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Get started with WordPress without restrictions

  • WordPress on your own domain name
  • Highly secured, with fast loading times and 24/7 support
  • Install unlimited themes and plug-ins
* Price for the 1st year; for the following years, normal price will apply.

Do you have any questions or need assistance?

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Without the restrictions of

Get started right away with WordPress

WordPress Themes

Customise with thousands of themes

Upload professional themes from websites such as Themeforest or pick one of the hundreds of free themes offered by WordPress itself.

You can customise the designs without any restriction.

There is no reference whatsoever to WordPress or Combell. This has nothing to do on your professional website!

Install each plugin without any restriction

The power of WordPress lies in the countless plug-ins to add functionality to your website.

  • Turn your website into a web store with WooCommerce
  • Optimize your pages for Google with Yoast SEO
  • Keep track of all statistics with the Google Analytics plug-ins

The huge WordPress community has a solution for all your needs!

WordPress plugins

6 reasons to choose our WordPress web hosting


24/7 support

The main reason why so many people choose our WordPress hosting. A top-class support team, ready to help you around the clock.


Your WordPress website is always online

No more websites that constantly go offline. We took so many precautions that the chances of downtime are almost nil.


Lightning-fast load time

Awfully long load times? We hate this problem as much as you do! This is why we constantly invest in enhancements such as fast SSDs, HTTP/2, etc.


We transfer your WordPress website for free

Transferring your WordPress website to a new provider can be a daunting task. Unless, of course, we take care of it for you, for free and with great professionalism!


Proactive protection

Your WordPress website is perfectly protected against malware and hacking. And thanks to automatic patching, vulnerability issues are fixed automatically.


91% customer satisfaction

Service and quality are our top priorities and our customers definitely appreciate this approach. This is why 91% of them would recommend our services. Join the club!

We have everything for preventive and reactive protection

Protect WordPress against malware and hacking

Proactively detect and fix security vulnerabilities Only at Combell

In order to prevent problems on your WordPress website, we continuously search for security threats in the code of your website.

If we detect a security leak, it is automatically fixed with a patch. Problem solved!

Auto patching

Protect your WordPress hosting from infections

The web filter allows you to block malicious traffic to your WordPress website. This way, malicious code and common infections will not be able to attack you.

In addition, we offer protection against SQL injections, rootkits and brute force attacks. You can activate them at no additional cost via your control panel.


Keep hackers away with firewalls

Your WordPress website is protected by multiple firewalls. External attacks are blocked at several levels, so that your website remains fully operational.

We also protect you from DDoS attacks on your website. In addition, we filter corrupt traffic generated by bots in order to keep your WordPress website online.

Many hosting providers save money on this service, which is why you end up offline.


Track corrupt files thanks to the malware scanner

Every day, we scan your WordPress website for corrupt files, exactly like an antivirus program would do on your computer.

These files are quarantined so you can remove them from your website. It is that simple!

Read more about the protection provided by Combell Shield
Malware scanner

WordPress web hosting with 24/7 support and so much more

It has been a while since you have enjoyed such a great service

Free extra services with your WordPress web hosting

Service is the main reason to host your WordPress website with Combell. That is why we are happy to offer some freebies with all our hosting packages.

We e.g. offer you

  • A free domain name for the first year
  • Free SSL certificates = Secure HTTPS connection + better Google ranking
  • A lot of mailboxes that will never cost you a penny! Their number depends on the chosen package.
  • Free Git integration with AutoGit for a fast deployment pipeline.

Free extras

24/7 Support, Combell’s major asset

Are you experiencing a problem with your WordPress website and no one is available to help you? Not if you are a Combell customer!
In the middle of the night, early in the morning or late in the evening? It does not matter to us at all.

Feel free to call us using our toll-free number, and we will provide you with prompt assistance. You will not have to wait and we will not give you the runaround.

”Hassling support teams until 1:30 a.m., I sometimes do that… And @combell keeps helping me in a very friendly manner! #win"

Restore backups yourself

Every day, we automatically back up both your databases and files on your WordPress hosting.

Be assured that you always have a recent, working version of your WordPress website at hand in case of emergency. For instance, when an update of your website goes completely wrong and you want to undo the last changes.
Via the control panel, you can easily restore backups.

Automatic backups

Transfer your WordPress web hosting in seconds

Transferring a WordPress website from one provider to another is often a daunting and time-consuming task.
This is why we make your life easier by taking care of this task for you. Our WordPress experts have already transferred thousands of websites. They know exactly how to transfer everything to your new hosting package without any inconvenience.

Do you have a WordPress website via the hosting of itself? Then, follow our simple step-by-step plan to transfer your website.

Free Website Mover

What do our customers say?

Rely on independent reviews

Give wings to your WordPress website

The fastest WordPress web hosting on the market

No inconvenience from other customers

Your WordPress web hosting is fully isolated from other customers, both in terms of security and resources.
This way, you will not be inconvenienced by “bad neighbours” who otherwise would use up all the resources of the web hosting server, causing your WordPress website to load slowly.

Hosting too many customers on the same server is also something you will never see at Combell. Budget hosting providers often do this, heedless of the fact that this makes your website load much slower.

Guaranteed resources

Your website loads up to 20 times faster

Instead of using traditional, slow hard drives, your WordPress web hosting uses superfast SSDs. This ensures extremely fast loading times.

In addition, your website hosted by Combell uses the latest HTTP protocol: HTTP/2. This makes communication with browsers a lot more efficient and faster.

Speed optimization

Give your WordPress website an extra boost

Caching helps you add extra storage (optimised for recurring data) to your web hosting.
This solution gives your website a considerable performance boost and makes it much faster!

Combell allows you to choose from three caching solutions: Varnish, Redis and Memcached.

Find out more about all the caching options

The fastest data centers and an excellent network

  • The fastest data centres in the Benelux.
  • Direct connection to the largest ISPs, including Proximus, Telenet, KPN, VOO...
  • All our data centres are linked by a 100 Gbps network to manage the traffic to your WordPress website correctly.
  • They rely on 100% renewable energy. Find out more about this on The Green Web Foundation.

Fast datacenters

Thanks to our uptime guarantees

Your WordPress website, always online

High Availability is enabled by default for WordPress

Your website remains online, even if the server of your WordPress hosting fails.

Thanks to high availability, your hosting is automatically moved to a new server. This way, the inconvenience on your website is limited to a few seconds.

This is why 99.999% uptime is guaranteed.

Guaranteed uptime

Fully redundant network

Not only do we have backup hardware ready to take over for servers, but every link in the chain is also redundant so that any hardware problem can be fixed in no time. From the smallest power cable to the connection to the various Internet providers, everything is duplicated!

When a fibre optic cable was cut during roadworks in Zaventem, a lot of websites hosted in Belgium went offline, except those of Combell customers. Because we had backup cables that allowed us to solve the problem immediately.

Backup infrastructure

You remain online, even in the event of a complete blackout

Enjoy the same guarantees as banks, hospitals and government agencies... They too cannot afford to have their websites and databases go offline in the event of a blackout.

This is why our data centres are prepared to stay online during such power failures – a guarantee you will not be able to enjoy elsewhere!

Guaranteed power

24/7 monitoring for your WordPress web hosting

In addition to 24/7 support, we also monitor your WordPress web hosting day and night. This way, we always know if all systems are up and running and if we need to intervene.

  • Immediate notification in case of infrastructure problems
  • Monitoring the performance of your WordPress website
  • At any time, an expert is available to delve deep into the back-end to solve problems

Control panel

Developed in-house according to your needs!

A handy control panel

Find out more about our control panel

Our WordPress hosting compared to WordPress itself

WordPress hosting from

WordPress hosting from

  • Complete package including WordPress & hosting
  • Your own domain name: Only with the most expensive packages
  • Complete package including WordPress & hosting
  • Your own domain name: Free during the first year
  • Additional mailboxes
  • 24/7 Support


  • Backups: Automatic
  • WordPress maintenance: Automatic
  • Backups: Daily and automatic
  • WordPress maintenance: Automatic updates to enhance security
  • Security: Proactive protection against hacking and viruses

What your WordPress website can do

  • Themes: Limited to free themes unless you choose a more expensive package
  • Plug-ins: Limited to the most expensive package
  • Google Analytics: Limited to the most expensive package
  • FTP access: Never
  • Themes: No restrictions and complete freedom to customise them
  • Plug-ins: Complete freedom
  • Google Analytics: Complete freedom, also to add other tools
  • FTP access: Included

Advertising on your website

  • No reference to Only available with the most expensive package
  • Your own advertisements on your website: Only possible with the most expensive packages
  • Advertising revenue: to be shared with
  • No reference to or Combell
  • Your own advertisements on your website: Only if you want it
  • Advertising revenue: The profits are all yours.

Free advice about WordPress web hosting?

Feel free to contact Simon, our WordPress Hosting specialist

Our specialists are available to assist you 24/7 with free advice.
Feel free to contact Simon and his colleagues via e-mail or by telephone.

Feel free to contact Simon, our WordPress Hosting specialist
Brecht Ryckaert WordPress Specialist

Go for our WordPress hosting and get started today

Your WordPress website up to 20 times faster?

Questions about WordPress web hosting

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a popular software that is used to create websites and blogs. About 29% of all websites have been built using this software.

We install this software for you on your web hosting package. This way, you can use WordPress without the restrictions of

  • Your own domain name (which, by the way, is free during the 1st year)
  • No restrictions on themes and plug-ins. You can install anything you want.
  • No reference to, nor ads

WordPress control panel

How can you create a website with WordPress?

To create a website or blog with WordPress, you normally need to download the WordPress software from their website, install it on your hosting package, create a user and configure a database.
Since this takes quite some time, we did all this for you so that you can get started right away with your favourite themes and plug-ins.

The software is so user-friendly that you can create a great website even without any programming knowledge. Handy plug-ins such as visual composer make it super easy to design a page.

Watch the tutorials made by Brecht, our WordPress expert

Create e-mail addresses with your own domain name

Handy extra services included with your web hosting

Free domain name for the first year

During the first year, we offer you the domain name that you can link to your hosting package. This special offer is valid for the most popular extensions, including .BE, .COM, .NL, .EU and .INFO.

Use your domain name as an address for your website and to create as many e-mail addresses as you need. Everything is included.

Find out more about domain names
Free Domain names for the first year
Free mailbox

Free mailboxes with your web hosting

Our web hosting includes everything you need to get started.

  • A free domain name to link to your website. Only for the first year.
  • Webspace to host your website.
  • Enough mailboxes to meet the needs of an entire SME. Our entry-level hosting package, for instance, includes 50 mailboxes!

Do you need more? You can get additional mailboxes from €1 per month.

Go to mailboxes

Your website automatically uses HTTPS

Do not waste any money on additional SSL certificates. With our web hosting, we offer you a free, basic Let's Encrypt SSL certificate.

What is your advantage?

  • Your website uses HTTPS (with an S that stands for security) instead of standard HTTP.
  • You will improve your Google ranking, because Google gives preference to secure websites.
  • Browsers will mark your website as “secure”, which will inspire confidence in your visitors.

Find out more about SSL certificates
Free SSL Certificate
AutoGit integration

Free Git integration with AutoGit

An extra service that users (especially developers) will love.
In the past, you had to manually push updates to your web hosting or use a build system such as Jenkins, Gitlab, etc. But now, you can use a fast deploy pipeline.

This will help you save quite a bit of time if you regularly need to make changes to your website.
A handy overview of all the deploys, which allows you to easily roll back to a previous version (versioning).

Find out more about AutoGit

Do you need any advice on your WordPress hosting package?

Feel free to contact Simon, our WordPress Hosting specialist

Our WordPress specialists are available 24/7 to provide you with free advice. Feel free to contact Brecht and his colleagues via e-mail or by phone.

Feel free to contact Simon, our WordPress Hosting specialist
Brecht Ryckaert WordPress Specialist

Order your web hosting package from the number one hosting provider in the Benelux.

Secure and always online thanks to our WordPress hosting

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