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IT advice tailored to your company

Are you looking for an IT partner that is not only technically reliable, but also has a strategic approach and can give you specific advice? If so, Combell is just what you need: with your help, our experts identify your needs and then devise a detailed IT roadmap. Next stop: a future-proof IT environment.

  • a partner that helps you devise a strategy
  • an optimised IT infrastructure tailored to your company
  • Efficiency and reliability guaranteed
Cloud consulting at Combell

The benefits of cloud consultancy

  • A strategic sparring partner

We brainstorm together and help you overcome your specific IT challenges. By bringing our expertise and your in-house business knowledge together, we develop a strong strategy.

We only come up with solutions that will effectively contribute to improving your organisation. To do this, we first thoroughly examine the existing situation and make improvements where necessary.

We want to make your business more competitive using our future-proof IT solutions. That is why we always assess the impact on business continuity, security, compliance and efficiency. We also take account of your budget and the capacity of your own IT department.

Towards a modern IT environment in 4 steps

  • Step 1: Identifying your business needs

Before we define the IT strategy to be adopted, we first examine your current situation and identify your needs. We then translate the latter into a number of crucial elements, such as business continuity, cost-effectiveness, quality, security and compliance. For this purpose, we will meet with both your in-house IT department and your sales staff. This way, we ensure that our proposal is tailored to your specific business situation. At the end of this meeting, we will provide you with a detailed quote.

Have you decided to make the switch to the cloud? If so, it is time to come up with a plan. Which solution(s) are we going to implement? Do all the systems perform well enough? What are the priorities? How much time do we have? Based on this analysis, we weigh up the various options and bring together the right people to ensure that the project can be completed successfully. In this process, we take account of your business needs, your current situation and the desired budget.

If we implement new applications, we also offer the possibility to test them. For this, we use scenarios that simulate real user situations. This allows us to make a fairly accurate estimate of the maximum capacity. If problems arise, the tests will detect them, which will allow us to make adjustments where necessary.

Find out more about Application Load Testing.

We are almost there: time to make the plan a reality! But first, the Combell engineers and your internal technical staff will once again go over the expectations and all the practical details. After-sales and monitoring are also discussed here, in order to avoid any future misunderstanding.

The migration itself is carried out by Combell and is done quickly, efficiently and without downtime. Since we have thoroughly prepared the process, the implementation can proceed without a hitch. And if, despite all this, we run into an unexpected problem, we immediately solve it using our short communication lines.


Every man to his trade: the customer focuses on the concept, sales and marketing, while we concentrate on the development of the app and Combell takes care of the hosting and technical aspects.

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John Hertogs
Team manager at Oddessey

Let our experts guide you

Cloud experts

We take your business as seriously as you do. That is why we watch over every aspect of your hosting.

Our experts will be happy to help you with the following:
  • Comprehensive security at all levels – ISO 27001-certified!
  • Tailored advice before, during and after each project
  • Flexible and local provision of services
  • Transparent, honest and proactive communication
  • Years of expertise
  • Tailored cloud / IT audit
Cloud experts

Why Combell?

Combell has many years of experience in the field of hosting. And we are happy to share this experience with you in order to take your IT environment to the next level. We can provide you with advice on various issues:


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Are you looking for tailored advice?

Our consultants will be happy to help you find a solution tailored to your needs.

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