Coaching children and teenagers while also creating her own website? No problem for Greet!

Child and youth coach Greet Huys recently made the switch from the education sector to the private sector. Very exciting, as she puts it. As a starting entrepreneur, you have to juggle various tasks, such as launching your own website.

Fortunately, Greet chose the Combell SiteBuilder. With our website builder, you can create your site in a simple and cost-effective way. "That competitive price is a significant advantage. Because I haven't allocated a budget to outsource my website yet," says Combell customer Greet.


Greet van Groeizaam

Name: Greet Huys, coach at
Uses: The Combell SiteBuilder for her coaching website
Is satisfied because: As a starting entrepreneur with a limited budget, she can still create her own website.

Hey Greet! Tell us a bit more about Groeizaam, your own coaching practice.

Greet: "I coach children, adolescents, and their parents in dealing with autism. Currently, for example, I'm assisting a parent and her daughter with autism. I provide the family with tips to help the girl in her daily life. Adults can also come to me. One of my other clients frequently experiences stress and has temper tantrums as a result. In my practice, we work together to find the peace he needs."

Is it true that you've just started recently?

"Yes, you can definitely call me a novice entrepreneur. And it's quite exciting! (laughs) I used to work in the education sector, but I felt it was time to coach children in my own way. I want to share my personal experience and approach."

Groeizaam stands out thanks to a well-developed website. Did you want to focus on the online aspect of your practice right from the start?

"I never had a moment's doubt about that. Online visibility is very important. Nowadays, everyone searches for almost everything online. No printed flyer in a doctor's waiting room can compare to that. I use my website as my business card and as a way to promote myself. I often refer people to it because on the different pages, clients can immediately learn what I do and how my coaching works."

You created your website entirely by yourself. How did you end up using our SiteBuilder?

"By first registering my domain name with Combell. I wanted to incorporate 'Groeizaam' into my own domain name, but the .be domain extension was no longer available. Through your domain name search tool, I discovered the option to use .info. Perfect! Later, I found out through your website that I could create my own website with SiteBuilder."

With SiteBuilder, anyone can build a website. Do you agree?

"Yes, that's not an exaggeration. The tools in SiteBuilder are so user-friendly that you don't need any help. You can customize everything yourself without bothering anyone. I have no regrets about my choice."

I was determined to choose the best template. I took my time for that. Because you have a lot of choices in SiteBuilder.

Greet, child and youth coach at Groeizaam

So, would you recommend SiteBuilder to other starting entrepreneurs?

"Absolutely. Because I don't have the budget to outsource my website. (laughs) And I won't be the only one in that situation. The lower price is a real advantage, especially if you don't want to make heavy investments." (cheerful)

Did you find your way around SiteBuilder quickly?

"The basics of my website were ready in just two hours. And you should know that I was quite picky in choosing my template. I was determined to choose the best template on my own. So, I took my time for that. Because you have a lot of choices! In the end, you can't keep hesitating, and I chose a visually appealing template with plenty of space for text, photos, and videos."


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Did you look for any other extras?

"I also found a pleasant and easily readable font to be very important. Oh, and my contact form! I want clients to be able to contact me as easily as possible. And it works very well. Because every client who now receives coaching from me, first filled out the contact form on my website."

You also publish blog articles on your website. Why?

"In this way, I want to share my tips and expertise on autism and performance anxiety. And apparently, websites that regularly publish new content are picked up faster by Google. So, I plan to put even more blog articles online in the future. Because I want to increase my online visibility. Clients looking for help must find me."

In addition to SiteBuilder, Combell has many other tools to help expand your online business. Are you already using them?

"I find it very convenient that I get many of those tools as free extras from you. By registering my domain name with Combell, I have my own mailbox. Through forwarding, those emails go to my private mailbox. And no one notices anything. I also wanted to secure my site, but I don't have to do anything because Combell provides me with free SSL certificates!"

If you need anything else, you know where to find us. We wish you much success with your own practice, Greet!