Working at Combell is the best!

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Because Combell is looking for new colleagues.
Strong communicator or big fan of PHP? Experienced or fresh out of school? Combell wants to get to know you!

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Yes, but… Where will you end up? The job application process

Will you be our new…

Customer Service Medewerker Administratief

Klantgerichte superkracht met administratieve skills

Support Engineer Commercieel Technisch

Word de rots in de branding van onze klanten.

Junior Sales Commercieel

Enthousiaste sales medewerker met pit!

PHP Developer Technisch

Bouw mee aan de grootste hostinginfrastructuur van België

Senior System Engineer Technisch

Een lichtend voorbeeld binnen Systeembeheer

Student Support Engineer Commercieel Student Technisch

Een ideale studentenjob waar je je technische en commerciële skills kan aanscherpen

Linux System Engineer Technisch

Optimaal beheer en uptime van het serverpark.

DevOps Engineer Technisch

Zet mee je schouders onder ons Europees cloud- en hostingplatform!

Customer Success Manager Commercieel

Onze klanten hun dag beter maken.

I am interested! But…

Do I have to be a crazy computer geek to start working for Combell?

If you are applying for a job as a developer with us, it is of course advisable to have worked with a computer before. But for other positions, a healthy interest in the subject will already get you a long way with us. And everything you do not know is something you can learn! We at Combell strongly focus on your personal development within our company. So, you do not have to be born with a computer mouse in your hand.

Fancy a job where you can learn new things?

We may be the largest hosting company in Belgium, but our attitude is still the same as it was twenty years ago, when Jonas, the founder of our company, started his business from his attic bedroom in Ghent.
In other words: we are experienced in what we do, but our youthful enthusiasm is still very much alive. Moreover, at Combell, every employee is a great colleague, from high-level managers to the copywriter at the very bottom of the ladder - i.e. the person who is writing this text!

If that is the case, then we urgently need to explain something to a quarter of our colleagues. No… whether you are m, f or x, you will always be welcome to join us! Besides, have we not already established that notions like a 'man's world' or a 'woman's job' are completely outdated?

Find out if you are our m/f/x

Your age makes no difference! Whether you have just graduated from school or have been working for years, we are interested in your skills, not your date of birth. But let us be honest: if you have lived through World War I, you will probably not find what you are looking for with us.

Find what you are looking for with us

Where will I end up?

Combell is the Belgian market leader in the field of hosting. We serve 200,000 customers, and we continue to grow every day.

To ensure this growth, we can count on a team of fantastic colleagues. That is why, at Combell, we also focus very hard on the well-being and the personal development of our colleagues. Feel free to ask them about the nicest party they have experienced here - chances are they will be unable to pick just one!

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Job application process

From job applicant to Combell colleague in maximum 2 weeks


From the moment we receive your CV in our mailbox, we start your personal application process. Apply

You can contact Zoë with any questions you may have before and during your application process. E-mail her at

The team lead is the captain of your future team.

If you like retro computer games, you know that there is always a final boss at the end. That is also the case with us, except that ours is much friendlier and you do not have to defeat him to win the game. Annelies will just have a quick chat with you before she makes you any proposals.
View the vacancies and apply

Whether you are hired or not, we will always provide you with detailed feedback. This way, you will be stronger in case you decide to apply for a new job. Good luck!