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  • Mailbox and e-mail addresses
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We offer you a mailbox and e-mail addresses

Make a professional impression right away with an e-mail address based on your domain name.

The e-mails will then be delivered to your free mailbox or forwarded to your current e-mail address you got from Gmail, Telenet or any other provider.

We offer you a mailbox and e-mail addresses
Host a website on your domain right away
Temporary special offer

Host a website on your domain right away

Do you not yet have your own website? With your domain name, we give you the opportunity to use a free version of SiteBuilder, which allows you to create a basic website in just a few clicks.

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Send newsletters and e-mail campaigns

As a Combell customer, you get a free Flexmail account, which allows you to create your professional e-mails in just a few clicks.

Use Flexmail six months free of charge to mail up to 1,000 contacts.

Send newsletters and e-mail campaigns
Day and night support from Combell

Day and night support from Combell

Are you stuck? Our experienced support team will help you 24/7 in your own language. Even on Christmas Eve!

Call us, send an e-mail or ask your question via our chat.

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Unlimited subdomains

Create as many subdomains as you need. is e.g. a subdomain of

Redirect visitors to another URL

Use your domain name to redirect visitors to another URL, such as your Facebook page or any other existing websites.

Redirecting e-mails to your mailbox

Create a free e-mail address with your domain name and have the e-mails that are sent to you delivered to your current e-mail address. That way, you will have everything in one place.

Money-back guarantee

Not satisfied with your transfer? You can request a full refund within 3 months after purchase.

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Transfer service

Do you already have a domain name or website elsewhere? We can transfer it to our servers for free!

Unique deals

As a Combell customer, you get discounts on all kinds of tools such as Flexmail, Leadinfo, etc.

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Frequently asked questions about domain name pricing and costs

How much does a domain name cost?

The price a domain name depends on several factors, including its extension (.be, .com, .org, .eu...) and the provider you buy it from. Look up your domain name using our domain finder and find out immediately how much a domain name costs. You may have a premium domain name in mind. In that case, you should be aware that this is a highly sought-after domain name, which costs a lot more than a normal domain name.

There are also cost differences between providers. Some of them aim for very low prices, but charge extra for anything you want to configure afterwards. That is not the case with Combell. With us, you immediately get everything you need to get started without any hassle.

Look up your domain name and find out how much it costs
The companies that operate domain extensions do not all charge the same price for their domain names. For example, a .be may be cheaper than a .com or vice versa. And that price can also fluctuate.

There are also premium domain names. These are very sought-after domain names, whose prices are significantly higher than what you would pay for a normal domain name.

We therefore advise you to look up a domain name first to find out its price
Normally, the price of a domain name is not something you can negotiate. However, if you want to register a very large number of domain names, you can always contact us to get a discount. But you can also register as a Combell Reseller and always get the best price for your domain names.
Unfortunately, a domain name that is already taken by someone else cannot be purchased from a provider, no matter how much you are willing to pay for it. To register a domain name that is already taken in your name, you first need to get the transfer code from its current owner. And if this person does not want to sell the domain name, you will not receive a transfer code from him/her, and your provider will not be able to perform the transfer.

You can also read: Help! My domain name is taken… Now what?
If you register your domain with Combell, you will benefit from numerous advantages. You can e.g. create as many e-mail addresses as you want (,, Mail forwarding (your e-mail is forwarded to the mailbox of your choice) and domain forwarding (your domain name will redirect visitors to another domain of your choice) are also included. Moreover, you get access to a user-friendly control panel, where you manage and adjust all settings yourself on-the-fly. And last but not least, 24/7 support is provided to you by knowledgeable experts. No endless forwarding of your calls, you immediately get all the right answers to any of your questions.

However, the space on a web server to host your website is not included in the price. For this, please check out Combell's range of hosting services.
The base price for registering a domain name varies according to its extension. For example, domain extensions reserved for certain professional groups (such as .bank) are much more expensive. On the other hand, country code extensions such as .be or .nl are cheaper.

Watch out for hidden costs such as activation costs when registering or transfer costs when transferring a domain. Combell does not charge any additional fees for such services: the price advertised on our website fully covers the registration for one year.

Is your dream domain name taken? Make an agreement with the current owner for the takeover, whether or not for a fee.
Some providers do offer very cheap domain names. Unfortunately, there is often a catch. For example, you may have to pay extra for a lot of additional services. Like when you want your domain name to point to your blog or your e-mails to be redirected to your Gmail account.

With Combell, you do not pay anything extra for domain forwarding or mail forwarding. You can manage everything yourself via your user-friendly control panel. You can even change the DNS settings there, which is something other providers often do not allow.

The price for registering your domain name with Combell includes everything, including our unrivalled 24/7 support service.
Combell will not charge hidden fees: you only pay for your registration and can manage all your settings (mail forwarding, domain forwarding, DNS settings, etc.) yourself from your control panel.

Other providers do charge extra costs for this. The registration of your domain name may thus seem a bargain, but in the end, all those extra charges make it quite an expensive purchase! Costs charged by such providers include: having your domain name point to another domain name, having your e-mail forwarded to the mailbox provided by your Internet provider (Telenet, Proximus, etc.) or your regular mailbox (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.), transferring your domain name to or from another provider, etc.
When you register a domain, but do not link it to a website or mailbox, this is called 'parking': the domain is put on hold until you start using it. This can be very useful. For instance, if you want to reserve your domain name for future projects or to prevent other people from using this domain name.

With Combell, parking a domain does not cost you anything extra: you only pay for the registration of the domain name. As long as you have not set your domain name to point to a website in the control panel, Combell will show a 'placeholder' when someone types your domain name in his/her browser. This allows the visitor to know that your domain name has indeed been registered.

Do you want to register a domain name? Call Arne for advice.

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Our specialists are available 24/7 to give you free advice about domain names. Feel free to contact Arne and his colleagues via e-mail or by telephone.

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