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How much is downtime costing your company?

Online, you can find quite a few (high) figures on the financial impact of downtime. All too often assumptions are made based on averages or specific cases. Because not every company is the same, Combell has developed an online calculator, which allows you to calculate the costs of downtime for your own company.


Lightning-fast sites with Varnish

In our digital society, your online presence really has to be available all the time, but it also has to be fast enough. Caching is a technique in which dynamic data is stored in a static form within a caching layer. As one of the best-known technologies in its class, Varnish can radically improve your website’s performance. Varnish stores complete pages, which makes it lightning-fast. This e-book gives you practical tips and tricks to start with Varnish caching.


Public versus Private Cloud - Which Cloud architecture would be best for my business?

Which Cloud architecture is suited for my business?

  • The 3 service models: Saas, IaaS and PaaS
  • The various cloud ‘flavours’: public, private or hybrid?
  • When should you go for managed or unmanaged cloud hosting?
  • Questions for your cloud provider to choose the most suitable cloud


Reduce your downtime to the minimum with a multi-data centre concept

If your income depends on the continuous availability of your servers, you should definitely go for a multi-data centre concept: two data centres that operate as one logical network, thereby optimising the availability of your website. In this white paper, we will explore the technology that can make this possible and what you should consider when choosing a multi-data centre solution.


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How to build a conversion-winning e-mail strategy

Email has changed significantly over the years. You have to be engaging with the content you send out, you should target the right audience and give them an incentive to open your e-mail and follow the call to action. This e-book looks at 3 very important main principles in your e-mail marketing strategy with very interesting examples.


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