Multi-data center service

Minimise downtime for your business

If you want your websites, applications and systems to be available and secure at all times, hosting provided by Combell is the perfect choice. But sometimes, on very rare occasions, a disaster can also affect a data centre. In such cases, a multi-data centre solution will offer you additional protection: we will duplicate your infrastructure in two data centres - providing a double guarantee of high availability.

  • 2 identical server environments in 2 different locations = 100% availability
  • No downtime at all for your business-critical website, application or IT environment
  • Combell quality: 2x perfectly secure data centres, 2x the best machines, 2x a team of experts
Multi-data centre service
Top quality data centres x 2

Top quality data centres x 2

Combell data centres are of top quality. They are highly protected against fire, physical intruders and cyberattacks, we guarantee constant power supply, they have the most advanced server infrastructure and our collaborators are all experts in their respective fields. In short, your data and infrastructure are extremely well protected.

That being said, if your applications, websites or systems are truly business-critical (web stores, banking apps, etc.), we advise you to double the security by using a multi-data centre solution. Because you can never be too careful.

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What is a multi-data centre solution?

Combell has a large number of data centres at its disposal. If you opt for our multi-data centre solution, your servers will run in two data centres. The server environments are identical. If, due to a disaster, your server infrastructure in one of the data centres is no longer accessible, an identical machine will start running a few seconds later in the other data centre. Without any downtime and without losing any data.

Your benefit: your apps, website or IT environment remain available, even in the event of a disaster
What is a multi-data centre solution?
Why a multi-data centre solution?

Why a multi-data centre solution?

Many hosting providers use DNS technology in their multi-data centre solutions. But we take a different approach. Since we want to be able to very quickly switch between the two data centres in the event of an incident, we use BGP technology (Border Gateway Protocol), combined with a load balancer. If one of the data centres fails, the router will immediately notice the failure and redirect the traffic to the other data centre. Without a single second of delay.

Your benefit: your apps, IT systems or websites will always be available at the same speed, even in the event of a disaster. And your users will never notice the switch.

Would you like to know how exactly BGP works? Read our white paper

Let our experts guide you

Combell experts

We take your business as seriously as you do. That is why we watch over every aspect of your hosting.

Our experts will be happy to help you with the following:
  • Assessing your risks and availability needs in order to determine whether or not a multi-data centre solution is appropriate
  • Devising a disaster recovery plan, taking account of the requirements for your multi-data centre solution
  • Tailored advice during and after the implementation
  • Flexible and local provision of services
  • Always online thanks to our SLA guarantees
Combell experts

The ultimate availability: how do you take the plunge?

For a relatively low extra cost, Combell can have your server infrastructure for one data centre converted into a multi-data centre infrastructure, which we can fully manage.

But since we want the best possible solution for every customer, we make a tailored offer:

  • We analyse the risks and availability needs: what can go wrong and what could be the consequences?
  • We define the parameters that the hosting solution must meet, such as the Recovery Time Objective (how long downtime can last) and the Recovery Point Objective (how much data you can afford to lose in the event of a failure).
  • Based on these parameters, we devise a disaster recovery plan that includes all the technical details of the multi-data centre infrastructure.


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