Managed Hosting Solutions

Hosting designed for your business, managed by experts

Since you want to ensure the continued growth of your business with confidence, we have done our utmost to provide you with reliable hosting that is always online - since 1999.

  • Managed hosting solutions tailored to any situation
  • 24/7 monitoring and proactive support
  • Market leader in Belgium with top expertise
  • Always online with SLA guarantees
  • Excellent performance on our fast network
  • Premium protection against hacking and malware
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Premium support in your own language

Talk directly to an expert who really wants to help you

We do not like waiting and giving you the runaround with no one able to really help you. That is why our support team consists of dedicated experts instead of call center employees specialized in phone calls.

You get an engineer straight away who knows your field and is ready to provide a targeted solution.

  • You get an engineer on the line who knows your hosting solution.
  • Always with the will and devotion to really help you, no matter what!
  • They even look at your code to ensure the best performance.

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Premium support with managed server hosting
Performance with Managed Hosting

Excellent performance


Rely on a Managed Cloud hosting solution created to perform under all circumstances!

We only use the best technology, premium data centres and a giant network. We do your project justice!

  • Premium hardware and software like VMware, NetApp ...
  • Premium data centers in the Benelux with guaranteed power!
  • Connected to the Internet through a giant 100 gbps network.

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Always online, guaranteed!


You want your website or application to remain available, no matter what? That is a guarantee that you get from us!

Something is going wrong? We can be proactive with our continuous monitoring. We go as far as we have to, to provide a solution.

  • Always online thanks to our SLA guarantees
  • Quick and structured solutions instead of buggy workarounds
  • Compensation if something goes wrong
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SLA with Managed Server Hosting
Security with custom Managed Hosting

Perfect protection against hackers and spammers


You do not need to worry about the security of your application. We ensure perfect security by continuously investing in security.

Hackers do not get a chance and your website is available even during a DDOS attack.

  • Perfectly secured data centers
  • Firewalls our competitors only dream of
  • All communication is encrypted

This is how, through external audits, we have been ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified!

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Managed hosting tailored to your business

Not just any standard servers but a customized solution. That is precisely what our managed hosting servers are. A solid team of specialists guide you from start to finish to reach the perfect solution.


Managed Cloud hosting tailored to e-commerce businesses & web stores.


Let your IT infrastructure be (partially) managed by us on our infrastructure.

High Performance

Never go offline when lots of visitors hit your website.


A flexible solution to adapt to and grow with your startup.

Internet of things

Must your home management system be available at all times? This is exactly what we can do for you!

Development & testing

We set up a test environment for testing and debugging your app.

SaaS apps / webapps

Cloud hosting to match with the specific needs for your SaaS application.

Backup & archive

We host a hybrid backup of your environment. Always ready for an emergency.

Big Data / Data warehouse

Hosting with scalable storage to grow with your data.

Digital Marketing

Cloud hosting to support your online campaigns.

Artificial Intelligence

A unique setup to handle all the data for your AI project.

Virtual Reality (VR & AR)

Quality hosting to enjoy a lag-free VR / AR experience.


Custom hosting to grow with your mobile app.

Blockchain hosting

The perfect hosting setup for smooth blockchain transactions.


Keep the noobs out with your own gaming server.

Radio Frequency Identification

Reliable hosting to keep your RFID solution going.

Virtual Office

The perfect solution to work abroad or with distant team members.


Cloud hosting to keep all information in your ERP / CRM solution in sync.

Messaging & Collaboration

Optimize your productivity with custom hosting for your messaging & collaboration solutions.

Voice over IP (VoIP)

Stable connections and uptime guarantees to keep your VoIP app going.


A secure solution to process all your transactions

Events & ticketing

Sell tickets for your event

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