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Development of platforms and communities, using apps, as well as SMS and web applications

Oddessey Solutions

Oddessey Solutions Customer Case

Dutch company Oddessey Solutions develops platforms and communities for businesses, and sets up campaigns using apps and SMS and web applications. Security is at the heart of this process - not only with regard to the application, but also with regard to the hosting. As the company grew, it started looking for a reliable partner, which it eventually found in Combell following market research.

Oddessey's request

For Oddessey, it is important that the apps it develops remain available. Its customers are often companies whose campaigns are covered in the press, and which spend considerable amounts of money on marketing. It is therefore crucial that the applications run flawlessly. When Oddessey started growing more rapidly, it began looking for a hosting provider that could provide them with peace of mind in this area. These are the points that were particularly important to Oddessey in their choice:

  • To consider the customer as a partner, and to be able to brainstorm to come up with the best solutions
  • To provide comprehensive services, so that Oddessey does not have to worry about the technical side of things
  • To have extensive expertise and know how the application works in order to provide the best hosting, on a case-by-case basis
  • To ensure that the applications remain available and well secured
  • Flexibility, scalability and proper service

Oddessey Solutions
Every man to his trade: the customer focuses on the concept, sales and marketing, while we concentrate on the development of the app and Combell takes care of the hosting and technical aspects.
John Hertogs, team manager at Oddessey
Our solution

Our solution

  • Both cloud servers and dedicated web hosting for the most business-critical applications, depending on their scope
  • Reseller hosting for smaller projects
  • Central management of all projects
  • Automatic backups, which can be restored very easily via the control panel
  • SLAs with guaranteed uptime

Why Combell, according to Oddessey

  • Care, integrity, honesty and reliability are woven into Combell's DNA, which is the same as Oddessey's.
  • Combell provides advice on which hosting is best suited to a project - not what brings the most profit.
  • The ISO certificates mentioned on the Combell website are a major selling point in negotiations that Oddessey conducts with its customers in order to convince them of the high level of security.
  • Combell continuously invests in improving security.
  • The data are hosted in Europe, ensuring that the requirements of the GDPR are properly met.

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Oddessey Solutions
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