Analysis of market information thanks to Artificial Intelligence


DataScouts Customer Case

Belgian start-up DataScouts chose Combell in order to be able to flexibly add resources and to focus as much as possible on its strategic activities. DataScouts continuously analyses more than 250,000 competitors for dozens of large and small companies, thanks to a combination of open information sources, data engineering and machine learning.

DataScouts' request

ICT infrastructure management with flexibly scalable resources

DataScouts monitors the competitive landscape for young growth companies and innovative behemoths. The company combines dozens of data sources, including financial and legal information, patent databases, news sites, product reviews, forums and social media.

  • High-performance infrastructure for data gathering
  • Temporarily scalable computing power for machine learning
  • Secure cloud-based multi-tenant environment
“Infrastructure is not our core business. Combell's expertise is therefore a godsend to us.”

Our solution

Managed hosting with flexibly scalable computing power

  • Managed hosting at Combell for machine learning
  • Strong expertise in multi-tenancy and cloud computing
  • Extra resources when workload peaks
  • Self-service through a user-friendly administration menu
  • Virtual servers with solid SLAs

Why Combell, according to DataScouts

  • Thorough analysis of the existing situation, including points for improvement
  • Personal approach, strong technical background, good understanding of business requirements
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