Benerail offers European railway companies and travel providers a platform that handles ticket sales for international train journeys smoothly and efficiently. In order to do this smoothly, benerail entered into a partnership with Combell.


Benerail Customer Case

In its early days, Benerail focused on direct train travel from Belgium and the Netherlands, but the company now boasts a comprehensive network of rail operators in more than 15 European countries.

Benerail's request

The company wanted to be able to combine the IT systems of multiple railway companies into one reliable, scalable and, above all, secure business platform, accessible to all users.

  • Appropriate scalability and flexibility tailored to benerail's IT environment.
  • Guidance on IT cost control.
  • The best security guarantees for their applications and IT infrastructure.

Benerail's request
Thanks to Combell, the migration to our hybrid environment was quick and painless, without any impact on our customer.
Our solution

Our solution

A hybrid cloud environment consisting of a cluster of virtual servers, a separate Managed Kubernetes environment and direct connections to external cloud providers.

  • We ensure the best cybersecurity defence using Cyber Threat Management, our 24/7 security monitoring service and next-generation firewalls.
  • We also strive to create the necessary freedom in organising the division of roles between the teams at benerail and Combell to ensure that the approach matches their own capabilities.

Why Combell according to benerail

  • According to benerail, Combell has completely fulfilled the high expectations they had for their IT partner.
  • Combell offers a long-term solution tailored to your needs and wishes.
  • Employees and customers do not notice the migration to a new environment.

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Why Combell according to benerail
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