How do you choose the right performance for your hosting package?

We at Combell offer high-performance hosting for the smallest website and the largest web store. But which hosting package will best suit your needs? Let us help you make the right choice by answering a few questions.

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Performance is a mix of technical resources

Each hosting package comes with a certain amount of technical resources on one of our hosting servers. This is a mix of CPU shares, RAM and disk I/O, which we reserve for your application.
The greater these specifications for your package, the greater the performance your package will be able to deliver.

The performance of our hosting packages is in any case significantly higher than that of most of our competitors, because we never host too many websites on a single server.

Performance is a mix of technical resources

What does performance influence?

The performance of a hosting package has an influence on several factors relating to your website.

The number of simultaneous visitors your website is able to handle

More visitors require more power from the server running your web hosting. If your website does not have enough technical resources (performance), everything will start slowing down when a lot of simultaneous visitors access your website.

The speed of your website

The more technical resources (performance) your web hosting has, the faster your website will load in browsers. It is that simple, although it is not always the case. Because complex websites involving a lot of processes require significantly more resources to load quickly than a very basic website.

Determining what performance you need is therefore not so easy. A basic website will require less performance to handle many visitors than a complex one.

When in doubt, you can start with a small package and easily upgrade afterwards if needed.
But you can also have our performance team examine your website. They will optimise your code in order to improve the performance of your website.

How does Combell ensure that performance is distributed fairly across the different packages?

To ensure that the server's resources are distributed fairly across the different hosting packages, we measure the amount of resources that each hosting package draws from the servers.
We then set a limit per package so that you as our customer can always be sure that you are getting the resources you paid for. This prevents other customers from using most of the server's resources.

How does Combell ensure that performance is distributed fairly across the different packages?