provided by highly experienced professionals. Your calls will not be diverted forever, and you will immediately get the right answer to your question.

However, the price does not include the space on a web server that is required to host your website. For this, please browse Combell’s range of hosting services.
If you own a registered trademark, you can of course use this trademark in your domain name. If you want to use a trademark belonging to another party in your domain name, you must first ask permission and possibly pay a fee for the use of this trademark.

You can protect your trademark against unauthorised use. Via the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), you can be the first to register your trademark with all new domain extensions as they are launched, and you can also set up monitoring for the use of your trademark when registering it.

Please note that the fact that you register a certain domain name does not mean that you are registering this word as a trademark. To do so, you still need to turn to a trademark office. Find out more about trademarks and their protection on the FPS Economy website.
Unfortunately, a domain name that is already used by someone else cannot be purchased from a provider, no matter how much money you are willing to pay for it. In order to be able to register an unavailable domain name in your name, you must first receive a transfer code from its current owner. And if he refuses to sell his domain name, you will not receive any transfer code from him, and your provider will not be able to arrange the transfer.

Free advice about domain names?

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