Benerail safe on track thanks to best-in-class cybersecurity

Our client benerail provides European railroad companies and travel providers with a platform that handles ticketing for international train journeys smoothly and efficiently. In order to do this without any problems, a flexible and reliable ticketing platform is crucial. Therefore, benerail partnered with Combell.

An ever growing number of companies are committed to making their business travel more sustainable. For short trips abroad, the train is taken more often. That's when benerail comes into the picture. Because benerail is the expert who makes the sale and distribution of international train tickets technically possible.

For each of their customers - from the SNCB and the Dutch Railways to all kinds of travel agencies - they provide a tailor-made IT solution.

More about benerail

Benerail is a joint venture of the Belgian and Dutch railroads. Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, they have been active in developing IT systems and managing IT systems for international train travel for 20 years. Benerail once started with a focus on direct train travel from Belgium and the Netherlands, but in the meantime they offer a whole network of train operators in more than 15 European countries.

Handling challenges

International rail traffic also has interesting challenges. Combining the IT systems of several railroad companies into a single reliable sales platform that can be used by all customers is a good case in point.

Fortunately, benerail is on the right track with Combell. As their Managed Service Provider, we offer benerail all the possibilities of the hybrid cloud. We guarantee ultimate cyber security with Cyber Threat Management, our 24/7 security monitoring service.

Creating the right balance

"We had high expectations from an IT partner like Combell," says Mark Mallants (co-director benerail). "It is not easy to find the proper balance between scalability and the flexibility of the IT infrastructure we needed on the one hand, but on the other hand to also help us in terms of IT cost control and offering a high level of IT security."

Thanks to Combell, the migration to our hybrid environment passed off very easily and transparently with no impact on our clients. - Mark Mallants, director at benerail

However, that wasn't all, underlines Leen Dewicke (product manager benerail). "We still had some specific questions and requirements in order to obtain the necessary freedom in organizing the division of roles between the benerail and Combell teams, in order to make it completely in line with our organization's capabilities."

Discover benerail's experience with Combell in the Channel Z report below! (in Dutch - text continues below video)

Security specialists

Based on the discussions with benerail, our solutions architects developed a private cloud environment. This setting consists of a virtual server farm, a separate Managed Kubernetes environment and direct connections with external cloud providers.

Marijn Willems, one of Combell's team members, is benerail's personal account manager. "We devoted a lot of attention to security. Besides using next generation firewalls, we installed security sensors in our customer's network. That way, alerts are monitored and logged 24/7. Everything is managed by a team of security specialists."

We paid a lot of attention to security, for instance by deploying next generation firewalls. - Marijn Willems, account manager at Combell

Benerail is very satisfied with their collaboration with Combell. All their wishes were fulfilled. "Thanks to Combell, the migration to our new environment went very smoothly and transparently. There was no impact at all for our end users. The customer at home wanting to book an international train ticket, but also our own internal development teams, could continue to work in the way they were used to."

Combell's Managed Services

Combell likes to help small, medium-sized and large companies such as benerail with a flawless infrastructure and service.

Whether you are looking for a cloud solution, want to improve your security or increase productivity within your organisation: Combell provides a solution tailored to your company.

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