Vanessa from restaurant THOOFTgerecht created her website all by herself: “SiteBuilder is highly recommended!”

Do you live near Merelbeke and are a little hungry? Just google it and you will land on the very well laid out website of restaurant THOOFTgerecht. Now all you have to do is get ready for a truly mouth-watering experience! Restaurant owner Vanessa is definitely proud of her own website. Especially since she created it all by herself using Combell's SiteBuilder. "I never thought that a newbie like me would be capable of creating her own website."


Vanessa van THOOFTgerecht

Name: Vanessa from restaurant THOOFTgerecht
Uses: Combell's SiteBuilder for
Is satisfied because: Thanks to SiteBuilder, Vanessa can fully manage her own restaurant's website and update it every day without help from other people.

Hey Vanessa! Tell us a bit more about your restaurant, THOOFTgerecht.

"My husband Filip and I run the whole restaurant between the two of us. He is the chef, while I am in charge of the table service. We serve traditional but tasty Belgian-French cuisine. At our place, you can enjoy seasonal dishes prepared using only fresh ingredients. And I mean that literally! If you want to have some béarnaise sauce with your steak, you will hear my husband whip it up in the kitchen."

Running a crowded restaurant with just two people must be quite a challenge! And you still found some time to create your own website... How did you manage that?

"Well, before I started using SiteBuilder, I had our previous website designed by someone else. That site was very limited and I could not make any changes once it was up and running. Which is a real shame, because I really wanted to be able to add our delicious daily specials to our site myself."

THOOFTgerecht in Merelbeke

How did you hear about SiteBuilder?

"Some time ago, when our restaurant was completely refurbished, my intention was to use the same new colours on our website. But I was given false hope, and when our business reopened, our corporate identity had still not been updated online. I eventually got really tired of having an outdated website. And that is when I came across SiteBuilder. At first, I was not exactly thrilled about it. Creating an invoice, sending e-mails, ordering clothes from Zalando... Those are all things I can do, but that's it! [laughs] So how on earth could I make a website myself?"

And yet it all worked out with SiteBuilder!

"Yes, I took my chances. I was worried that I would spend weeks fiddling with it, but that was not the case at all. I started working on it on a Tuesday afternoon, and by Wednesday our new website was pretty much ready to go live. SiteBuilder is very user-friendly, but your support staff helped me a lot along the way."

Homepage THOOFTgerecht

Were you able to reach Combell Support quickly?

"I actually called you guys that very same Tuesday night! And I immediately got someone on the line. From the first to the last contact, they were all extremely helpful. It is actually amazing how your staff managed to quickly understand my complex story. [laughs] So that is how I was able to go to sleep without any headaches."

Try it out for yourself before outsourcing the creation of your website. SiteBuilder is affordable, and it is definitely worth the investment.

Vanessa, manager of restaurant THOOFTgerecht

SiteBuilder allows you to choose from several templates, which are the basis of your website. Which one caught your eye the most?

"Well, choosing that template was the hardest thing of all! Because you get a lot of choice. I ended up choosing a template that was specially designed for restaurants. Thanks to that design provided by SiteBuilder, our customers can now book a table online. Finally! I can say in all honesty that we receive reservations via our website every day."

So your customers are pretty enthusiastic about the website?

"They even spontaneously talk to me about our website. And that makes me really proud of myself. I never thought that a newbie like me would be capable of creating her own website! So, you see: if someone like me can use SiteBuilder, anyone can!"

Make an online reservation at THOOFTgerecht

Why do you enjoy using SiteBuilder?

"Because it is so easy! I can upload my own photos, decide what content I post online... That gives you total control. Incidentally, that reminds me that I should mention our opening hours more clearly. I'll do that in a moment!" [laughs]


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Would you recommend SiteBuilder to other restaurant owners and entrepreneurs?

"Yes, without a doubt! Here is my tip: try it out for yourself before outsourcing the creation of your website. SiteBuilder is affordable, and it is definitely worth the investment. Because I obviously compared all prices beforehand." [winks]

All right, fine: you can make a reservation at THOOFTgerecht first 😉