Dedicated connectivity

Work quickly and securely thanks to a private company network

Are you looking for an exceptionally fast, secure, reliable and scalable network? If so, a private network connection between various business sites, data centres and/or your cloud environment might be a good idea. Combell managed its own secure MPLS backbone, which is extremely powerful and affordable at the same time.

  • Secure and fast connections for your entire company network
  • Belgium's most powerful and fastest network
  • Local network management by experts
Dedicated VPN connectivity
The power of a VPN vs. that of a shared Internet connection

The power of a VPN vs. that of a shared Internet connection

A private network such as a VPN (virtual private network) or an MPLS connection is actually the opposite of a traditional shared Internet connection, where several users share an Internet connection - and the cost thereof.

  • A VPN provides an encrypted and secure connection between a service provider and the customer. This ensures that the bandwidth you have purchased is reserved exclusively for you.
  • With MPLS, you get a dedicated connection that sends your data along the best route. This mechanism is not only safer, but also faster.

The benefits of VPNs and private connections

  • Work faster than ever before

Dedicated, secure connections via Combell are faster and more reliable than a standard Internet connection. Guaranteed bandwidth, fast and synchronous upload and download speeds and better throughput: with a Combell VPN or MPLS connection, you will have it all.

The core of our network consists of equipment made by Juniper, one of the market leaders. By combining this hardware with strict security measures and guaranteed bandwidths, we ensure a superfast connection in all circumstances.

Together with you, we look at your current and future needs. We make sure that your private network can easily handle additional connections as your business grows.

The fact that Combell has its own network allows us to offer you a private Internet connection at the best price.

Let our experts guide you

Combell specialists in private network connections

We take your business as seriously as you do. That is why we watch over every aspect of your dedicated connectivity.

Our experts will be happy to help you with the following:
  • Secure connections between your premises, to the cloud or to your data centre
  • A company network that is separated from your public network
  • Guaranteed bandwidths
  • Scalable and redundant connections
  • Comprehensive security at both infrastructure and process level
  • Network audits
Combell specialists in private network connections

Why Combell?

Combell keeps your connections secure and stable thanks to its high quality hardware and great capacity. You can rely on:

  • Network capacity of up to 320 Gbps with guaranteed bandwidth

  • Fully redundant connections between multiple data centres

  • Protection against the most complex DDoS attacks

  • Completely separate network infrastructure for data traffic (access) and storage (storage)

  • ISO 27001 certified data security


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