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  • Free installation of WordPress
  • Free domain name and SSL certificate
  • Free 24/7 premium support
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The fastest way to have your own WordPress website

Take advantage of WordPress’s user-friendliness without having to worry about technical settings. Because our experts take care of them.

The best web hosting services

Superfast hosting, always online & strongly protected against hackers. Recognised with several awards in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Operational WordPress installation

Your website is immediately operational thanks to our automatic WordPress installation. This way, you can start working right away!

Perfectly configured

Do not worry. Our experts take care of all the technical settings. Caching options and other techniques are used optimally in order to deliver the best performance.

WordPress Essential

6.02 /month*
PROMO €12.04/month

  • 50 GB of webspace with fast SSDs
    Protected by Combell Shield
  • 5 x 100 MB Databases
  • 50 x 1 GB Mailboxes
    Unlimited e-mail addresses
  • Host up to 3 websites
    on a single package
  • Free domain name
    for the first year
  • Free: 3 SSL certificates
    for a secure website

WordPress Professional

9.10 /month*
PROMO €18.21/month

  • 100 GB of webspace with fast SSDs
    Protected by Combell Shield
  • 50 x 250 MB Databases
  • 250 x 25 GB Mailboxes
    Unlimited e-mail addresses
  • Host up to 4 websites
    on a single package
  • Free domain name
    for the first year
  • Free: 4 SSL certificates
    for a secure website

WordPress Expert

17.40 /month*
PROMO €34.79/month

  • 250 GB of webspace with fast SSDs
    Protected by Combell Shield
  • 100 x 500 MB Databases
  • 750 x 25 GB Mailboxes
    Unlimited e-mail addresses
  • Host up to 5 websites
    on a single package
  • Free domain name
    for the first year
  • Free: 5 SSL certificates
    for a secure website

POWER 128 MB APCu & 128 MB Ramdisk

We transfer your website for free
Last month, 259 people had their websites transferred to Combell.
Protected by Combell Shield
Prevents, blocks and removes malware to make hacking impossible.
Free 24/7 premium support
We are ready to assist you around the clock, in your own language!

No technical skills? No problem!

Our experts do what they are good at: installing and managing WordPress so that you can benefit from the best possible website.

What we do

Technical management of your website

  • Activation of your hosting package on our WordPress platform
  • Round-the-clock premium support
  • EXTRA Ready-made WordPress website
    • Automatic WordPress installation
    • Configuration of your databases
  • EXTRA Technical management
    • Account settings, security, optimisation, backups and notifications about critical updates

What you do

Development of your website

  • Full focus on the development of your WordPress website
    • You get a login right away so that you can start working

Free service with each WordPress hosting package

Your website deserves only the best.

We take care of all the configurations

If building your website using WordPress is your thing, but the installation, configuration and constant updates give you a headache, feel free to leave the technical side to our enthusiastic WordPress experts!

  • Automatically activated with WordPress on our dedicated WordPress platform
  • No more errors caused by incorrectly configured databases or untested updates
  • Perfectly configured caching for optimum performance

Combell WordPress
Brecht Ryckaert – Combell WordPress Specialist

Author of the book entitled:
"WordPress Security 101"

Combell Mover

We transfer your WordPress website to Combell for free

If your website is currently hosted somewhere else, our experts will transfer your website for free, without downtime or waste of time. Our specialists guarantee a flawless transfer to Combell with personal service.

Find out more about our transfer service
Hosting Backup

Automatic backups in case of emergency

Every night, we back up all your data. This way, you will never lose data. If, despite this precaution, you have deleted or lost files by accident, we will restore them in no time.

Let's Encrypt SSL

Free SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is a protocol for secure transactions between your website and the user. This way it is impossible for ill-intentioned individuals and organisations to intercept important data such as credit card numbers and personal info. The Let's Encrypt Certificate Authority provides free SSL certificates that you install and manage yourself via the My.combell control.

Combell Hosting Support

24/7 free support, even on Christmas Eve

Nothing short of a star support team going beyond the expectations.

Find out more about our premium support service

We have many years of experience in hosting WordPress websites. This is what our customers say about Combell.

Twinkle Awards Hosting & Domain Names 2016
Smart Business Awards Hosting & Domain Names 2016
PC Magazine - Best Helpdesk
WinMag Pro MKB Best Choice 2015

100% secure WordPress website with Combell Shield

The most complete protection system against malware and intruders

Combell Shield - Malware Protection

Detects security risks

In order to avoid any problems, Combell Shield constantly scans your WordPress website for weaknesses where hackers might strike.

Combell Shield - Network Monitoring

Protected by firewalls

Our firewalls protect your website at several levels against attacks from the outside. This way, you are protected if hackers eventually decide to strike.

Combell Shield - Auto Backups

Address risks using patches

The control panel provides an overview of the vulnerabilities. We can instantly address them via automatic patching, or you can perform the patching yourself with a simple click of a button.

Combell Shield - Onsite Security

Malware scanner

Every day, we scan your website for malware, just like an antivirus would do on your computer. Corrupt files are quarantined and deleted from your website.

Impressive technology for your WordPress hosting package

We at Combell always choose the best quality. This is why we install your WordPress website on our platform that was developed especially for this purpose, so that we can guarantee the best performance!

SSD Wordpress Hosting

Your WordPress website loads up to 20 times faster

Thanks to fast SSD disks, your WordPress website will load up to 20 times faster than with traditional hosting with hard disks.

In addition, we use the latest HTTP protocol, HTTP/2, which allows for much more efficient communication with browsers. This makes your website even faster than before!

Combell Datacenters

Multiple hypermodern data centres to guarantee uptime

We do not take any risks with your data. Each component in Combell’s network is fully redundant: servers, connections, storage, firewalls...
We even use two different data centres for all your projects. This way, you can rest assured that your WordPress website is always available!

Find out more about our infrastructure
Combell Wordpress Multi-Layer cluster

Optimum performance with our WordPress Multi-Layer Cluster

All the components of our WordPress hosting packages, like the web server (Apache or IIS), the database server, e-mail systems and the DNS run on separate clusters in our cloud. These clusters have been optimised for their specific use and WordPress.
Updates are performed in the background, with no downtime, which is one of clustered hosting's unique assets.
This way, your WordPress website is superfast and always online.

Discover our cluster technology
Combell Control Panel

One single screen, countless features

We at Combell do not use a standard control panel. Instead, we use our own control panel, which we developed for the management of all your services and the WordPress settings. Do not wait any longer and discover the powerful features of our next-generation control panel.

Discover the control panel
This website is hosted Green - checked by thegreenwebfoundation.org

Combell recognised for its green hosting services

For hosting your website, Combell uses 100% renewable energy. We are committed to a sustainable world.

Via the website of The Green Web Foundation, you can take the test yourself to see if your website is hosted using sustainable energy. If you use Combell’s hosting services, you will automatically get a green rating! You can even add the badge to your website via a code.

Do you want to resell web hosting?

Are you interested in our hosting services for your customers? As a reseller, you can offer our services under your own name.

Find out more about all your benefits as a reseller

Database hosting

Get the most out of the data stored in your database thanks to database hosting. Or add an extra database to your hosting package.

Find out more about our database hosting

Standard web hosting

You take care of the technical management yourself and are completely free to do whatever you want with FTP and databases. Works perfectly with WordPress.

Find out more about our web hosting services

Do you need any advice on your WordPress hosting package?

Our WordPress specialists are available 24/7 to provide you with free advice. Feel free to contact Brecht and his colleagues via e-mail or by phone.


Secure and always online thanks to our WordPress hosting

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