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Constant availability of their app

Quality Guard

Quality Guard Customer Case

Quality Guard is an iPad app, which is used to ensure food safety where private individuals can purchase or consume food (bakers, butchers, restaurants, catering services in hospitals and kindergartens, etc.). Thanks to the Internet of Things, the application records the information collected by sensors, and then combines it with user input and presents it in an easily understandable format.

Quality Guard’s request

Their app must be online at all times

Quality Guard has developed a solution that uses a lot of data from various sources. This information must be up to date at all times, remain available and accurate 24/7, and it must also be transmitted very quickly.

Quality Guard
“The information about allergens must be available at all times. There is always someone, somewhere, who is eating.”

Our solution

High-performance server with 24/7 monitoring

The IoT app combines three different technologies. In the past, they were on different servers, but Combell has now optimised their structure. Combell now ensures all the data warehousing on one high-performance server with 24/7 monitoring so that the data can be retrieved and transmitted quickly and securely. This way, Quality Guard can centralise the information and make it available online – 24/7!

Combell’s assets, according to Quality Guard

The outstanding SLAs that Combell offers to ensure uptime, the speed at which the servers serve the data and the extra service. “Combell is a partner, not a supplier.”

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Quality Guard
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