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Thanks to our extensive expertise, you can get any kind of server from us. Whether you go for colocation, a cloud server, openstack... everything is possible. Our experts give you tailor-made advice.

Choose your own SLA guarantee

Want even faster recovery guarantees on your dedicated server? We have different SLA formulas with even recovery guarantees within 15 minutes.


Why choose a dedicated server?

  • Always online

    Downtime means loss of revenue. That's why we solve every problem within 30 min. Gigantic uptime, that's promised.

  • No more worries

    Patches, backups, monitoring, updates ... You may rest assured: we keep ourselves busy day and night.

  • A mass of power

    The power of a full server makes your website fly. Whether you have 1 or 1 million visitors.

Our specialists are happy to help. Around the clock.

Priority telephone number for quick contact

Do you need urgent assistance? Thanks to an emergency number, you can immediately speak to one of our system engineers. They are ready day and night to solve urgent incidents in no time.

A solution within 30 minutes

Other hosting providers promise responses within 'an acceptable period of time'. That is a bit vague, isn't it? As for us, we guarantee you solutions within 30 minutes. Now, that is crystal clear and convenient.

At any time of the day!

We are always available to ensure the continuity of your business. Every moment of every day!

Choose your dedicated server
Our specialists are happy to help. Around the clock.

Always online, that's our SLA guarantee on dedicated servers

Backups for security

All parts of our data centre are deduplicated. This means that when a component breaks down, we can fall back on the spare part. No chance of failure at all.

24/7 monitoring of your server

In our Network Operation Centre (NOC), we keep an eye on your server day and night. If something goes wrong, we intervene proactively.

Discover our SLA formulas
Always online, that's our SLA guarantee on dedicated servers

Does your dedicated server go offline? Then get a quick fix!

A solution within 30 minutes

Other hosters promise responses within 'acceptable timeframe'. Bit vague, no? We guarantee you solutions within 30 minutes. Clear and convenient.

Iron-clad SLAs

As a hosting provider, we pride ourselves on impeccable service. When we fail to keep our promises and your website goes offline, you get compensation. That's our famous Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Discover our SLA guarantees
A window with our SLA terms listed and green check marks next to each SLA. The last SLA has a red cross next to it. There is also a red icon depicting a hand handing over money, as it were.

ISO-certified: your guarantee of quality and security

iso27701 iso27001 iso9001

Hackers or viruses? Not with your dedicated server

Security vulnerabilities are closed automatically

A security vulnerability in your website's code? We spot it right away and patch the leak. Problem solved!

Our malware scanner detects viruses

Every day, we thoroughly scan for corrupt files that we immediately quarantine.

Firewalls and DDoS protection

Multiple firewalls keep your website safe. Our unique Combell Shield prevents bot traffic and DDoS attacks.

Discover Combell's ultimate security
A virtual shield keeps viruses and bugs away from a website.

Your dedicated server is located in Belgium

Highly secured data centre

Your dedicated server is behind locks, bolts and more locks. That way, no one gets near it.

Always online, even during a blackout

Major power failure? No problem: ship engines supply our data centre with sufficient energy in that case. So your website always stays online.

The ultimate in fire protection

Water is pernicious for your server. That is why we have an ingenious fire-extinguishing system without water.

Read more about our data centre
Your dedicated server is located in Belgium

Your website in pole position with a dedicated server

Zoef. That's the sound of your website

Thanks to dedicated server, you don't share computing power with other customers. Result: a lightning-fast website or app.

Visitors? The more the merrier

Are you experiencing a spike in your visitor numbers? Good for you. And for your visitors, because it won't slow down your server for a second.

Giant cache means even faster load times

Thanks to 1GB of Varnish cache, you keep all frequently requested files in the cache.

Choose your dedicated server
A website on which multiple users click several times. A sprinter and a speedometer with a lightning bolt icon.
Gent Jazz

When we expect peaks on our website, Combell keeps an extra eye on it.

Read the full case study on our blog
Gent Jazz

Frederik Declercq
Marketing manager at Jazz & Muziek

Your own dedicated server in 3, 2, 1 ...

  1. Choose your dedicated server and domain name
  2. Complete your order
  3. We launch your dedicated server
  4. Log in and get started


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Siegfried Deleyn Dedicated server specialist

Frequently asked questions about dedicated servers

With a dedicated server, you do not share a server with other users. Which is the case with classic shared web hosting. You, and you alone, use the server's capacities. Compared to a shared server, a dedicated server is much more powerful and even more secure. This is offset by higher costs.
A dedicated server has several advantages:
  • You don't have to share anything: all the server's power is exclusive to you
  • Your website or app has a faster loading time
  • No delays at peak load
  • Own server, secure server
  • Thanks to the Service Level Agreement (SLA), you get a solution from us within 30 minutes. If your problem persists, you will receive compensation.
  • As user-friendly as a classic hosting package. Behind the scenes, we take care of the sometimes complicated and unfriendly settings of a Dedicated server
It depends on your business and the type of website or application you have in mind. We will help you choose: have a no-obligation chat with our hosting experts. They will examine your needs and recommend the type of server or hosting best suited to your project.
Combell offers you hosting packages for dedicated servers that allow you to get started right away. But our offer goes much further than that. Cloud servers, VPS servers, managed hosting servers... It is all available from us! If necessary, we will even customise your server. You can find out more about it in an informal talk.
You can rest easy: Combell takes care of the security of your server. Not you, but our security experts continuously perform updates that protect your Dedicated server against malicious attacks from outside.
Combell takes care of that too! We provide you with the best and the fastest equipment. So, our dedicated servers give your website or app excellent performance. You can count on that.

Do you want to be sure that your site really runs at full speed? Literally boost your online business? You can do so by scheduling a meeting with our experts. They can examine your website or app or dive into your code to optimise its performance. That way, your IT environment works in the fastest possible way.
Of course! An e-commerce website such as a webshop is perfectly suited to be placed on a dedicated server.

A lot of time goes into maintaining your dedicated server. Fortunately, you can count on Combell to take care of the difficult chores. With a Managed dedicated server, you do not have to do a thing. We keep everything up to date and provide rock-solid security.

FrompriceCombell offers you a dedicated server. For that price, you get your own server and rock-solid SLA guarantees. This way, you are sure of 99.999% uptime and you have the guarantee that you will immediately get a solution if something goes wrong.

With unmanaged dedicated servers (and unmanaged Openstack servers), you have to do all the tricky updates and patches yourself. That takes a lot of time. With a managed dedicated server, Combell does that for you. Handy, right?

Yes, a lot faster! That's because with dedicated hosting, you have all the resources of one server to yourself.

Do you also want a dedicated server

We are happy to advise you and help you implement your cloud solution

For an informal preliminary meeting

Siegfried Deleyn
Siegfried Deleyn Dedicated server specialist