Tailored managed hosting

Hosting solutions, designed for your business and managed by experts

Do you have a project in the pipeline that does not fit into a standard package or does your web hosting need an upgrade? For projects that require additional guarantees or more specific custom work, it is preferable to have a partner that is capable of providing input. Combell is such a reliable hosting partner: its very attentive staff will always take the time to help you find the best solution.

  • Managed server hosting solutions tailored to every situation
  • 24/7 monitoring and proactive support
  • Always online thanks to the guarantees that come with our SLAs
  • Excellent performance thanks to our fast network
  • Premium protection against hacking and malware
Hosting solutions, designed for your business and managed by experts
What is managed hosting?

What is managed hosting?

As an entrepreneur, you like to think out-of-the-box. This means that you will also look for the best possible solution when it comes to your hosting infrastructure. Does your business have specific needs that go beyond the classic standard package? In that case, managed hosting is what you need. Together, we will establish what your project requires and adapt our offer accordingly.

From the right servers to security and SLA guarantees, with managed server hosting, you opt for customisation and personal follow-up by your own account manager. Because, let us be honest: a hosting partner that is capable of providing input and that relieves you of all your worries... that is everything you have ever dreamed of, right?

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Managed cloud

You can rest easy! Not only do we host your cloud servers, but we also take care of maintenance, configuration and everything to do with security

Managed containers

Enjoy the latest technologies, such as containerisation, without worries. This will give you more freedom, while enjoying the same support from our experts.

Managed Kubernetes

With Kubernetes to orchestrate your managed containers with a view to achieving the ultimate in automation, innovation is more than ever within reach.

The benefits of managed hosting

You focus on your business, and we focus on ours! Thanks to our tailored hosting solution, you will be able to refocus on what you are really good at. You no longer have to worry about your infrastructure, because we have it totally under control.

Premium support in your own language

We do not like to be kept waiting and have our calls transferred continuously. That is why our support team consists of dedicated experts instead of call centre operators, whose primary role is to make calls. This means you will immediately have an engineer on the line who knows your environment and who will come up with a suitable hosting solution.

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Rely on a managed hosting solution designed to deliver top-of-the-line performance in the most extreme conditions! For such solutions, we only use the best technology available, such as VMware or NetApp, premium data centres in the Benelux, not forgetting a massive 100 Gbps network. That is quite something!

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Do you want your website or application to be available at all times, no matter what? That is precisely the guarantee you get from us! Is there a risk of things going wrong after all? If so, we will take proactive action thanks to our continuous monitoring service. We make the necessary adjustments and provide a fast and structural solution.

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Our data centres are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. We spare no effort to ensure proper security, with firewalls and encryption methods that our competitors can only dream of. Hackers do not stand a chance with us, and your website will remain available even in the event of a DDoS attack.

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Let our experts guide you


Are you looking for a reliable hosting partner who knows the tricks of the trade? We will be happy to share our expertise with you, so that you can continue to work with peace of mind.

We will be happy to help you with:
  • Custom hosting solutions
  • Tailored advice, from installation to security and monitoring
  • Availability guaranteed thanks to our SLAs
  • 24/7 monitoring and proactive support
  • Superfast network for excellent performance
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified
  • More than 20 years of experience and Belgian market leader

How do we operate?

Our projects are tailored to your needs. However, we invariably follow these three steps:

Introduction and clarification

We learn more about your organisation, as well as about your business and security needs. Together, we look for your ideal hosting solution.

Solution activation

Once we have found the ideal solution – in consultation with you, of course – we will start making the project a reality. Our experts will then relieve you of all your worries and, if you so wish, they will also take care of the migration process as well as the management of your servers.

Customer care

Even when everything has been settled, you can still turn to our support. Our experts are available 24/7 to answer all your questions, in your own language. Because you are more than just a number: every customer is like a partner to us.

Why Combell?

We are more than just a hosting provider: Combell is a partner who provides strategic input and helps you come up with the right solution for your project.

  • Personal advice in choosing the best hosting solution for your business

  • Robust and extremely secure data centres in the Benelux

  • Complete package for managed hosting, including maintenance, updates and monitoring

ISO 9001 ISO 27001 ISO 27701

Your guarantee of quality and a minimum of security risks.

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