Tailored Managed HostingServers tailored to your business and managed by experts!

  • The fastest network in the Benelux
  • SLAs with real solutions instead of buggy workarounds
  • A premium support team in your own language

Managed hosting tailored to your business

No standard servers but a tailored solution. That is exactly what our managed hosting servers are. An established team of specialists will guide you from start to finish until a perfect solution has been worked out.

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Many years of experience in various sectorsResulting in continuous growth

Since the foundation of Combell in 1999 in Jonas’s attic room, we have gained a lot of experience in various sectors.

Today, that makes us one of the leading hosting companies in the Benelux.

Supported by a group of 400 experts, we have the knowledge to offer more than just a standard server. We will provide a solution tailored to your business.

Business-critical applications

Your website is always online, even in the event of a natural disaster.

Critical applications


Get the best productivity out of your web store.


High-traffic websites

Avoid queues on your website at rush hours.

High traffic

Web agencies

A reliable environment to grow along with your customers.


Premium support in your own languageTalk directly to an expert who really wants to help you

We too do not like to wait and constantly have our calls transferred because no one is able to really help. This is why our support team is composed of dedicated experts instead of call centre operators, who are mainly trained to call people.
This way, you will immediately have the opportunity to talk to an engineer who knows your environment and who is thus capable of providing an efficient solution.

Always available! 24/7

With us, 24/7 does not mean that you will hear a sleepy voice if you call us in the middle of the night.

By having our people work in different shifts, you always get to talk to an alert support engineer who speaks your own language.

Dedicated to assist you!

Our engineers push boundaries where others stop. They have the drive and the conviction to really help you, no matter what.

They will e.g. even help you optimise the code of your application (DevOps) so that you can get the best results out of your managed hosting solution.

The best TIER III and IV data centres

  • Secure and redundant data centres
  • Guaranteed power supply
  • Self-managed network
  • Security and physical control
  • Green commitment in relation to the purchase of servers, energy & infrastructure
Have a look at our data centre

The fastest network in the BeneluxIn order to continue to deliver the best performance

The heart of Combell is our 100 Gbps network – now, that is a first-class network! It connects our various data centres with each other. This way, we can always solve problems in one of the data centres via a backup that is stored elsewhere.

In addition, it is equipped with BGP technology, which means that your data traffic will always choose the fastest route (which is not necessarily the shortest). Fast performance guaranteed! By separating storage and access traffic, we avoid possible problems.

In Amsterdam, we also have a direct connection to America and our data centres that are located there. This way, we can guarantee the best performance there too!

Combell network

Fully protected against hackers and spammersWe are ready for anything that might happen

Protected against DDoS attacks

Thanks to our gigantic network, we can handle DDoS attacks. Other hosting providers often have a much smaller network, which makes it clog up like a freeway at rush hour. As a result, your website slows down and may even go offline.

But our network can handle all the traffic generated by such a DDoS attack. Think of it as a freeway that suddenly has 100 traffic lanes. And as soon as we detect the attack, we also block all that “polluting” traffic. This way, your website can continue to operate smoothly!

NaWas - Optional

Add an extra check to filter visitors who were blocked unfairly. This way, they can visit your website or application without any problem.

Akamai - Optional

An even more thorough check of the blocked traffic in order not to block anyone unfairly. Only possible in combination with a Content Distribution Network (CDN).

The best firewall solution

With our firewall, we really make a difference. By default, we provide a shared firewall that is more efficient than the paying versions provided by our direct competitors.

Premium hardware and softwareWe choose only the best technology

Since a managed hosting cluster is only as strong as its weakest link, we use only the best software and hardware. That is necessary to continue to ensure the highest uptime in the Benelux!

NetApp Hosting

NetApp storage

For storage, we use NetApp SAN storage. This way, a minimum of 2 disks are available at all times.
Do you want to go for full SSD instead of SAN? No problem, we can fix this for you!

VMware Hosting

VMWare virtualisation

VMware is the leading specialist in virtualisation software. No wonder most of Forbes’ top 100 companies use it!

Dell Servers

Dell servers

The heart of our cloud consists in Dell’s high-performance PowerEdge servers. Compact and powerful rack servers for an efficient IT infrastructure.

Debian Hosting

Debian OS

Our engineers specialise in Debian. They also manage your server, which means you do not need to worry about anything concerning the OS.
RedHat and Windows Server are also possible.

Our SLA solves issuesWe immediately work out an efficient solution

No buggy workarounds, whose main purpose is to solve the problem quickly, but which will be even more problematic shortly afterwards.

No, we go for a fast solution that also solves problems efficiently.
Your problem is solved within the agreed deadlines and you can rest assured that you will not experience any issues for a while.

Believe especially in what our customers and independent audit firms sayThey are all convinced about the quality we provide

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001

ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001


Bruno Claes

Sales Manager Multipharma

”Thanks to Combell’s Managed Hosting, our website can handle any traffic peak”

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Twinkle Awards Hosting & Domain Names 2016
Smart Business Awards Hosting & Domain Names 2016
PC Magazine - Best Helpdesk
WinMag Pro MKB Best Choice 2015

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