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Why register your domain name with Combell?

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Create your own e-mail address

Make a professional impression right away thanks to an e-mail address based on your domain name.

Stop using those free addresses from Telenet, Gmail, etc.
And on top of that, we also give you a free mailbox!

Register your domain name with Combell
Create your own e-mail address
Create a website for free with SiteBuilder
Temporary special offer

Create a website for free with SiteBuilder

With each domain name registration, you get a free version of SiteBuilder. This allows you to set up a basic website on your domain name in just a few clicks.

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Create free newsletters and e-mail campaigns

Register your domain name with Combell and get a free Flexmail account. This will allow you to create professional e-mails in just a few clicks.

Use Flexmail six months free of charge to mail up to 1,000 contacts.

Create free newsletters and e-mail campaigns
Combell's excellent support, day and night

Combell's excellent support, day and night

Our support team is available to help you day and night in your own language. Even on Christmas Eve!

Are you stuck? Call us, send an e-mail or ask your question via our chat.

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Unlimited subdomains

Create as many subdomains as you need. is e.g. a subdomain of

Redirect visitors to another URL

Register your domain name and redirect visitors to another URL, such as your Facebook page or any other web page.

Redirecting e-mails to your mailbox

Create e-mail addresses with your domain name and automatically forward e-mails to your current e-mail address. That way, you will have everything in one place.

Money-back guarantee

Are you not satisfied? You can request a full refund up to 3 months after your order.

Find out more about our money-back guarantee

Transfer service

Is your domain registered elsewhere? We will transfer it to our servers without any hassle. Completely free of charge.

Unique deals

As a Combell customer, you get discounts on all kinds of tools such as Flexmail, Leadinfo, etc.

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Do you have any questions or need support about domain names?

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Register your domain name with Combell

  1. Look up your desired domain name
  2. Select an extension and complete your order
  3. Done. Your domain name is registered
  4. Create your free e-mail address and mini-website

Have you already registered a domain name? Transfer it to Combell

Register your domain name with Combell and also benefit from all the free additional serices, such as a free mailbox and e-mail marketing.

Our experienced support team ensures a flawless transfer.

Transfer your domain name to Combell
Illustration. Two browser windows; on one of them, we see a website at an unknown hosting provider, and on the other, a website at Combell. An arrow indicates that the site is transferred from the unknown provider to Combell.

Protect your domain name & brand name

Subscribe to our online trademark protection service and we will make sure no one can walk away with your online brand name.

We will register your brand name online, buy (new) domain names for you (using our drop catching service) and thus prevent misuse of your brand name / domain name.

Protect your brand name online
A main Combell domain in the middle with a shield in the background. Three domain names with logo hover around Combell. Two are connected with a green line. These two domain names are respectively spelled '', with a K in green, and '', with .net in green. A third domain name with red logo is in the top left and is spelled 'combell.fake', with .fake in red. This one is not yet owned by the owner of the main domain.

Having trouble coming up with a suitable domain name?

Describe what your business or website does and our AI business name generator will come up with 10 original names for your business.

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Frequently asked questions about domain names

What happens when my domain name registration expires?

Well before the expiry date of your domain name, you will be notified by e-mail. You can then choose whether to renew your domain name or let it expire.

If you let your domain expire, no additional costs will be incurred. But your domain name will become available again for others to register.

If you decide to renew your domain name, you will remain its owner and will have to pay the standard annual price.

If you ever forget to pay on time, do not panic! Most extensions have a quarantine period during which you can still renew your domain name.

Only in exceptional cases is it advisable to let your domain name expire. Because this would allow someone else to register your domain name and pretend to be a member of your company.

Read more about what to do when a domain name has expired

We cannot stress enough how important it is to register your own domain name. Are you still not convinced of the benefits of registering a domain name? No problem; below are some of the key benefits of having your own domain name.

Professional image

Registering your own domain name is the key to ensuring that you project an image of your brand, company or product that inspires both reliability and professionalism. This is an advantage that would be impossible to achieve using a free address provided by your Internet service provider or obtained by any other means. These domain names generally consist of long word combinations that are not really suitable for professional use. A good domain name, on the other hand, is guaranteed to help you attract additional visitors and customers.

Create professional e-mail addresses

When you register a domain name, you also create e-mail addresses with your domain name. Which immediately allows you to project an image of absolute professionalism. You have to admit that looks much better than, right? Also bear in mind that you will always be able to keep your e-mail address. So, even if you switch providers, you will not lose your e-mail address.

You protect your idea or name

Have you come up with a great name for your idea, business or product? If so, do not wait too long to register your domain name. That way, you will not run the risk of someone else (or a competitor) stealing your domain name and you having to start all over again.

Yes, if you choose a web hosting package (or a SiteBuilder package) from Combell, we will pay for the first year of registration for you!

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The minimum duration of a domain name registration is determined by the Domain Registry that manages the extension. It is usually a one-year registration.

Registering multiple domain names has many advantages.

When you start your business, you should always look to the future, and consider opportunities for growth. If you plan to develop your business, which is now limited to one particular product (pre-packaged sandwiches, with the domain, to other products in the same category later on (pre-packaged sandwiches, pre-packaged croissants, etc.), then it is best to register the other corresponding domain names beforehand. Because competitors who notice how successful your business is becoming might otherwise steal them from you!

Also consider registering variations of your domain name. In addition to the .be domain name, make sure to register the .com and the .net variation, for example. That way, you will have a head start on domain squatters who would register the domain in your name, and then ask you to give them a lot of money to resell it to you.

But also think about typosquatters, i.e. people who register a domain name with a different spelling from yours ( instead of, for example), thus attracting Internet users to their website when they actually wanted to visit yours.

You have to buy a domain name from a provider such as Combell. If your desired domain name is available, your provider can register it.

In concrete terms, you first have to check whether your domain name is still available by entering your desired domain name in the domain availability checker on this page. You will then see a list of various domain names.

Select the domain names you want to order and complete your order. The domain names will then be registered for you immediately.

Do you want to register a domain name?

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Our specialists are available 24/7 to give you free advice about domain names. Feel free to contact Jasper and his colleagues via e-mail or by telephone.

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