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Downtime costs your business a lot of money.
But how much exactly?

Answer some questions (about your turnover, wage costs, etc.) and our downtime cost calculator will calculate what downtime really costs your business.

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According to IDC, downtime costs an average of $260,000 per hour

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Calculate the cost of downtime

Five steps to calculate the cost of downtime for your business

How much does downtime cost an average company?

Several independent studies have been conducted on the average cost of downtime.

  • International Data Corportation estimates it at $260,000 per hour
  • According to research by Gartner, it is somewhere between $5,600 per minute for small businesses and $300,000 for multinationals
  • An Aberdeen group study calculated a cost of $140,000 per hour for multinationals

As you can see, the reported amounts vary considerably. This is only logical, since downtime in one company may be very different from that in another.

Therefore, calculate the cost of downtime for your business yourself using our downtime cost calculator

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What are the main causes of downtime?


Broken hardware

Hardware (such as hard disks, cables, etc.) is, of course, prone to failure. That is why at Combell, everything is redundant. If one link fails, another one automatically takes over.


The network no longer works

If your hosting provider's network goes down, so does your website or app. So make sure to choose a reliable provider that offers high uptime guarantees.


The software fails

A bug in the software, an update that goes wrong... these too can cause problems. So it is best to leave the management of your server to professionals who know exactly what they are doing.


Hacker attacks

Unfortunately, cyberattacks involving malware or viruses can also be the reason you end up offline (or lose sensitive data). Therefore, your security must be constantly up to date to outsmart hackers.


Power cuts or blackouts

If there is no power, your servers will just stop working. But not if you are a Combell customer. Thanks to a technically advanced system comprising batteries and ship engines, with us, your server will always remain online. Even in the event of a total blackout across the whole of Belgium.

Avoid downtime in your business

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Picanol suffered days of downtime caused by hacking attack

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Combell's tips to avoid downtime

Downtime costs your business a lot of money. That is why it is best to take measures to prevent it.

  1. Opt for scalable infrastructure
  2. To avoid downtime, make sure to opt for a scalable infrastructure. Only then will you be able to properly handle (un)expected traffic peaks.

  3. Each link must be duplicated
  4. Make sure every link in the chain (servers, connections, power supplies, etc.) is redundant. This is the only way to ensure that failing hardware will not take you offline immediately.

  5. Always up-to-date
  6. If you want to avoid downtime due to hacking or compatibility issues, make sure your systems are updated on a regular basis.

  7. Day and night monitoring
  8. Have a team monitor all reports from your server(s) 24/7. This will allow you to take preventive action to avoid downtime.

  9. Back up everything
  10. Backups ensure that you can get back to work quickly in the event of downtime. So make sure to devise an efficient backup strategy and consider disaster recovery options for your hosting.

Calculate now how much downtime could cost you

Or choose a good hosting provider

If you do not feel like taking care of all these things (and more), or if you do not have the time or knowledge to do so, you should definitely turn to a top-quality hosting provider that will take care of everything for you.

Here is what a good hosting provider (such as Combell) has to offer:

  • ISO 27001 certification ensuring data security
  • 99.999% uptime thanks to the guarantees included in our SLAs
  • Prompt solutions (max 30 min) in the event of failures
  • The best data centres and a reliable network
  • Backups, backups, and more backups

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Combell guarantee 99.999% uptime for

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Combell stands out from its competitors thanks to the guarantees included in its SLAs and the excellent service it provides. We were therefore able to launch Quality Guard, our IoT app for food safety, with complete confidence and without worrying about downtime.

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What factors determine the cost of downtime for your business?

Duration of downtime

The longer you are offline, the greater the cost.

Loss of productivity among your staff

If your system does not work, your staff may not be able to continue working, but you still have to pay them.

You lose income

Customers cannot place orders and prospects cannot request quotes.

Repair and recovery costs

Fixing problems costs money. Even a recovery often brings new costs.

SLAs offering compensation payments

With a decent hosting provider, you will receive compensation if you are offline for too long.

Damage to your reputation

(Not part of our calculator)
Being offline inevitably affects your reputation. That, however, is harder to put into numbers.

Combell is fully certified

Your guarantee of quality and minimum security risks

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