Combell culture


Happy employees make for happy customers. That has been Combell's motto for more than 20 years.

The roots of this corporate culture go back to Jonas's bedroom, in 1999. This is where Combell was born and flourished, thanks to the combined efforts of Jonas and his friends.

And this is how Combell developed into an international player in the hosting market.

Today, we have outgrown Jonas's bedroom, but the friendly atmosphere that existed there can now be found in our new office in the Skaldenstraat in Ghent.

I used to work for a multinational with 50,000 employees. There, I had the feeling that I was just a number. At Combell, there is a much more friendly atmosphere - everyone knows everyone!
Thomas, Customer Service Officer
Combell café


We are proud of the atmosphere that exists in our office, and we will continue to do all we can to keep our colleagues happy, by offering...

  • Activities with the team
  • A well-being programme
  • Training courses where everyone can blossom
  • A modern office environment with darts, a foosball table and PlayStations (after all, we are still IT professionals!)
  • Friday drinks in the Combell Café. With a round of drinks on the boss!
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