Avoid downtime

Opt for an always-on hosting infrastructure

‘Always on’, whatever happens: that is what you expect from high-quality hosting. Combell goes a step further and ensures that your systems are not only always available, but also that you are prepared for the worst.

  • Stay online 99.999% of the time, with guarantees.
  • Super-fast system recovery thanks to reliable backups.
  • 24/7 monitoring and active adjustments where necessary.
  • Scalable hosting, so that you stay online even during peaks.
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Avoiding downtime with Combell
With a redundant infrastructure, everything runs smoothly

With a redundant infrastructure, everything runs smoothly

By duplicating our infrastructure, we guarantee the availability of your server environment. No fire, power failure or apocalyptic natural disaster can stop us: your business-critical data must always be available. The tight security and perfect equipment of our data centres ensure this. Whatever happens, our data centres remain powered, and your website, applications and other business systems remain online!

How much does downtime cost your company?

Downtime costs money, but do you know how much money you actually lose when your site or online application is unavailable?

Calculate the cost of your downtime

High availability - when you need it the most...

With high availability, we make sure that your applications and systems stay online 99.999% of the time. This way, you are assured of the best availability on the market and you will not suffer any loss caused by an offline web store or work environment.

If the hardware unexpectedly fails, we will start your hosting automatically and almost immediately on another server infrastructure.

This way, your downtime is kept to a minimum
High availability - when you need it the most...

The benefits of an ‘always-on’ infrastructure

  • Be prepared for anything thanks to 24/7 monitoring

In order to prevent problems, we keep a constant eye on your hosting. If we detect a potential issue, we take proactive measures. This means you can rest easy.

More info about monitoring

Because your business is too important to go offline unexpectedly, we offer SLA warranties. This way, your website or application will always be available to your customers, and you can continue to rely on your business-critical systems.

More information about our SLA guarantees

If the availability of your server is compromised, our specialised experts are ready to assist you. Thanks to their know-how, your systems will be back online in no time at all.

More info about our support

With our backups, you are prepared for the worst. Even in the event of a full system crash, we ensure a super-fast recovery by launching a new server with the most recent backup of your hosting environment.

More info about disaster recovery

Combell is different. Their SLA guarantees and their provision of services allowed us to launch the Quality Guard IoT food safety app with full confidence, without worrying about downtime.

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Allow our experts to guide you

Our experts ensure that you always stay online

With Combell as a partner, your systems will remain online, no matter what happens.

We can guarantee this thanks to various things, including
  • Multiple data centres available
  • Hardly any downtime thanks to excellent SLA guarantees
  • Comprehensive security at all levels
  • Tailored advice before, during and after each project
  • Flexible and local services
  • Transparent, honest and proactive communication
Our experts ensure that you always stay online

How do we operate?

Combell is your hosting partner, for both small requests and large projects. Based on your needs, we will devise an action plan together. These are the usual steps:

Introduction and clarification

We learn more about your organisation, as well as about your business and security needs. Based on this information, we then try to find the best way to keep downtime to an absolute minimum for your website, application or business systems.

Solution activation

Once you have accepted the proposal, our experts will implement the solutions. Whatever happens to your systems, you are now prepared for any eventuality!

Customer care

After the implementation, you will still be able to call on our experts. In addition, we provide you with outstanding SLA guarantees, so that your website, applications and other systems can always remain online. This is how we guarantee a long-term solution that meets your needs.

Why Combell?

Guidance from start to finish

Are you looking for a hosting partner that can guide you from start to finish? If so, Combell is your fellow traveller. Not only do we provide tailored hosting solutions, but we also take care of everything that comes with them: security, installation, maintenance, hardware, software and upgrades.

Specialised experts, available at all times

Our specialised expert team is always available and knows your applications and systems down to the last detail. You will be able to talk to a well-trained advisor instead of a call centre operator who works using a list of standard answers. This way, we can help you with clear advice and concrete solutions. Day and night, and in your own language.

A solution to every IT problem

Whatever your challenge, Combell always has the right solution. Our experts boast years of experience in the field and know exactly how they can help you. Tell us what your problem is and we will immediately draw up a proposal tailored to the needs of your company.

ISO 9001 ISO 27001 ISO 27701

Your guarantee of quality and a minimum of security risks.

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