Online fax

Send and receive faxes via your mailbox

  • Receive multiple faxes simultaneously in your mailbox + digital archive.
  • Mail-to-fax: e-mail your fax message to multiple contacts.
  • Keep (or get) your local fax number.
From 18.98 /month

How does it work?

How does it work?

Receiving faxes in your mailbox

Link your e-mail address to your fax number and you will receive all incoming messages directly in your mailbox. The fax number of your correspondent is in the subject line and the message itself is included as a .pdf (or .tif) attachment.

How does it work?

Sending faxes via your mailbox

Add your fax as an attachment to your e-mail and send it to the fax address that was provided to you. Enter the fax number as the recipient (e.g., your secret key (e.g. SecretKey201346087) in the subject line and send the e-mail.

How does it work?

Simple control panel

You will receive personal login details for the control panel. There, you can see how much credit for sending faxes you have left. And you can also order extra credit. All your received faxes will be included in a convenient overview, sorted by fax number.

With Online fax, fax and e-mail become one

Why an Online fax?

Discover the many benefits of Online fax

Fax and mailbox in one

All your faxes are delivered as attachments in your mailbox. Sending faxes is also possible from Outlook: send your fax as an attachment to a unique e-mail address together with the fax number of the recipient, and you are done! If you combine your Online fax number with an Exchange mailbox, you will be able to read your faxes on your mobile device too.

Save on costs

Combell Online fax is cheaper than a fax subscription with a phone company. In addition, you will save money on the purchase of a fax machine, ink and paper. For Online fax, you pay a fixed amount per month, allowing you to receive an unlimited number of faxes for free.

Receive multiple faxes simultaneously

No incoming fax will ever keep your line busy again. So, you will never miss any important message again. And do not forget: receiving a fax does not cost you anything - that service is included in your yearly subscription fee.

Digital archive

All your sent and received faxes are neatly stored in your digital archive. You can sort them by contact, fax number or date. This way, you can always find any document.

Multiple recipients

You can have every incoming fax automatically forwarded to as many e-mail addresses as you like. This way, you can be sure that incoming messages are always delivered to the right persons.


You already print much less e-mails than before. And you also receive much less paper mail in your regular mailbox. Now, if you also get rid of these faxes, you will stop wasting paper for good.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about our online fax service

Yes, you receive a real fax number in your chosen area. Your customers, colleagues, suppliers, friends and other people can send their faxes to this fax number. Your faxes are simply delivered in your mailbox.
There are 2 possibilities: You can either check your faxes online via the handy control panel. Or you can receive your faxes fully automatically in your personal mailbox. Faxes are then delivered as ordinary e-mail messages, with the fax message as an attachment (PDF or TIF format).
Sure! With Combell's online fax services, you can send faxes to any country in the world. You can choose yourself if you send Microsoft Word documents (.doc), Adobe PDF documents (.pdf), Excel Sheets (.xls) or text files (.txt). If you want, you can add a front page including explanations on the attached files.
Yes, this is perfectly feasible. The faxes that you receive are always automatically stored in our online archive. You can check your faxes at all times via your online control panel. But you can also save your faxes yourself on your computer or in your e-mail client.
Transfer your existing fax number to Combell. In order for this to be possible, your fax number has to satisfy the following conditions:
  • The fax number has to be a standalone number; it cannot be part of a range.
  • The fax number cannot be a VOIP number (e.g. Scarlet XOIP)
  • The fax number cannot be linked to other services, such as digital television, because those would expire once the transfer is complete.

Transferring an existing fax number takes on average 3 to 4 weeks. Contact our sales team for more information. You can call us on our toll-free number 0800-8-5678 (BE) or 0800-8-567890 (NL) or send an e-mail to our sales team.

They are 100% reliable. In addition, sending and receiving faxes works much faster than with an ordinary fax machine. Everything is simply done via your mailbox. Wherever you are, if there is an Internet connection at hand, you can also check your faxes.
Yes, you can do this via the handy online control panel. In addition, you can very easily define multiple e-mail addresses in order to link multiple recipients to your fax number.
We offer all area codes for the Belgian and Dutch territories. You are legally bound to choose a fax number in the area where you live.
When you use Online fax, only your fax number is mentioned as sender. So, your e-mail address remains unknown to the recipient of the fax.

Start sending and receiving faxes with your mailbox today.

Online fax

From 18.98 /month